Late Night Restaurant Episode 10 Recap

A ghost of an episode…

Late Night Restaurant “Barley Dried Corvina” Episode 10 Recap

One of our regular cafe diners, Mr. Kim, craves Barley Dried Corvina (fish) a certain time of the year. The master has it sent to the cafe special to accommodate.

Mr. Kim used to be an avid fisherman. He gets the itch to fish again and invites Min Woo (from episode 1) to join him. It is late at night while they companionably fish and talk. When Mr. Kim steps away, Min Woo hears a rustling sound. He investigates and is startled to see a woman. He falls down in surprise and when he gets up, she is gone.

At the late night cafe, everyone hears the tale. They theorize the woman is a ghost.

Min Woo is adamant the woman was real. To prove it he and Mr. Kim return to the fishing spot. This time they both see the woman walking into the lake. Is she trying to commit suicide? Min Woo intercedes and carries her out of the water.

They take her to late night cafe where we learn her story. They help her realize holding on to grief isn’t what she should continue to do.

My thoughts
The morale of the story was there is a time to grieve and a time to move on.  The ghost aspect of the story didn’t much for me. I was pleased to see Min Woo from episode 1, the trio of friends from episode 3, and the writer from episode 6. I like how the late night cafe regulars are woven into each episode.

The charm factor for this episode was medium. I did not relish the ghost aspect but liked our regulars helping the woman.

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