Yong Pal Episode 17 Recap

The tables turn and Yeo Jin’s opponents play her to perfection. Will Tae Hyun realize it?

The players: Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), a gifted surgeon, incurred debt to pay for dialysis for his sister, Kim So Hyun (Park Hye Soo). He assumed the Yong Pal identity to be a doctor to gangsters for cash.  Chief Surgeon Lee (Jung Woong In) blackmailed Yong Pal to tend to VIP only patients. Our leading lady was once in drug induced coma as VIP patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) on the order of her brother, Han Do Joon (Jo Hyun Jae). Do Joon’s wife Chae Young (Chae Jung An) tried to save her husband from revenge but he was killed. Now she wants to avenge her husband’s death.

Yong Pal Episode 17

The episode begins 6 months after Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin have broken up after Do Joon’s death at the hands of Chairman Choi, who Do Joon betrayed.

Tae Hyun has opened his own neighborhood clinic. It’s a quiet life. His sister is healthy. The bodyguard lives with them. Tae Hyun doesn’t mind calling other doctors to help with his diagnosis.

Yeo Jin, looking beautiful, agrees to speak with Chairman Choi, who begs for leniency. Quietly, she refuses. As her men take him away, Chairman Choi notes her father is dead, her brother is dead…who will kill her?

Tae Hyun donates time to the local orphanage. Guess what, Chae Young does too. She seems nice but she’s actually plotting revenge against Yeo Jin.

Glad that Chae Young is plotting against Yeo Jin.

Yeo Jin learns that Chairman Choi tried to commit suicide. It upsets her. That makes Assistant Min smile.

Hmm, wonder if Assitant Min is in cahoots with Chae Young?

yp_ep17_3a yp_ep17_3b yp_ep17_3c
When Yeo Jin gets in the house, she’s a little wobbly, she hallucinates Do Joon, she faints.  She walks the grounds. She remembers Tae Hyun’s words to her before he left the house 6 months ago…that he’ll be waiting for her.

yp_ep17_4a yp_ep17_4b
Tae Hyun hangs outside with his friends. He thinks of Yeo Jin and wishes she’d come to him. Little does he know Yeo Jin is watching him from her car, wanting to join him, until Chae Young walks up to the group, then she tells her driver to go. Chae Young smiles knowing that she blocked Yeo Jin from Tae Hyun.

The longing on Yeo Jin’s face and desire to join is palpable. But her guilt over Do Joon’s death stops her.  Chae Young has a satisfied smirk at blocking Yeo Jin.

yp_ep17_5a yp_ep17_5b
At an outdoor meeting, Yeo Jin hallucinates Chairman Go. She hallucinates Do Joon.  She faints. Assistant Min does not look concerned.

Good grief, Yeo Jin is seeing dead people.  is Assistant Min drugging her?

Tae Hyun sees Yeo Jin faint on the news. The bodyguard tells him they need to go to her.

yp_ep17_6a yp_ep17_6b
In the hospital Yeo Jin freaks out when a nurse tries to attach an IV. She’s afraid she’ll be drugged like she was in the past. The doctor tells her she’s normal but stressed. She asks to speak to the doctor in private. Assistant Min and the Doctor smirk at each other.

Where is the all knowing Yeo Jin that took no prisoners in the past episodes? Is the two episode extension all about Yeo Jin being captured by her enemies and Tae Hyun saving her from their prison again?

She tells the doctor she has been hallucinating. He recommends she admit herself to the hospital. She refuses.

In a sick twist, all the executives celebrate with Chae Young that Yeo Jin has stage 2 liver cancer and is hallucinating.  Chae Young tells them they have a long way to go to complete their revenge.

yp_ep17_8a yp_ep17_8b yp_ep17_8c
Tae Hyun hangs out at the hospital and runs into Yeo Jin. She wonders for a second if she is hallucinating him. He asks if she is ok. She tells him she’s stressed but otherwise fine. The minion executives cluster around her inquiring about her health. Tae Hyun takes his leave. She wishes him well.

He’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. You can see the longing for each other. They have a sweet chemistry when they are gentle with each other. 

Tae Hyun visits Chief Lee who is happy to see him. Tae Hyun wants to know about something.

Yes, ride in on your white horse Tae Hyun. Figure out the woman you love needs you.

yp_ep17_10a yp_ep17_10b
Yep, evil maid drugs Yeo Jin’s water. Yeo Jin hallucinates Do Joon and President Go.

This reminds me of Mask where our leading man was being drugged by the doctor he trusted on the orders of his brother-in-law. Family relationships can kill you in these dramas!

Turns out Chief Lee is denied access to Yeo Jin’s medical records. Tae Hyun ponders what this means.

Good maid asks Yeo Jin to contact a doctor she can trust. Yeo Jin refuses. She calls herself a monster. She doesn’t want to hurt him.

Chae Young finds out from evil maid that Yeo Jin has left the house. She guesses Yeo Jin is heading to Tae Hyun’s place. She asks Tae Hyun to make a house call.

yp_ep17_12a yp_ep17_12b
When Yeo Jin arrives, Chae Young greets her. Chae Young tells Yeo Jin that Tae Hyun is happy and she hopes Yeo Jin will leave him alone.  Yeo Jin admits she hallucinates Do Joon. Chae Young admits she sees him too. She cries tears…crocodile tears. Yeo Jin cries too.  As Chae Young pats Yeo Jin to comfort her, you see her steely stare.

I’m missing that normally Yeo Jin would see right through Chae Young’s false kindness. I guess I’m supposed to believe the drugs are messing with Yeo Jin’s ability to reason.

Tae Hyun leaves to return to the clinic just as Yeo Jin drives away with Chae Young waving goodbye. Yeo Jin hopes that Tae Hyun will continue to wait for her. She’ll return to him soon.

yp_ep17_13a yp_ep17_13b
Good grief, Yeo Jin almost runs over Tae Hyun crossing the sidewalk. He sees her. She sees him. She faints.

yp_ep17_13d yp_ep17_13c
He takes her to his house over the clinic. He gently asks if she’s having a hard time. She tells him it is only stress. He pulls her to him and tells her he’ll help.

Evil Assistant Min shows up at Tae Hyun’s house. Is the bodyguard on his payroll?

That would bum me out,  I like the bodyguard.

Yeo Jin tells Tae Hyun she will come to him soon. He is surprised. She asks if he’ll take her back. His answer is yes and sealed with a kiss on her forehead. He says she’s already back. They stare into each other’s eyes. They kiss.

This couple excels at the tender, sweet moments. Lovely.

yp_ep17_14a yp_ep17_14b
Yeo Jin tells Tae Hyun she’ll go back to that house with Assistant Min. She’ll return when she has gotten rid of her baggage. Tae Hyun is worried she won’t return. Yeo Jin tells him not to fret. She’ll never change her mind about returning to him. Tae Hyun gives her  a back hug. Yeo Jin assures him she will come back.

Tae Hyun is worried for Yeo Jin.

Yeo Jin tells Assistant Min to call a board of directors meeting for tomorrow. She declines to explain why. Evil maid brings the drugged water. Yeo Jin drinks it. She heads upstairs to bed. Good maid notices Assistant Min smirking while looking at the water. She follows Yeo Jin to her room. Yeo Jin tells her she’s happy.

yp_ep17_15a yp_ep17_15b
Good maid reports to Assistant Min and two other executives that Yeo Jin has gone to bed. They tells her that Yeo Jin has liver cancer. They tells the maid that Yeo Jin’s current will has Tae Hyun as the successor. They need to put a new will in place. Therefore, Yeo Jin cannot see Tae Hyun until she’s dead. They ask for her help. The maid agrees to help. A restraining order against Tae Hyun will be implemented. The men cackle with glee.

Wow, that information to the maid was as subtle as a brick to the head. I have a hard time believing good maid will betray Yeo Jin.

Assistant Min dissolves the war room at work. The genius workers don’t believe Yeo Jin wants this. Director Min tells them they are no longer needed. He chuckles and leaves. Thank goodness, the geniuses doubt him. One finds Yeo Jin’s medical records are sealed.

yp_ep17_16a yp_ep17_16b
Yeo Jin wakes to a hallucination of Do Joon. Yeo Jin screams.

My thoughts

1. Back to the beginning the story line goes.  The writer decides to use the extension to recycle Tae Hyun saving Yeo Jin again. Frankly, that is lacking in the imagination department. I don’t know if the writer was done with the series when the extension was granted so recycling the damsel in distress was the chosen option. What bothers me is that Yeo Jin has been smart, savvy the whole way through the series. Now she is clueless as people plot all around her. Sloppy story telling writer. I just don’t believe that hallucinogen in her water turns off her naturally suspicious nature and consistent realization that she is constantly a target.

2. Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin are lovely to watch when it is just them. I like this couple. He’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. They have a gentle acceptance and desire to help and protect each other.

3. Chae Young is Do Joon’s avenger. I liked Do Joon’s brand of crazy, so seeing him again was fine. Chae Young has maneuvered herself to get retribution. Assistant Min is eager to betray Yeo Jin. The executives are plotting against her. The doctor is lying and blabbing Yeo Jin’s confidential information. AND SHE DOESN”T HAVE AN INKLING? Sloppy storytelling.

4, Final episode is next. What do I want to see?
a. Tae Hyun saves Yeo Jin.
b. Yeo Jin finds her brain again.
c. Yeo Jin’s enemies are flushed from the company.
d. The good nurse and bodyguard are not compromised into joining team evil.
e. The successor of the company is resolved so it does not put Yeo Jin or Tae Hyun in danger.
f. No blood or operating scenes.
g. The show ends with Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin happy and together.

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3 comments on “Yong Pal Episode 17 Recap
  1. YenYensWorld says:

    That part where Yong Pal hugged her from the back. I think he knew something was wrong with her stomach/liver area. That’s why he was worried. It was probably enlarged or something.

  2. Woozzy says:

    I’m so anxiout at what wil happen tomorrow… What if yeo jin or tae hyun dies?

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