Late Night Restaurant Episode 7 Recap

Perseverance pays when it comes to love across an age divide.

Late Night Restaurant “Ginseng Chicken Soup” Episode 7 Recap

The employees of neighborhood cafe have a late supper at the late night cafe. The employees enjoy the masters food and we notice a young employee, Hye Ri, is attentive to the cafe owner, Sung Gyun. We learn they are dating. There is an age gap between our couple.

When the couple decides to get engaged they meet with her parents for approval. Now we learn the ages. Hye Ri is 20 and Sung Gyun is 40. The kicker is her parents are also 40. Once the parents learn the man’s age, they freak, and demand the couple break up.

The couple refuses to breakup so her parents lock her in the house. Hye Ri escapes and Sung Gyun always returns her home to her parents. She grouses but he wants her parents approval. He argues this will be their first marriage and she deserves to have her parents blessing.

Her parents change tactics and allow the girl out of the house if she goes out with friends and agrees to blind dates. She agrees and he agrees too. Sometimes they visit the late night cafe together but often he is solo as she is out with friends.

The couple has a break through. Her mother approves the match. Her father is a hold out.

Hye Ri’s father even avoids the couple going out biking when they visit. Sung Gyun follows her father on bike easily catching up to him much to his chagrin. I loved when Hye Ri’s father asked himself “why does Suung Gyun age backwards?”

One day the Sung Gyun brings Hye Ri’s father to the late night cafe. Finally the break through we have been waiting for! Their marriage is blessed by both parents.

My thoughts
The morale of the story was perseverance pays. Our couple was nice. I liked the Sung Gyun and Hye Ri was ok.  Hye Ri was determined to marry Sung Gyun who in turn was determined to garner approval from her parents, He succeeded. Bully for him!

The charm factor for this episode was medium high. Sung Gyun’s superior physical fitness over Hye Ri’s father were darling scenes. The ending left a smile on my face.

The masters dialog must be one page maximum each episode. Most of his dialog is voice over.

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