The Time We Were Not in Love Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Our couple finds happiness and a bright future together. Happy endings – what more could you want?

Summary Episode 16: 

time_ep16_1b time_ep16_1c time_ep16_1d
After a long day at work our leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) leans heavily on our leading man, Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook). Won pushes Ha Na to the couch. Won’s pregnant cousin, Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung) returns home from work and is startled to find them in a compromising position. All parties are startled, so Mi Hyan leaves.

Mi Hyan meets her boyfriend and baby’s father Park Chong. She complains about living on Won and Ha Na. Park Chong suggests she move in with him. Great idea, in fact she already has the movers booked!

time_ep16_3a time_ep16_3b time_ep16_3e time_ep16_3h
Ha Na is started to find a graphic representation of Won’s 1999 play on the web. Ah, this must be what Dae Bok (Ha Na’s brother) was drawing furiously. When Dae Bok comes home, he is thrilled to see how well his comic is doing. Ha Na has the opposite reaction. Invasion of privacy and stealing Won’s play are Ha Na’s anger points. Ha Na’s parents are impressed at Dae Bok’s abilities. Ha Na calls Won who immediately understands Dae Bok took his 1999 play. He’s impressed with Dae Bok’s drawing abilities. Ha Na concurs there is marked improvement. Won reminds her about dinner plans. Ha Na has a work commitment that may impede her ability to attend. Won calls her a work-a-holic. He states it is an illness. Ha Na does not like that!

time_ep16_4=d time_ep16_4e
The next morning Ha Na complains about Won’s insensitivity to this intense time at work for her. He complains that even when they are together she’s working through business calls and paperwork. Ha Na is not happy that he is not supportive of her career if it impedes his idea of their relationship. She hits him and stalks away.

Ha Na is a bit bummed when her subordinates’ idea is chosen over hers at work. Old friend Na Yeong understands.

Won is a bit bummed about the consistent fighting between himself and Ha Na. His coworker notes couples fight to gain the upper hand in a relationship.

time_ep16_7a time_ep16_7b
Ha Na’s former boyfriend,  Joo Ho Joon, stops by to say his wife Min Ji enjoys working with her.  She watches the pregnant Min Ji walk away on her husband’s arm.

Won receives a gift from his mother. He talks to her boyfriend and promises to visit her soon. The gift is a lovely suit. Mi Hyang comments he could wear it for his wedding. Mi Hyang tells Won she’s moving in with Park Chong. They plan to live together, have the baby, then get married.  Won jokes that she’s surprising him again!

time_ep16_9d time_ep16_9e
Won is irritated that Ha Na is working too much, to the determinate of their relationship. He doesn’t call her when he gets home from work. She goes to his house and he complains there are more important things than work. Alone in their respective room, they remember supportive moments. Ha Na calls Won and they meet looking across their room. She admits she’s been too work-centric. She apologizes and tells him, he is her priority. That soothes Won’s bristles.

time_ep16_10a time_ep16_10b
Won’s coworker asks Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) out. She declines. But then says if he’s willing to wait, she’ll consider it.

time_ep16_12aa time_ep16_12c
Ha Na’s parents tell Won they liked the webtune story. He heads to Ha Na bedroom and gives her the dress his mother sent. He realizes it’s been a while since he’s given her a nice gift. Ha Na tells him his constant support is what matters to her. At dinner Won declares he wants to live there. He wants to marry Ha Na. Everyone is a bit surprised. When Dae Bok rushes into the room with the news, movie rights for the webtoon are a potability, Won says yes but Ha Na says no. Dae Bok tells her she’ll get 80% when she marries. She tells him she’s getting married. Won is thrilled and Ha Na is a bit shocked she just agreed to get married.

At the rooftop hideout, Ha Na is still surprised they are getting married. Hmm, that surprises me that Ha Na is surprised.  Won isn’t surprised at all. He knew they’d eventually get married.  He’s not thrilled she has a business trip but she cajoles him.

time_ep16_14b time_ep16_14c
Ha Na is surprised when Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang) wants to meet her. She tells him he seems more confident, like a famous musician. He agrees he is. She likes seeing him confident. He likes seeing her happy. They agree to comfortable with each other in the future.

time_ep16_15c time_ep16_15h time_ep16_15k
Flying out for business, Ha Na is surprised to see Won on the flight. He switched schedules to escort her. Ah, that’s sweet. He presents a box. He gets on bended knee. He asks her to marry him. The plane occupants wait for Ha Na’s answer. Ha Na says she’ll be with him forever. Ah, nice proposal!

At the webtune interview they are asked for a phrase to describe their wedding. Ha Na replies “living at a friend’s house with the friend for the rest of my life.”

time_ep16_17i time_ep16_17j time_ep16_17n time_ep16_17o
It’s wedding day…
Won and Ha Na get ready in their respective rooms. Old friend Na Yeong, and newly married friend Jung Mi are thrilled for Ha Na as they help her get ready. Her family wishes her well. It’s a perfect place to get married…the road in front of their houses. As Ha Na walks down the aisle, we are treated to images of them fighting, hugging, and living on this road. She thinks “The time we hurt each other because we couldn’t be honest with our feelings. These times are on this road.” Ha Na’s father offers Won her hand. Won declares “Let’s go to our new house!” Ha Na thinks “We didn’t need any formality. Going from my house to Won’s house, that was the end of our wedding ceremony.”

Inside the house, they slip the rings on each other’s fingers. Ha Na agrees to love and cherish Won. He agrees to love her until death. They kiss. Ha Na’s voice over “In this familiar place, we’ll need to work hard. To fill our lives with new moments of happiness.”

8 month time jump…

Yep, they are married, they bicker and love each other. At work , things are good for Ha Na.

Dae Bok and his girlfriend are doing well too.

Ha Na realizes she’s pregnant. Won is thrilled.

Mi Hyang and Park Chong have a baby girl.

Ha Na commits to having a baby that looks just like them. Won is thrilled.

time_ep16_19e time_ep16_19f
In sweet gesture, Ha Na and Won give her parents wedding bands. They announce their pregnancy. Her parents are shocked and pleased.

Ha Na hands off the high pressure project to her juniors so she is not overtaxed during her pregnancy.

So Eun is late for the movie (I’m assuming this guy hasn’t been standing there for 8 months) with her co-worker. They go out to eat instead.

Seo Hoo is back for a concert. He sends Ha Na tickets, she sends him flowers.

time_ep16_19i time_ep16_19j
Yep, they are married, they bicker. She gets mad and packs a small suitcase and heads to her parent’s home. Won goes and gets her. Her parents shake their heads. Ha Na’s voice over “We became a married couple after being friends…we fight and make up..I learned I need to return love as much as I receive it.”

time_ep16_19k time_ep16_19l
In a sweet gesture, Ha Na waits for Won at the airport with a sign that reads “I miss you everyday and wait for you. I love you, one to one.”  They are happy. Ha Na’s voice over “Our life is filled with magic thanks to someone. Because we are in love.”

My Thoughts:

1. The final victory lap episode was sweet. The episode felt like a series of vignettes for all the characters in the show.  I was a bit surprised by their moments of bickering, but folks, that is realistic. All in all, a sweet, quiet, episode that offered plenty of closure and what happens next content.
2. Did the final episode tick the items off my wish list?
* Won tells Ha Na he loves her in touching moment – No, there was not a grand moment but with Won it was always evident he loved Ha Na.
* Won asks Ha Na to marry her and she accepts – Yes, I loved the proposal. I thought that was a lovely moment between the two of them.
* We get to see their engagement party or wedding – Yes, I loved the concept for their wedding. The wedding aisle was the road between their homes. They were surrounded by friends and family. They both looked happy.
* Minimal Seo Hoo. Sorry Seo Hoo but the door has been shut by Ha Na. Inserting this character into the last episode seems unnecessary. – Yes, two quiet touch base moments between Ha Na and Seo Hoo.
* We see Ha Na’s brother achieve some amount of success – Yes, his webtoon achieved success.
* We see Won’s cousin happily ensconced with her new husband Park Chong – Yes, they happily cooed over their baby daughter.
3. How do I feel about this series? I will write a series review. Here’s some quick thoughts:
* The actors, Jin Won and Jin Wook, for our leading couple had superb chemistry. Their presence and connection as a couple overshadowed any other potential relationship they attempted to have separately.
* Won was a terrific guy. Supportive, kind, caring, etc. the list goes on. When he decided Ha Na was for him, that was it. He just had to get the timing right. Jin Wook was perfect in this role. No complaints.
* Ha Na evolved over the course of the series. She started out a bit self-centered and vulnerable needing romance. She evolved a positive ways. She was scared to lose Won’s friendship if they moved into romance, so much so that she delayed engaging in romance. But if you consider 17 years as best friends and losing that…that is a crucial relationship. I liked where Ha Na ended up. Jin Won was a pleasant surprise in this role.
* I liked these characters. I am happy they got together. But the story was not all that riveting. This was a quiet series. The original was a soft spoken show as well, so in that regard, they matched.
4. The full OST has been released. The second disc is all instrumental tracks. The second track “Celebrate”, a favorite of mine, has been set to images from episode 2. Check it via the link or the embedded video below:


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