Yong Pal Episode 15 Recap

Another good episode…Yeo Jin has Do Joon in the same prison he put her in…will she head the pleas for mercy?

The players: Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), a gifted surgeon, incurred debt to pay for dialysis for his sister, Kim So Hyun (Park Hye Soo). He assumed the Yong Pal identity to be a doctor to gangsters for cash. The police found Yong Pal’s want to capture Yong Pal. The police talked to Chief Surgeon Lee (Jung Woong In) who blackmailed Yong Pal to tend to VIP only patients. Our leading lady was once in drug induced coma as VIP patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) on the order of her brother, Han Do Joon (Jo Hyun Jae). Do Joon’s wife Chae Young (Chae Jung An) was working against her husband. But the tables have turned. Do Joon is hurt and she wants to support him.

Yong Pal Episode 15

yp_ep15_1b yp_ep15_1a
Tae Hyun looks at the ring he bought his wife, Yeo Jin. He recalls her vows to make everyone that put in the hospital room prison. He puts the ring away.

Yeo Jin considers Tae Hyun’s argument that Chief Lee was her prison guard but it was done for her brother and father and therefore deserves NOT to be killed. She calls him but he is on another call. She calls security and asks who Tae Hyun was speaking with. They tell her it was Chae Young, her brother’s wife. They also tell her Tae Hyun has left the mansion.

Awesome that Tae Hyun’s cell phone is being tracked. Yeo Jin is ruthless but she has a heart too. She’s not happy that Chae Young got Tae Hyun’s attention.

Chae Young cries to Tae Hyun that Do Joon needs his help who is in the operating room…yuck!  Tae Hyun watches the operation. He exits to tell Chae Young that the surgeon is good and will take good care of Do Joon. She admits she feels sorry for her husband and will blame Yeo Jin if he dies. She says Yeo Jin arranged Do Joon’s assault. Tae Hyun stares at her in disbelief.

After the long surgery, the surgeon tells them Do Joon was transferred to ICU. Secret surgery nurse has not seen him. Tae Hyun correctly guesses that Do Joon is in Yeo Jin’s former hospital room prison. When he tries to enter the room the guards stop him. Chief Lee exits the room. Tae Hyun is stunned. They deny Chae Young access. They tell her Do Joon wants a divorce. Yeo Jin arrives and glares at a collapsed Chae Young being supported by Tae Hyun.

Awesome that Yeo Jin has Chief Lee care for her brother in the same room she was held captive in AND she denies Chae Young access. That is twisted and brilliant!

yp_ep15_4c yp_ep15_4b yp_ep15_4a
Tae Hyun watches her drugged brother in the same bed. She orders Chief Lee to cut the drugs in half so he can hear her. She tells him his poor wife can’t see him. She tells him he won’t be there indefinitely…just three years…just like he did to her…then she’ll gift him with a cut neck artery…just like he gave her.

Yeo Jin, you are so good when you are ruthless! Do Joon, you reap what you sow!

Chae Young is asleep in her room overwrought with the day’s events. As Tae Hyun sits by her bed, Yeo Jin stops and stares at him. He stares back.

This is definitively an impasse to marital bliss.

Chief Lee thanks Tae Hyun for convincing Yeo Jin not to kill him.

The shareholders vote Yeo Jin as the new chairman, replacing her brother. She accepts. Tae Hyun arrives and smiles at the milestone.

In her office Tae Hyun tells Yeo Jin he is guilty of crimes. He explains the 12th floor of the hospital is an ongoing crime scene. It confines the innocent, makes the guilty look like heroes, facilitates false test, etc. He participated in all those activities.  Tae Hyun explains that Chief Lee skillful surgery and the former director orchestration of the surgery that saved her life when she came into the hospital. We learn that was a malpractice case against Chief Lee that kept him him sidelined. But the director knew his skills and called him into the Operating Room. The day after the surgery, at the malpractice trial, Chief Lee’s new lawyer was the company attorney, saving his medical license. Tae Hyun drives home the point that Chief Lee was human and fallible, just like he is. He asks her to stop killing Chief Lee’s soul by keeping him on the 12th floor. He asks her to keep her promise and tear down the 12th floor. Free her brother and Chief Lee. She has the power, why not release them? He asks her to come to him free of anger. She tell him to come to her and accept her. He counters the powerful must concede, the powerless can only surrender. He congrats her on becoming chairwoman. He leaves.

Aside from the yucky surgery scenes, splendid sequence of scenes. I especially liked Tae Hyun’s gentle request that she release her prisoners and become the woman he fell in love with. Her counter argument was solid too. Impasse, they are at an impasse.

As Tae Hyun exits the office Assistant Min reminds him, he needs to be weak to the chairwoman. Tae Hyun says he cannot be weak for the chairwoman. Assistant Min bids him goodbye. Yeo Jin orders Assistant Min to find out who couldn’t have surgery on the day she was admitted. Assistant Min hesitates but agrees.

We know this will reveal that Tae Hyun’s mother died waiting for a surgeon…if Yeo Jin is told the truth.

Assistant Min and the Security Lead discuss Yeo Jin’s plan to kill Do Joon in 3 years. Assistant Min states they shouldn’t wait and he knows the hands use to kill Do Joon.

The maid tells Tae Hyun he must attend the party for Yeo Jin or she will be humiliated.

yp_ep15_9b yp_ep15_9c yp_ep15_feat2 yp_ep15_9f
At the party Yeo Jin is thrilled the Head Nurse attends and hugs her. Secret surgery nurse is impressed at how handsome Tae Hyun is in a tuxedo. Tae Hyun surprises Yeo Jin by bring the Father, Sister, and little boy from their church stay. Tae Hyun explains he invited his friends so he could feel comfortable at the party. Yeo Jin declares his friends are her friends. She is beautiful and mingles with ease. The hospital friends tease Tae Hyun about admiring his wife. They tell him to give Yeo Jin the ring. Bald gangster gives Tae Hyun a wedding gift.

Joo Won looks superb in a tux! Kim Tae Hee is beautiful in the dress with the dark lip. The hospital team looks great, almost hard to recognize them.  

yp_ep15_10a yp_ep15_10b

The rival company chairman (her former finance Sung Hoon’s father) arrives surprising Yeo Jin. He draws her into a hug and whispers that they have a lot to discuss.

yp_ep15_10c yp_ep15_10d
Their conversation isn’t friendly. She tells him she knows he and his traitor son stole from her. He says he wants Do Joon. He’ll take care of her traitor brother. His son, Sung Hoon is dead. His brother, Do Joon is alive. Yeo Jin refuses to hand over Do Joon. He declares war. Bring it, is Yeo Jin’s response. She tells him Do Joon will die when she’s ready to kill him. He likes that Do Joon will die. As he leaves, he issue the ultimatum…Do Joon must die in 3 days. If not, then it is war. He leaves. The assistants nod to each other. Tae Hyun watches him leave, concerned. Yeo Jin is angry at being pushed.

My thoughts

1. Yeo Jin’s ruthlessness is captivating. Kim Tae Hee must want to hug the writer, Jang Hyeok Rin. She is knocking it out of the park with her performance of Yeo Jin. Her steely stares, her coldness, are balanced by those moments with Tae Hyun when she smiles and allows the other side of her to show.

2. Love the role reversal of our leads. Joo Won has a tricky role. He’s the guy but he is in the weaker position as Tae Hyun.  I liked his gentle approach with Yeo Jin. He told her that Chief Lee saved her life, though he did enforce the imprisonment later. Because of this, Chief Lee was released from the mental ward to enforce the imprisonment of Do Joon. Brilliant move writer Jang! I like that Tae Hyun loves Yeo Jin. It is obvious. His hospital pals knew it seeing Tae Hyun watch Yeo Jin work the party. It must be said again…Joo Won in a tuxedo…he is beautiful in that attire. Finally Tae Hyun’s interaction with Chae Young were sensitive but he did counsel patience, believing Yeo Jin would release Do Joon.

3. Sung Hoon’s father’s request for Do Joon’s death may be the forcing function for Yeo Jin to save her brother. I also liked that Assistant Min was not her slave, he is plotting behind her back to kill Do Joon by adding Sung Hoon’s father into the mix. That is solid story telling.

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