Yong Pal Episode 16 Recap

Yeo Jin plays her opponents to perfection. She gets rid of one enemy and makes another. Tae Hyun has a decision to make – stay or go?

The players: Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), a gifted surgeon, incurred debt to pay for dialysis for his sister, Kim So Hyun (Park Hye Soo). He assumed the Yong Pal identity to be a doctor to gangsters for cash. The police found Yong Pal’s want to capture Yong Pal. The police talked to Chief Surgeon Lee (Jung Woong In) who blackmailed Yong Pal to tend to VIP only patients. Our leading lady was once in drug induced coma as VIP patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) on the order of her brother, Han Do Joon (Jo Hyun Jae). Do Joon’s wife Chae Young (Chae Jung An) was once against her husband. But the tables have turned. She wants to save him.

Yong Pal Episode 16

After the party Yeo Jin heads to work to prepare for war while Tae Hyun watches the car drive away. Yeo Jin directs Assistant Min to gather the right people to strategize how to defeat the more powerful company Daejung headed by Yeo Jin’s dead finance’s father, Chairman Choi.

Cute scene between Tae Hyun and his driver who is 1 year younger.

Yeo Jin correctly guesses her team thinks she should hand over Do Joon and not fight Chairman Choi. She tells them to get out if they don’t support the fight. They quickly change their tunes to support.

Yeo Jin rallies her young team and tells them forget formalities and find Daejung’s weaknesses…if they don’t they are all fired. They pull an all nighter.

Tae Hyun has the staff plant flowers in the greenhouse and revitalize it.

Yeo Jin’s team finds Daejung is emailing in code using the word “lavendar”. This leads to a biotech company. Yeo Jin decides they must purchase the company today, no matter the cost. She even locks the presidents in the war room with her and takes their cells.

Yeo Jin is terrific when she is decisive.

Chairman Choi finds out that someone is buying his biotech company. Now the buying war beings between to two companies.

Yeo Jin boldly lets Daejung know she’s the opponent.

Chairman Choi declares he will sell subsidies and stocks and purchase the biotech.

Yeo Jin pushes the price up 30%. Chairman Choi pushes the price up. Yeo Jin pushes the price. Back and forth it goes. Finally Yeo Jin bails on the purchase.

Tae Hyun tells his driver they have to steal Do Joon to take pressure off Yeo Jin. Chief Lee administers drugs that makes Do Joon react. He declares he’ll need to move Do Joon.  Tae Hyun’s bodyguard disarms the security and takes Do Joon from Chief Lee and the stunned nurse. The security cameras record Tae Hyun taking Do Joon. The security head calls Assistant Min who instructs him not to interfere.

yp_ep16_1g yp_ep16_1h
Assistant Min calls Chairman Choi’s assistant and tells him Do Joon has escaped. Chairman Choi is thrilled to learn that Do Joon escaped and Yeo Jin cancelled the purchase. He in turns cancels his purchase. But it cannot be undone. Chairman Choi declares buying Do Joon was expensive.

Yeo Jin thinks Chairman Choi must be upset spending so much for the biotech company. Her team claps realizing she planned this trap.

Meanwhile in the ambulance with Do Joon, Tae Hyun calls Chae Young letting him know her husband is almost to her. She’s ready to transport him further away.  Do Joon wakes and tells Tae Hyun he doesn’t want to leave.

When Assistant Min tells Yeo Jin that he received a call from the hospital, she correctly guesses Tae Hyun helped Do Joon escape. Yeo Jin stuns Assistant Min that she knows he is the traitor reporting to Chairman Choi’s assistant. Yeo Jin tears up knowing that she chose to save her company over protecting Tae Hyun from the pursuing Chairman Choi’s goons.

Is she psychic now? If I were Assistant Min I’d be scared. Yeo Jin doesn’t just get mad, she gets even.

Do Joon gets angry. Tae Hyun tells him Chairman Choi’s goons are hunting him now. Do Joon is thrilled. He’d be happy to turn traitor and help Chairman Choi.

Yeo Jin cries knowing the terrible danger Tae Hyun is in.

Do Joon overpowers Tae Hyun and the driver. He exits the ambulance. Chae Young watches her husband and sees Chairman Choi’s goons driving up the runway towards them. Do Joon waves to the goons signalling his cooperation. They run into him and he flips over the SUV and onto the ground. The goons provide Do Joon a video chat moment with Chairman Choi who laughs in Do Joon’s face. The goon stabs Do Joon. Chae Young runs to Do Joon. She cradles his head. They stare at each other. Do Joon dies. Tae Hyun exits the ambulance to see Chae Young cradle the dead Do Joon.

Of course, copious blood flows from the stab wound. The PD has a passion for blood! That was a well executed scene. The video chat was a terrific touch. Do Joon betrayed the Chairman’s son. Chairman Choi had to avenge his son’s death by killing Do Joon. Tae Hyun got involved when he should have left it alone. Yeo Jin let Tae Hyun learn a hard lesson.

yp_ep16_8a yp_ep16_8b yp_ep16_8c
Tae Hyun is livid to find Yeo Jin calmly eating. He asks her to confirm she did not order those goons to kill Do Joon. Yeo Jin says she did. At least she knew the sequence of events – Tae Hyun’s actions, Assistant Min’s and Chairman Choi’s. She had to create the illusion that Do Joon was being given to Chairman Choi. She knew Tae Hyun’s pure intentions to save Do Joon would hide her decision to hand Do Joon over. “That’s who I am” she calmly tells him.

She gets up to leave. She stops and asks if he regrets saving her. Tae Hyun confirms he regrets helping her. She believes he does regret it and understands. She shocks him when she tells Tae Hyun his mother died because of her.

Alone in her room, Yeo Jin remembers Tae Hyun’s kindness.

Alone in his room, Tae Hyun remembers Yeo Jin sweet moments and her proposal.

At times montages of a couple feel like filler but this was a perfect moment for one as our estranged couple remember what brought them together. 

The next morning they meet outside. Yeo Jin promises to help Tae Hyun not to feel sorrow. He tells her she must be the one in pain. She asks him to stay with her. Tae Hyun says he doesn’t blame her or himself for his mother’s death. He understands power created the 12th floor and the situation that led to his mother’s death. Tae Hyun tells Yeo Jin he must leave…this is the 13th floor and he cannot stay. Tae Hyun asks Yeo Jin to leave with him. She tells him she’s sorry but cannot go with him…she’s back where she belongs, in the swamp with the crocodiles. He tells her when she’s ready to come to him, he’ll be waiting.

This is the 13th floor – great line! I’m back where I belong – great line!

yp_ep16_10h yp_ep16_10h=i
They hug. She wishes him well. He wishes her well. He cries. She cries. He leaves.

yp_ep16_11a yp_ep16_11b
Yeo Jin finds the restored greenhouse. She cries.

yp_ep16_11c yp_ep16_11d
Tae Hyun packs his clothes. He leaves the suitcase. He goes outside and stares at the house. He walks away.

Yeo Jin orders his bodyguard to watch over him. He finds Tae Hyun walking and tells him Yeo Jin just fired him. Tae Hyun gets in the car. The bodyguard states he has no place to go. They laugh.

Do Joon’s casket is incinerated. Chae Young cries, then gets a look, a look that says Yeo Jin has a new enemy.

My thoughts

1. Yeo Jin’s ruthlessness continues to captivate. Yes, Yeo Jin’s ability to predict what everyone will do is over the top, but it fits this show. Yong Pal is theater, grand and crazy at times. Yeo Jin’s best moments are often the quiet ones: her tears for Tae Hyun’s situation when she knew he was helping Do Joon and in danger, her soft pleading that Tae Hyun stay and make the hospital what he wants by her side. Don’t get me wrong I love the steely stares and hard edged pronouncements, like when she told Assistant Min she knew he betrayed him (I’m so glad she figured that out). This show is driven by Yeo Jin. She is the glue.

2. Tae Hyun’s kindness ended in Do Joon’s murder. Helping Chae Young and freeing Do Joon was his goal but he was a fly that stepped into the spider’s web. After all of it, his love allowed him to understand Yeo Jin without judgement, what a wonderful gift he gave her. No angry words, recriminations, ultimatums to change. No Tae Hyun offer her a haven with him, should she ever need one. Beautifully played scene by our leads.

3.  Yeo Jin gave up her brother and allowed the events to play out. While I liked Do Joon’s brand of crazy, I’m good with his death. What more was there for this character? He would turn traitor and sell out his sister. She knew that. He would never have been a good husband to Chae Young. She does not know that. Now she sets her sights on retribution.

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