The Time We Were Not in Love Episode 15 Recap

Our couple has to work to transition from friends to romantic partners. They get the hang of it.

Summary Episode 15: 

At the airport our leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) blows the whistle to catch the attention of our leading man, Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook). He hears the whistle and races to her. He asks why she’s not in Paris. Ha Na says she’s not going and he shouldn’t go either. She says she knows the first scene of her scenario. She kisses him. She pulls back. She tells him the first line is “I like you”. Won is stunned. She starts to say the second line but Won’s brain fires and he kisses her.

time_ep15_2c time_ep15_2d
Won is committed to 3 months in Paris. Ha Na can’t believe they will be separated as they’ve just committed to a romance. Won believes that their commitment is the important step. Ha Na retrieves Won’s necklace from her bag. Won puts it on Ha Na. It is a pretty necklace. He hugs her. She asks if they’ll be able to make it. Won confirms they will because “even if we’re apart or close, we’re always together.” This couple has always had an issue with timing!

2 month time jump…
Ha Na experiences success and respect at work – nice!
Won experiences success and respect at work – nice!

time_ep15_3a time_ep15_3j
They share their work accomplishments with each other via video chat. The time difference is too much for Ha Na and she falls asleep. Won smiles and whispers he loves her.

Won’s cousin, Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung) is feeling queasy and hypersensitive to smells. We all know what that means! So Eun wonders if she’s pregnant.

Dae Bok’s girlfriend, Ha Na’s junior, misses him. He’s busy drawing and doesn’t take her calls.

Ha Na misses Won at their rooftop hideout.

time_ep15_5b time_ep15_5c
Blast to the past…We see it was Ha Na that introduced Won to the rooftop hideout when he was bummed out. I love that she shared her special place with Won. Ha Na notes the rooftop hideout was where she realized how deeply rooted to Won she was. Where she realized she cared for him more than a friend. She misses him and cries.

time_ep15_6b time_ep15_6e
Mi Hyang has the pregnancy stick in her hand and is flustered when Ha Na comes in. Won missed their last video call and she’s worried. Mi Hyang shows the positive pregnancy stick. Ha Na is sweet and supportive of the flustered Mi Hyang. Ha Na drops the bomb that she and Won are dating. Mi Hyang is thrilled and advises Ha Na to stop worrying about losing Won’s friendship and date him with passion.

time_ep15_7e time_ep15_7f
As we all thought, Won has returned to Korea as a surprise. He waits behind the car and watches Ha Na. When he reveals himself, she kicks him and reads him the riot act for his silence. When he admits he missed her terribly, all is forgiven. They hug. When Ha Na’s father steps outside, they pull apart. He asks why they are acting like secret lovers. The next day, Ha Na calls Won to arrange a meeting.

time_ep15_8b time_ep15_8g
Mi Hyang and Park Chong discuss the baby. Or rather he listens as she explains she’s having the baby, she’ll take the time off work, she’ll get her figure back, etc. He says blandly, he’ll get a house. Surprised and pleased, she asks if that was a proposal. He confirms. They hug. Sweet!

Their friends are happy for them. Old friend Na Yeong jokes it’s all because she gave up Won years ago. Won kisses Ha Na. Everyone laughs.

Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) invites Won for a beer. It’s beer on ice. So Eun graciously tells Won she’s happy he’s happy with Ha Na. She admits she thinks of their brief moment with fondness. Won graciously tell So Eun she taught him to express his feelings. He thanks her. She asks if his one-side love changed because of her. They smile and clink glasses.

Dae Bok finishes his work and tells his parents the good news. His parents tell him he needs to shower.

Mi Hyang tells Won when he was in Paris, she received information about his mother. She’s in a nursing home.

Won and Ha Na go the nursing home. His mother is happy to see him. Won asks why she didn’t call when she first got ill. She was ashamed for deserting him. Now with the love of her boyfriend, she can face her last days. She’s pleased to see Ha Na who she expected would be Won’s side. She is blunt, she may not live long, and she wanted to see him while things were still good. Won holds his mother’s hand and says he’ll visit often. She tells him she did love him…in her own way.

Won tells Ha Na his father and her mother’s boyfriend are very different. Reflecting back he sees that his mother needed love and when his father died she searched for it.

Won playfully asks if he passed the ideal man kiss test that Ha Na has. She asks if he remembers their first kiss in high school. Won does remember. Ha Na says she knew the results of the test back then. Won doesn’t understand and frets that he did not pass the test. Silly boy!

Dae Bok offers a sweet apology to his girlfriend. She accepts.

time_ep15_15a time_ep15_15b
Won and Ha Na muse that it will be fun learning new things about each other, now that they are a couple. The bicker a bit at dinner. Won is unsettled that Ha Na has not said she loves him. He’s worried that the feelings are unbalanced between them. Frustrated, Ha Na calls her best friend (Won) and complains about her new boyfriend. He offers good advice and says he will always be there for her.

Him again? Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang) returns to the apartment. He remembers his breakup with Ha Na. Park Chong enters and they discuss the charity concert. Seo Hoo brings a special invitation to Ha Na’s boss. He pauses by her empty office as he exits.

time_ep15_17b time_ep15_17a
It’s a bit awkward when Won and Ha Na meet with her parents. Won says they want to date each other properly and not rush.

time_ep15_18a time_ep15_18b
Mi Hyang tells Won she’s pregnant. He’s shocked. She asks for his support. He quips he knew one day she’d surprise him and today must be the day.

time_ep15_19a time_ep15_19b
Won is gobsmacked at how gorgeous Ha Na looks for their movie date. In the elevator, she accidentally pops a button off his shirt and is embarrassed when he asks if she did it on purpose. She retrieves the sewing kit in his bedroom.

time_ep15_120a time_ep15_120e time_ep15_120m time_ep15_120l
Won makes a bold move and pushes her against the wall. They stare into each other’s eyes. Ha Na slips away, saying they are dangerous. Won follows and they kiss. Won and Ha Na step closer to the bed. In a surprise move, Ha Na pushes Won to the bed. Then she joins him…

It is lovely between them the next morning. They are relaxed and happy. Wonderful to watch.

After jogging Won receives a call. Must be about his mother.

Ha Na joins Won in the chapel while his mother goes through surgery. When he asks to be alone that evening she supports this.

time_ep15_124f time_ep15_124g time_ep15_124j
At the rooftop hideout Won cries about his mother. Ha Na surprises him with the pretty lights and the “My One” sign. She tells him to grieve with her. Won admits his longing for his mother was more deep rooted than he thought. He’s afraid he’ll never see her again. Ha Na hugs him and tells him she understands. She tells him she will never leave him. She declares it must be love. Ha Na tells Won “I love you.” She opens her arms wide. They hug.

My Thoughts:
1. Victory lap episode number one was lovely. How perfect that they were adorably awkward with each other. Switching gears to romantic partners took some work. They sniped at each other a bit. Ha Na called Won to complain about her boyfriend. This was done in the original Taiwanese version. It was well done in both versions. Even better was when they decided to take their relationship to the next level. Nervous and a bit eager, Won wasn’t as gentle as he intended when he put Ha Na against the wall. She deftly maneuvered out of that and waited in a different spot for him to try again. Then surprise, she pushed him to the bed. Won’s shocked look…priceless.
2. Won’s cousin is pregnant but not alone. I liked that Park Chong did his laid back thing. He was surprised but was ready to support Mi Hyang with a house and a proposal. Park Chong’s laid back attitude is the perfect counterpoint to Mi Hyang’s sometimes bristly attitude. It was also cute when So Eun guessed Mi Hyang was pregnant only to told no by her male coworkers.
3. Won resolved matters with his mother. She reached out to him and he responded. She was remorseful about her choice to leave after Won’s father died. Won realized that his mother needed love and left to search for it. Good that the writers addressed Won’s mother and did so without bitterness or recriminations. That fit the gentle mood of this episode.
4. Ha Na made me proud. The reveal that Won passed her impact kiss test in the library was a good reveal. I liked the reveal that she shared the rooftop location with Won. That is tantamount to bringing him into her inner sanctum. It was obvious that she cared for Won deeply but her nuturing of their friendship was important too. Who can blame Ha Na for not wanting to lose a wonderful friend like Won? It was lovely on the rooftop, Ha Na gave Won what he asked for – privacy, then gave him what he needed – her support and love. There in the moment in Won bared his soul with the fear he’d lose his mother and his admission that he longed his mother, Ha Na opened her arms and bared her soul with the confession that she loved him. That was a well done scene.
5. What’s next? What happens in the last episode of this show? My wish list:
* Won tells Ha Na he loves her in touching moment
* Won asks Ha Na to marry her and she accepts
* We get to see their engagement party or wedding
* Minimal Seo Hoo. Sorry Seo Hoo but the door has been shut by Ha Na. Inserting this character into the last episode seems unnecessary.
* We see Ha Na’s brother achieve some amount of success
* We see Won’s cousin happily ensconced with her new husband Park Chong
6. The full OST has been released. The second disc is all instrumental tracks. The first track “Always” has been set to images from episode 1. Check it via the link or the embedded video below:

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