Yong Pal Episode 8 Recap

Our leading lady and man finally get some traction. Their scenes together were wonderful and made this episode a good one.

The players: Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), a gifted surgeon, incurred debt to pay for dialysis for his sister, Kim So Hyun (Park Hye Soo). He assumed the Yong Pal identity to be a doctor to gangsters. It fell apart when the police found Yong Pal’s scalpel and tracked it to the hospital. The police talked to Chief Surgeon Lee (Jung Woong In), who hates Tae Hyun. Instead of turning Tae Hyun over to the police, Chief Surgeon Lee presses Tae Hyun to tend to VIP only patients. Desperate to keep his job so he can continue to dialysis for his sister (and pay his debts), Tae Hyun agrees.

Our leading lady is VIP patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee). Yeo Jin was tended to by Chief Surgeon Lee who is in cahoots with her brother, Han Do Joon (Jo Hyun Jae). Do Joon’s wife Chae Young (Chae Jung An) is working against her husband.

Yong Pal Episode 8

Yeo Jin is shaken when Cynthia tells her that if she has to live her life in an assumed identity Tae Hyun is the best man to have by her side.

Tae Hyun is recovering quickly. Yeo Jin is in a funk. The nurses ask Tae Hyun why her mood is different. What happened? Tae Hyun decides his recuperation period is over.

Chief Lee has a nightmare that Yeo Jin is in the secluded room and calls him a murderer.

The police talk to the Chief Resident. When they tell him they are looking for a doctor that moonlights for extra money, he thinks of Tae Hyun. The police see he has thought of someone. Before they can pressure him for a name, security arrives and kicks them out. Tae Hyun eavesdrops on the conversation relieved not be revealed…this time.

The police searching for Yong Pal irritates me.

yp_ep8_3b yp_ep8_3a
Yeo Jin is angry that she cannot return to her former life. Tae Hyun counters she’s alive not dead. “Power does not equal justice” is her response. She’s dead in the world without her name, her money, her power.  With her brother and President Go as allies, she is now a common enemy to both men. Even if she returned from the dead, she would be a pawn for her brother. Then she would be imprisoned again. Tae Hyun says both her brother and President Go are crocodiles. Yeo Jin counters she’s a crocodile too and should live with others of her kind.  She blames Tae Hyun for pushing her out of the pond.

Interesting that Yeo Jin is not grateful to Tae Hyun for all he did. She only sees that her life is gone. Her identity is gone. She’s mad. Selfish reaction. But so much more interesting than gratitude.

Chief Lee and Tae Hyun dine with Yeo Jin’s brother Do Joon and his wife Chae Young. Do Joon offers to send Tae Hyun’s sister to the states for treatment. Tae Hyun is grateful. Do Joon suggests that Chief Lee become the director. Chief Lee demurs that the director is recovering from his stab wounds and will be functional soon. Then Do Joon turns his attention to Chae Young. He jabs her about Sung Hoo and states she has never been interested in him. He muses that Yeo Jin is next to Sung Hoo now. He laughs that both of them died by his hands. He laughs and says both Chief Lee and Tae Hyun are accomplishes and will be killed if they get out of line. He says he’ll cremate Yeo Jin and bury her next to Sung Hoo (former fiancée and rival to Do Joon).

After dinner Chae Young tells Tae Hyun that she’s the one suffering from lack of affection after he tells her that her husband is love starved. Tae Hyun asks what kind of man Sung Hoo was. Cool, smart, and unfortunately from the wrong family. He and Yeo Jin were doomed lovers.

Flashback to Yeo Jin learning that Sung Hoo was dead. She blamed her father for her fiancée’s death. She became so angry that her father took what she treasured the most (Sung Hoo), Yeo Jin jump through the window of the hospital thinking she’d take from her father what he treasured most (her). Then her father asked Director Park and Chief Lee to keep her asleep until he died, afraid if she woke, she’d only attempt to kill herself again.

That logic…twisted.

Tae Hyun asks Chae Young how long Yeo Jin’s father expected to live. Turns out he was in the final stage of cancer. He died 6 months later. Then Do Joon took over his sister’s care. Tae Hyun realizes that Yeo Jin loved her fiancé more than life. Chae Young recognizes that Tae Hyun likes Yeo Jin. He dismisses that.

In a bold move, Tae Hyun drugs Yeo Jin and takes her out of the hospital. She wakes when they are traveling the road of the accident. She relives the accident. Tae Hyun takes her to the church where she was to be married. He says he’s leaving her so she can decide how to reenter her world. He’s taking money from Do Joon for his sister’s surgery. He hands her a cell phone. Call Geneva, President Go, whoever. He warns her with that phone call, she will start to be tracked. This is her one chance, use it well. As he leaves she asks why he is doing this. Tae Hyun tells Yeo Jin that for a while he forgot they were from different worlds. His final statement – “and I didn’t want to become jealous of a dead man”. With that he leaves.

Terrific scene between them. They are not sweet with each other. In fact when Yeo Jin bristles and Tae Hyun responds, those are great moments. The two actors shine in these moments, elevating this series.

yp_ep8_7b yp_ep8_7ayp_ep8_7dyp_ep8_7c
As Yeo Jin sits outside and ponders her options she overhears a nun tell a priest she’ll check out the car with a guy in it. Yeo Jin realizes that Tae Hyun has been waiting for her. Waiting for her to choose him. She stares at the phone he left her. She presses speed dial 1, yep, it is Tae Hyun. He jumps when the phone rings. He cautiously answers saying nothing. She chides him for not speaking. She tells him to be by her side in 30 seconds or she’ll never speak to him again. He runs and finds her. They smile at each other. She chides him for calling her Yeo Jin. They smiles some more.

Another terrific moment. These two can make some magic if given the opportunity.

Holy smokes! Nurse Hwang calls Do Joon’s assistant and demands the Yeo Jin be returned to her. He asks to meet. She barks she’s no fool. A truck literally runs into the phone booth she is calling from. President Go walks by the assistant and comments that some talk others take action. We see a bloody apparently lifeless Nurse Hwang on the ground with a picture of herself and Yeo Jin by her body.

Good grief, these guys don’t fool around!

The assistant find Do Joon and President Go. Outraged he asks if President Go cloned his phone. The answer is yes. Do Joon states he was in agreement. The assistant sputters Nurse Hwang was loyal. President Go calmly states that the workers that know secrets must eventually be buried.

Good grief, these guys don’t fool around!

yp_ep8_9b yp_ep8_9a yp_ep8_9c
Sweet scene when Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin are unable to sleep in back-to-back rooms at the church. Tae Hyun gently taps on the wall between them. Yeo Jin gently taps in return. They both smile.

In the church, Yeo Jin tells Tae Hyun not to hate her dead fiancée. He died because he loved her. She tells him for three years she has experienced the accident every day. She asks if he can wait for her to process the accident. He agrees to wait.

Tae Hyun tells her that the police are looking for him. In addition, her brother will schedule the funeral soon. They can’t hide that she’s alive for much longer. She asks what his plan is. Tae Hyun notes he has plenty of gangster customers that need him.

Yeo Jin asks what Tae Hyun would have done if she had not called him. He side steps and asks why she called him. What will she do with all the crocodiles she knows? She admits she’s not sure. She jokes she pressed the wrong speed dial button.  They laugh.

Yeo Jin looks into Tae Hyun eyes. “You told me I could only make one call. If I could only make one call, I had to call you.“ He smiles. He takes her hand. He leans into her slowly and kisses her. She kisses him back.

My thoughts

  • Good episode. There was minimal ridiculous and more sublime. Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee have chemistry. I believe their cautious caring for each other. Their interactions all interesting: a) rooftop sweet moment sharing freedom and coffee b) Anger from Yeo Jin – don’t fall for me, I swim in different waters from you. c) Tae Hyun boldly drugging Yeo Jin and taking her to the church, leaving her to choose her next move. d) Yeo Jin choosing Tae Hyun. e) Yeo Jin asking Tae Hyun to wait for her. f) Yeo Jin declaring she’d only want to call him if a single phone call was all she had. Tae Hyun gently kissing her.
  • President Go’s murder of Nurse Hwang was a surprise. That is one ruthless guy. Yeo Jin’s brother is certainly partnered with a man is dangerous and determined. I can see that crazy obsessive Nurse Hwang’s usefullness is over, know that Yeo Jin is no longer at the hospital. When was the picture with herself and Yeo Jin taken? It bears repeating, the truck plowing into the phone booth that Nurse Hwang was in took me by surprise.
  • I still have little interest in the gangster, police, and Yong Pal persona that Tae Hyun assumes. This part of story line packs little punch. The police are obsessing about capturing Yong Pal. The gangster are caricatures. I hope these stories stay in the background.
  • Still loving our helpful nurses. Head Nurse and Secret Surgery Nurse are wonderful and loyal. Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun would not be where they are without them.

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