Late Night Restaurant Episode 2 Recap

This show continues to exude a quiet charm. There is a sensitivity to the characters, a gentleness in our overnight chef (known as Master), and a sense of community the restaurant brings to whoever walks in.

Episode 2 “Buckwheat Pancakes”

One a rainy night a woman wearing large sunglasses enters the café. Master, our chef, approaches and after a moment she requests that he make her buckwheat pancakes. Gingerly she eats but relishes each bite. She comes only when it rains.

Other customers recognize her as Jung Eun Soo, former famous TV star. A stalker disfigured her face at the height of her career but surgeries could not restore her beauty. She became forgotten and her family fell apart. One night a man admits he’s the reason the stalker attacked her. As newbie production assistant his company was desperate to work with her. He followed her and would beg to meet. One day Jung Eun Soo agreed to meet.   The stalker misunderstood their relationship and attacked Jung Eun Soo. The man leaves his card and asks the chef to give it to Jung Eun Soo the next time she comes in.

ln_ep2_2b ln_ep2_2a
A group of models come to the restaurant when they work late. One day Jung Eun Soo is there when they arrive. They are cheery and tease the Yoo Jung that she wants to be a big star. Yoo Jung notes it is her dream but taking care of her family (her mother left) is her priority now. That gets Jung Eun Soo’s attention. Her friends are appalled that Yoo Jung gave up her dream of college and hands over all her money to her father to support the family. Calmly Yoo Jung states this is her priority though she admits she still would love to be an actress. Unfortunately without connections or an agency opportunities are limited.

ln_ep2_3b ln_ep2_4
Another rainy night arrives and Master offers Jung Eun Soo the director’s business card. She declines the card and begins to leave. Yoo Jung enters the restaurant soaked and upset. Jung Eun Soo stays and helps sooth the girl. Yoo Jung admits her father turns into someone she must flee from when he drinks. She cries and asks Yoo Jung, am I wrong to pursue my dreams? Jung Eun Soo tells the girl, you only live once, go for it.

The rainy season is done and Jung Eun Soo no longer visits the restaurant. The chef hopes she’s found some peace.

The restaurant regulars gather around the TV. Yoo Jung is making her TV debut. Her friends are happy for her. They marvel how she happened to meet the famous director and get cast in the role.

The director visits the restaurant and confirms that Jung Eun Soo did call her. She set his mind at ease. She mentioned Yoo Jung. The rest, as they say, is history.

The final shot is Jung Eun Soo walking through the rain at night.

My thoughts:
* What a peaceful and beautifully character driven show. Episode 2 Charm Factor = High. The characters seem real. There is a gentleness, kindness, and respect offered each character on this show. Of course, if the story of the episode didn’t interest it would all be for naught. The second episode didn’t disappoint. I loved the intrigue of the former star Jung Eun Soo. We learned some but not all about her. The intercrossing lines between the characters is what makes seemingly disparate characters form the vignette for each episode. I also enjoy that not all the questions are answered. This allows us to form our own conclusions as to what happens next.
* The second song of the OST is titled “The Past Stand On The Road” is sung by Mo Ra. Check out this song via the link or the embedded video below:

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