Late Night Restaurant Episode 4 & 5 Recap

The story crosses two episodes and offers the bittersweet story of a father’s struggle to take care of his daughter. Characters from the first three episodes made appearances adding a richness to the story.

Episode 4 “Short Neck Clam Soup” and Episode 5 “Hamburg Steak”

ln_ep4_1 ln_ep4_1a
Magician Dad has a young daughter that goes to the Late Night café with her father. Why is a young child at a restaurant that is only from midnight to 7am? Magician Dad works evening and Master helps care for his daughter.

Magician Dad’s wife deserted him and their daughter 3 years prior. He concocted the story that he helped her mother disappear through his magic.

One night before his magic show, someone sits on his magician’s hat before the show unbeknownst to Magician Dad. When he goes to pull the bird out of the hat, a lifeless bird falls to the stage horrifying the patrons. The manager fires him.

Bummed out he orders short neck clam soup and soju. This is his go to meal when he is bummed out. But Magician Dad is frustrated, how can he care for his daughter without a job? He drinks more soju than soup. He realizes he must freshen his act. He decides to have his daughter be his assistant. His daughter is thrilled and it cute as can be on stage. This goes well until one night, Magician Dad has made his daughter disappear (hidden under the stage).  A drunk customer delays Magician Dad being able to retrieve his daughter. When he pulls her from under the stage she has passed out and it’s a scary moment for all.

ln_ep4_3b ln_ep4_3a
When the Magician Dad has the opportunity to appear on a national live TV show he is thrilled. He and his daughter appear together. He’s nervous but does well until his hands shake badly during a card trick and he passes out.

His ex-wife returns demanding custody of their daughter. She argue their daughter cannot will be starting school soon and she cannot continue as his assistant much longer.

ln_ep5_2aln_ep5_2b ln_ep5_2cln_ep5_2d
In a sad revelation, Magician Dad is diagnosed with cancer. Upset and backed into a corner the Magician Dad makes a choice that is in the best interests of his daughter. Past characters help Magician Dad pull off his plan. It is touching.

My thoughts:

  • I loved that the former characters from episodes 1-3 populated this episode. They were integrated well and they enhanced my enjoyment of this episode.
  • Magician Dad had a hard road to walk. Realistically he got depressed and drank to drown his pain sometimes. But he had Master and the others there ready to help. When Master watered down his soju that was a caring move.
  • The charm factor of this show was medium high. The little girl was cute and her poor Magician Dad suffered many setbacks requiring him to preserve. The former characters amped up the charm of this show.
  • The fourth song of the OST is titled “Slowly Walking” is sung by Kang San E . Check out this song via the link or the embedded video below:

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