Late Night Restaurant Episode 3 Recap

This episode tackles the question – does romance trump friendship?

Episode 3 “Mixed, Radish, and Banquet Noodles”

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ln_ep3_2b ln_ep3_2a
Three 37 year old friends, known as the Noodle sisters, who have known each other since high school, meet at the late night cafe and bemoan their single status. All their friends are married, many with children. The noodle delivery man catches their eye. They recognize him from high school days when they always went to the restaurant where he worked to drool over him.

They follow him to the restaurant he works now. They are thrilled when he informs then that he’s not married and not dating anyone.

One of them decides to be direct and ask him out. Unfortunately, she is rejected.

Later, the second one denies dating but she’s upset about something.

The third one is definitely dating someone. But who? Finally at a bar, she tells her friends the truth. She’s dating noodle delivery man. That doesn’t go over well. the second one admits she dated him too but found out that he wasn’t wealthy like she thought. Harsh words are said. Hair is pulled.

Later noodle delivery man tells master he’s found the right woman for him. One that accepts his mistakes and wants to be by his side. You guessed it, it is someone other than one of our friends.

ln_ep3_8ln_ep3_9 - Copy
Now our friends realize they must put their friendship back on solid ground. They apologize for their behavior. They make up. They can’t believe noodle delivery man is marrying the daughter of the owner of the restaurant where he works. They soothe themselves with the fact that noodle delivery man is going to go bald much to the amusement of Master.

My thoughts:
* Women wanting romance and sacrificing their friendships to get it is realistic but not as charming of a subject and story as the first two episodes. Episode 3 Charm Factor = Medium. The 3 women friends did sort it out in the end, but their secrecy within revealed they weren’t as tight knit as they thought. No, I take that back. It revealed romance was the higher priority over friendship. This is more realistic and it is what it is. Women are taught to want a man to complete their lives. We consume romantic fantasy in the former of dramas, movies, books, etc. Hey, I consume this fantasy too. So when the opportunity for romance comes, it shifts into high priority leaving other things in the dust. I must say, the man that was the object of their affections made no impact on me. Availability seemed to be his only plus.
* The third song of the OST is titled “A Spicy Life” is sung by Jung Cha Shik feat. D. Theo  of Soul Dive. Check out this song via the link or the embedded video below:

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