Late Night Restaurant Episode 9 Recap

We learn that you can lose but still win…

Late Night Restaurant “Grilled Short Rib Patties” Episode 9 Recap

ln_ep9_1 ln_ep9_2
A boxer visits the cafe after his matches. Master can tell if the boxer has won by what he orders. If he wins, he orders Grilled Short Rib Patties. If he loses, he orders Spicy Stir Fried Octopus.

The boxer is older, 34 years old, and has been winning less and less.

His manager finds signs him up for a major fighting contest. If he wins he could hit the big times.

His weight class was filled, so he has to enter in a higher weight class. He needs to gain 2 kilos, 4 pounds, so he eats often and a lot at the cafe.

ln_ep9_3 ln_ep9_4
During a training run, he sees a pretty nurse asking people to volunteer to give blood. He thinks she’s cute so he volunteers. The nurse remembers him from another event, so it looks like she’s crushing on him too. He gives blood regulary and they become a couple.

The boxer wants to confess his affections for the nurse like the Rocky did in the movie “Rocky”. In the movie after the fight, in the final scene, Rocky’s girlfriend Adrian reaches the ring, throws her arms around Rocky, and they both declare their love for each other.

The boxer does well in the contest and reaches the final. Everyone at the cafe is cheering for him to succeed.

At the final fight, the boxer gets in some good hits but falls to the younger fighter. His girlfriend attends the fight and finds it hard to watch him get hurt.

After the fight, the boxer stares at the banner for the contest, knowing his fighting days are over. He turns and his girlfriend is there.

ln_ep9_8a ln_ep9_8b ln_ep9_8c ln_ep9_8d
He brings her to the cafe. He asks for two orders of Grilled Short Rib Patties.

My thoughts
The morale of the story was you can lose but still win.  I liked the drive and work ethic our boxer had. It was reasonable that he realized this was his last chance to make it and accepted that fact. He gave his all. Just when you thought his girlfriend might have walked away from the fight, he sees her waiting for him. Sweet scene in the cafe.

The charm factor for this episode was medium high. The boxer worked hard and found love.  Sweet!

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