Yong Pal Episode 11 Recap

Best episode of the series. Twists, turns, and reveals. They all lead our couple to a new path…the battle lines are drawn.

The players: Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), a gifted surgeon, incurred debt to pay for dialysis for his sister, Kim So Hyun (Park Hye Soo). He assumed the Yong Pal identity to be a doctor to gangsters for cash. It fell apart when the police found Yong Pal’s scalpel and tracked it to the hospital. The police talked to Chief Surgeon Lee (Jung Woong In), who hates Tae Hyun. Instead of turning Tae Hyun over to the police, Chief Surgeon Lee presses Tae Hyun to tend to VIP only patients. Desperate to keep his job so he can continue to dialysis for his sister (and pay his debts), Tae Hyun agrees. Our leading lady is VIP patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee). Yeo Jin was tended to by Chief Surgeon Lee who is in cahoots with her brother, Han Do Joon (Jo Hyun Jae). Do Joon’s wife Chae Young (Chae Jung An) is working against her husband.

Yong Pal Episode 11

We begin with the stunned stare-down between Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin when she exits her private room, bandaged up at the hospital.

yp_ep11_1a yp_ep11_1b yp_ep11_1c
Yeo Jin feigns amnesia. He is asked to take her to the 12th floor room. Once alone, he starts to lay into her for coming back but she grabs him in a fierce hug. She tells him that was no “dear john” letter she received, that was a cry for help. He can’t believe she returned to hospital. Yeo Jin says there is a new weapon to use against her brother Do Joon. It will allow her to rescue him. She tells him they cannot hide, so they must fight.

I’m a sucker for women rescuing their men. The best part of the Korean Fated to Love You was when she rescued him.

Do Joon, the evil President Go and the assistant agree they need to publish Yeo Jin’s obituary notice and get rid of that pesky Tae Hyun. The assistant stares daggers at President Go.

The maid calls Do Joon’s wife Chae Young to let her know Tae Hyun is the next target to be eliminated.

Chae Young tells Tae Hyun he must leave immediately. She assures him she has no designs on him and only wants to help. He tells her he cannot leave right now. She tells him time is short and soon she won’t be able to help him.

Yeo Jin decides she must return to the room she was captive in for 3 years to retrieve whatever her father left her. She believe this will be the key to overcoming her enemies. That idea is squashed when her brother, President Go, the assistant appear and demand Tae Hyun take them to see Yeo Jin.

yp_ep11_4b yp_ep11_4c
In the glass room Do Joon demands Tae Hyun pronounce Yeo Jin dead. Tae Hyun declares Yeo Jin dead. Joon Do and President Go grin like kids on Christmas morning. President Go declares the funeral must double as a coronation ceremony for Do Joon’s absolute control of the company.

Tae Hyun tells Yeo Jin he just declared her dead and a obituary notice and funeral will be forthcoming. Yeo Jin wonders if now things will become easier. She asks Tae Hyun tell her everything that was said in room.

I love a cool collected leading lady. I hope her plan works.

yp_ep11_6a yp_ep11_6b
President Go announces Yeo Jin’s death with Do Joon identified as primary mourner. Do Joon’s assistant is angry that President Go is running things without asking for his help. Yeo Jin in a black face mask listens. She spooks the assistant when she texts him to give Yeo Jin a good funeral from her father’s phone.

I’m loving it.

Tae Hyun asks rival resident to operate on Chief Lee. He calls himself a shallow materialist and rival resident a real doctor. That angers his rival. Tae Hyun asks why his rival reported him. Their co-workers wonder what that means.

Chief Nurse sees all the wreaths for the funeral and muse it has a festival not funeral air. Chief Nurse tells Tae Hyun to have faith in Yeo Jin. Tae Hyun asks for her help in performing surgery on Chief Lee.

yp_ep11_8a yp_ep11_8b yp_ep11_8d
Do Joon arrives for the funeral. He looks happy not sad. President Go joins him along with his assistant and they walk to Yeo Jin’s alter. Do Joon’s voiceover “Please rest in peace in Heaven. I’ll gladly go to hell.” When he lights incense the stick breaks. He lights another. Now the company executives pay tribute. President Go tells Do Joon that those pledging loyalty to him are wearing gray ties. Not everyone wears gray but many do including Chae Young’s father.

The production of the funeral was perfect. The music had an upbeat, just like Do Joon. It was a coronation for Joon Do. I chuckled that the assistant did not know about the gray tie loyalty.

Yeo Jin spooks Do Joon’s assistant when she texts him “when people find out I’m alive won’t your world turn upside down?”

I’m loving it.

The assistant looks at the body in the morgue. It isn’t Yeo Jin. He wonders whose body it is…that is the starting point.

That leads them to Chief Nurse. They pressure her to tell them why she identified the wrong corpse as Yeo Jin. Chief Nurse tells them it was Chief Lee’s idea. She drops the bomb that Yeo Jin is not dead but stashed away somewhere.

They ask Tae Hyun to revive Chief Lee. A quick threat against Tae Hyun’s sister secures his compliance.

It’s surgery time…yuck!

yp_ep11_12a yp_ep11_12b
Chae Young asks Do Joon to release her father and Tae Hyun as hostages. They are no longer needed now that he is the undisputed leader of the company. She asks for a divorce. Do Joon scoffs “you’ll never escape me.” He loves her, he’s obsessed with her, she won’t abandon him like his mother, father, stepmother, etc. “No one can abandon me until I abandon them.” Chae Young surprises Do Joon with the story that she loved and was pregnant by another man before they met. But her father bankrupt the man’s family and he committed suicide. Then she erased his baby. Chae Young tells him “You are not a victim. You are the assailant. I will never have your child.” He throws his wine against the wall. He pushes her to the couch. But trying to make love to a statue isn’t what he wants. Chae Young sticks it him “you can kill me but you can’t have me.” She leaves. He gets drunk.

Love his creepy vibe. Love her willingness to hit him hard. Their relationship is dysfunctional and interesting to watch. Well played scene by both actors. 

Do Joon puts his assistant on the hot seat asking if he knew about Chae Young’s past and did not tell him. He asks kneels and asks for forgiveness. Do Joon isn’t comforting and tells him to go.

Excellent scene. Do Joon practically screamed “you are expendable” to his assistant who was nervous and rightly so. 

Yeo Jin spooks the Do Joon’s assistant when she texts him “bring my passport to the airport. If you don’t you be killed by Do Joon.”

The assistant tells the security head they must catch Yeo Jin at the airport by taking all the security men from the hospital. Security head protests leaving the hospital unguarded. The assistant rants what is the point of guarding an empty room. The security men exit the 12th floor.

I’m loving it.

Tae Hyun finds Yeo Jin on the rooftop. She asks for his cell phone.  Chae Young receives a text from Tae Hyun to take him away. She texts back she’ll pick him up in the 30 minutes. Tae Hyun does not want to leave Yeo Jin. She needs his help on the outside while she fights from here. She tells him he’s the only one that can help her. He asks how.

She stuns him and asks him to marry her. She needs him to become her heir and legal guardian. He must protect her from Do Joon. He agrees. She tells him to think about it. He kisses her with passion. “That is my answer after careful thought.”

I’m loving it. They are protecting each other…sweet!

At the airport…nothing. Tae Hyun leaves the hospital with Chae Young’s help. He tells her to go to the airport. She tells him she’s divorcing Do Joon. Tae Hyun frets she’s divorcing because of him. He tells her he’s in love with someone. She does not believe him.

yp_ep11_18a yp_ep11_18b
Yeo Jin heads to the restricted room. She texts the assistant to meet her in the room. The CCTV picks up her unwrapped face. The assistant stares at the CCTV feed stunned.

yp_ep11_19a yp_ep11_19b
The room opens with her palm print. She enters and remembers being imprisoned on the bed under Do Joon’s control, creep Nurse Hwang’s control, and Chief Lee’s / Director’s control. She walks to the bed. She sits in the upright chair. She recalls her father’s words “If you can’t walk to the throne, you can’t sit on the throne. The seat for you is the queen’s seat.” A video starts to play. It is her father. “Yeo Jin if you are watching you’ve found the room. You qualify to be the owner of the room and the company. It also means, I’m dead and you don’t have to kill yourself to get back at me…I’m sorry. This is the only way I could save you…I had to leave without taking care of Do Joon. I couldn’t protect you. Listen to me carefully…I knew you were dating Sung Hoon…I worried but I decided to trust you…I found out that Sung Hoon and Do Joonwere communicating secretly. He approached you on purpose…He planned to betray you with Do Joon…In the end Do Joon killed him.”

We see in flashback that on the night of the car accident Do Joon ordered both Yeo Jin and Sung Hoo killed.

Yeo Jin starts screaming it cannot be true.

Wow! Awesome twist and reveal. Do Joon is unmasked as totally twisted. 

yp_ep11_22b yp_ep11_22c
Her father’s video message continues “You have to get strong. That’s why I created this room for you. I have a gift to help you.” He direct her to a compartment that has a USB drive which contains company slush fund data. This data links all the executives to illegal money connections which now makes them all controllable by her. “Do Joon will try to find it. But he cannot have it. He is not the heir…I loved your mom..I love you. Protect the company.”

Right in front of our eyes, Yeo Jin’s resolve is hardened. She will defeat Do Joon. She will protect the company. She will honor her father’s request.

I’m loving it.

yp_ep11_24a yp_ep11_24b
The assistant waits outside the room. The door opens. He enters. He sees the video image of the Chairman. He sees Yeo Jin. He asks what he wants from him. He taunts that she is a mouse trapped in her own trap.

Authoritatively, Yeo Jin orders the assistant to kneel.

Bam! I’m loving it.

My thoughts

Best episode of the series. What made this episode great?
1. Do Joon is unmasked as a crazy controlling brother.
If you thought Nurse Hwang was nuts, she’s chump change compared to Do Joon. But here’s the best part…Do Joon is vulnerable and strangely likeable.  What did we learn about him?
* He wants to be loved. He feels everyone has abandoned him emotionally so killing them is justified.
* He loves his wife. No dice.
* He tried to kill Yeo Jin and Sung Hoo.
* He was in cahoots with Sung Hoo.

2. Yeo Jin rises from the ashes to transforms into a woman ready to battle her brother. Gosh, I love powerful women. This episode Yeo Jin was juiced up with power.
* She stood up to her fear of the room and entered and conquered it.
* Her father’s words clarified the truth about her brother and fiancee.
* I don’t totally dig the ubiquitous USB drive with slush funds data, that is standard stuff.

3. Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun decided to protect each other. I mentioned in the review I love it when the leading lady saves the leading man. What’s even better is when they resolve to save each other. That’s what happened. She released him from the chains of the hospital. She empowered him by asking for his help and his hand in marriage. He agreed and was willing to stop cowering in the hospital as a hostage for his sister’s continued care.

4. It is clearer every episode, Yeo Jin is the most interesting character. If this episode didn’t convince you…nothing will.

The fourth song of the OST has been released. The pretty ballad is titled “So We Are” by Baek Ah Yeon. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.

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