Yong Pal Episode 14 Recap

Revenge is a dish best served cold…Yeo Jin is icy.

The players: Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), a gifted surgeon, incurred debt to pay for dialysis for his sister, Kim So Hyun (Park Hye Soo). He assumed the Yong Pal identity to be a doctor to gangsters for cash. The police found Yong Pal’s want to capture Yong Pal. The police talked to Chief Surgeon Lee (Jung Woong In) who blackmailed Yong Pal to tend to VIP only patients. Our leading lady was once in drug induced coma as VIP patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) on the order of her brother, Han Do Joon (Jo Hyun Jae). Do Joon’s wife Chae Young (Chae Jung An) was working against her husband. The tables have turned and alliances are shifting.

Yong Pal Episode 14
Tae Hyun is embarrassed at work, everyone is deferential to him because he is now Yeo Jin’s husband. Only the head nurse and secret surgery nurse treat him the same. They tease him about his wedding night. When he admits the marriage contract was filed but nothing else, they ask if he’s asked Yeo Jin to marry him yet. With the help of the maid that Tae Hyun diagnosed the previous day and the doctor confirmed the diagnosis today, Tae Hyun shops for a wedding ring for Yeo Jin.

I love the bantering between the Chief Nurse and Secret Surgery Nurse and Tae Hyun. It is natural and believable. I like how he won over the maid. I bet she didn’t expect to go ring shopping with Tae Hyun when she woke up in the morning.

yp_ep14_4b yp_ep14_4ayp_ep14_4c
Chae Young goes to the house to see Yeo Jin. She is stunned to see the line of powerful men waiting to grovel to Yeo Jin. Near the front of the line Chae Young finds her father. Livid she tries to pull him away but he refuses. She barges into Yeo Jin’s office and give her a piece of her mind. Yeo Jin looks at Chae Young like she’s dirt on her shoe. Yeo Jin has Chae Young kicked out.

Yeo Jin is impressively cold. The pain on Chae Young’s face about her father’s groveling is apparent. 

Chief Lee is convinced that he will be killed like the Director and Nurse Hwang. He’s correct. Assistant Min asks Yeo Jin how to get rid of Chief Lee. Yeo Jin’s look tells Assistant Min that he needs to take care of it and not bother her with the details. Chief Lee begs Tae Hyun to save him from Yeo Jin’s wrath. Tae Hyun cannot believe Yeo Jin would do such a thing. Chief Lee admits he was the surgeon that did not show and therefore Tae Hyun’s mother died waiting for a surgeon that never came. That stuns Tae Hyun.

The actor that plays Assistant Min does a nice job of showing deference, brains, and contempt.

President Go’s henchman is buried alive.

Yeo Jin is not kidding around. 

yp_ep14_6b yp_ep14_6a
Tae Hyun comes home and sees the line of powerful men. When he goes to Yeo Jin’s office, he opens the door and hears Yeo Jin’s cold words to the groveling man. She muses, did President Go die because of her? Tae Hyun realizes she is focused on one thing…revenge.

Tae Hyun walks to the ground and finds an abandoned green house. The maid tells him that Do Joon shut it down after years ago. He asks what Yeo Jin was like as a child. The maid states Yeo Jin was intense and scary how far she would go for those she loved.

Assistant Min sneers when no one attends Chae Young’s press conference where she had planned to sling mud at the company.

Chief Lee begs Tae Hyun to save him from certain death.

yp_ep14_9b yp_ep14_9ayp_ep14_9dyp_ep14_9c
At home over dinner Tae Hyun asks Yeo Jin to forgive Chief Lee. No is the answer. Chief Lee kept her locked in her own body for 3 years. Yeo Jin spits out the she prayed for death to escape from what her enemies did to her. Tae Hyun notes that Do Joon gave the orders to keep her drugged and alone. Chief Lee merely follwed the orders. Yeo Jin doesn’t buy that delta difference in behavior. Tae Hyun asks her to forgive as a special favor for him. Yeo Jin if there is no revenge, there is no justice. She declares she’ s the lead crocodile. If she shows forgiveness, the others will swallow her whole. Tae Hyun exits dinner and Yeo Jin breaks a glass.

Great scene. The sweet part was sweet. The plea for forgiveness and denial was tense and sad at the same time. I like that Yeo Jin did not look at Tae Hyun when she bitterly recalled Cheif Lee’s abhorrent actions against her and demanded if she should let him go unpunished. Tae Hyun sees that Yeo Jin is on a path of revenge and she’s not willing to change her course, even for him.

The hospital security remove Chief Lee from his room and transport him to the psychiatric section of the hospital. Before they can deposit the bound and gagged Chief Lee into the psych ward, they receive a text to cease and desist.

Do Joon is released from the police station. He calls President Go, no answer. He calls Assistant Min, then realizes he was betrayed by him. Little does Do Joon know that Chae Young is across the street watching him. She calls him. He lies that he’s about to be picked up by a powerful friend when he’s actually trying to secure a cab. Chae Young lets him know she’s across the street. She asks if he’d like to get a drink together. The gratitude on Do Joon’s face is something to behold. He thanks Chae Young for her kindness. She tells him not to cross the street, this time she’ll come to him. They both recognize the significance of that statement.

Before Chae Young can pick him up,  a car deliberately hits Do Joon. The drives feigns concern then pulls out a bully stick and wacks Do Joon several times. He order Do Joon not to die and drives away. Aghast, Chae Young makes her way across the road to Do Joon’s side. When she lifts his head, she finds blood. An ambulance pulls up. The men put Do Joon on a stretcher. Chae Young senses something is wrong. She demands to know where they are taking the unconsciousness Do Joon. Chae Young spots the company’s logo on the ambulance and guesses that Yeo Jin is behind the brutal attack.

My thoughts

1. Yeo Jin’s plans for revenge were focused. Last episode I mentioned that Yeo Jin has two sides – the playful loving side with Tae Hyun and the all business and revenge side with others. The revenge side was the driver this episode. While I understand Tae Hyun’s desire for Yeo Jin to forgive and forget, I don’t see how that would be possible by anyone easily. Is Yeo Jin going to far in her revenge? She was captive for 3, count them, 3 years. Do Joon, Chief Lee were primary torturers. But Tae Hyun thinks her request for revenge is too intense and begs her to stop. There needs to be some balance in his request. Think of everything he did to secure his sister’s medical care. He did whatever anyone with money would do to secure funds for his sister. Tae Hyun isn’t holding himself up as a moral meter but his love to Yeo Jin wants to pull her back from the ugly depths of a consuming revenge. Good luck with that Tae Hyun!

2. I’m liking the role reversal of our leads. Tae Hyun is like the wife and Yeo Jin is like the husband. Yeo Jin is ruthless and able to squash her enemies. But Tae Hyun is her moral touchstone. Yeo Jin wants his support but cannot stop the revenge…it consumes her.

3. Do Joon and Chae Young have a good vibe. In episode 11 I called their vibe creepy, but it’s there. Do Joon’s stunned reaction when Chae Young tenderly said she’d come to him, was perfection. They are lost souls. He wanted her and she spurned him. But now they have a common enemy…Yeo Jin. Will they build a new relationship based on their mutual desires to take Yeo Jin down?

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  2. 9dragons says:

    Yeo Jin was never a sweet innocent female lead. What the writer masterfully did was maintain focus on her interactions with TH. We are presented with a brighter perspective of her. As I recall she had never been merciful towards others with the exception of her smitten days at the church and her ex fiance. I actually was unable to adjust to her smiling during the church part of the story because she came off as a cold character at first. It seems she had return to her former cold self and only lights up with her husband.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Smitten describes her initial time with Tae Hyun quite well. I agree Yeo Jin is not sweet or innocent…how refreshing! The question is will Tae Hyun be able to accept her for who she is or will he demand she change?


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