The Time We Were Not in Love Episode 14 Recap

Ha Na writes and stars in the scenario to the 1999 play. Her partner? None other than Won. It’s about time!

Summary Episode 14: 

Ha Na’s newly dumped boyfriend, Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang) arrives early at the charity concert dry run and begins playing. The crowd snaps pictures. Our leading man, Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) calls our leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) and asks her to meet him. She stares at Seo Hoo playing. She decides to go to Won. Seo Hoo realizes Ha Na has left. He chases her to the street crossing. He watches her walk away. I can’t believe he didn’t catch up with her. Ha Na finds Won in the park. She tells him she broke up with Seo Hoo. She needs time. Won understands.

Seo Hoo bemoans the time he gave Ha Na to think. Seo Hoo tells his assistant that round 2 with Ha Na is so different. Before he knew she’d accept his attentions whenever he offered them. Now he worries she’ll reject his calls. He doesn’t want to pressure her. His assistant suggests accepting President Min’s offer.

Ha Na surprises her family with the news she broke up with Seo Hoo. She explains her friends and family needed to like her man too. Her father is supportive. Her brother is supportive. Her mother tells her not to get depressed like last time.

Won declines the opportunity for a blind date with his work buddies. He tells them he likes someone. They want to know who but Won won’t tell.

Seo Hoo’s assistant finds him passed out on his bed clutching his phone. He calls President Min.

Ha Na’s recipe for recovery? Clean her room, indulge in retail therapy and exercise.

Ha Na brings gifts to old friend Na Yeong, and newly married friend Jung Mi with the parallel 17 year friendship / relationship to thank them for their support. They are impressed she’s not moping around this time. Jung Mi complains things are boring with her husband. Ha Na notes it is hard in a long term relationship but it is also hard falling in love too fast.

Ha Na’s brother tells Won that she broke up with Seo Hoo. He’s impressed his sister decided to think about love differently. He bemoans having no cash with only a part time job. Won encourages him to draw comics again. Don’t waste your talent he urges.

Ha Na and Won have snacks. Ha Na admits when she read Won’s script she wanted to go to him immediately. Won asks why she hesitated. Ha Na wanted to explore why she felt she needed to go to him. Won asks if she found her answer. Ha Na admits her heart has fluttered because of him. We see their moment in bed from episode 4 and a close rooftop hideout moment. She asks him to confirm he felt it too. Won confirms. Ha Na want to be cautious so their friendship isn’t hurt. She can’t figure out what she’s feeling. He urges her to figure it out with her heart and with him. He leaves.

At work, Ha Na is given the opportunity to work in Paris for a year.  She considers it.

Blast from the past…Ha Na and Won watch a movie and during the kissing scene, to break the tension in the room, Ha Na asks Won about his dream of directing movies. Won is mesmerized by her lips but pulls his thoughts together. She tells him she’ll market his movies and make him a success. They laugh at the possibility.

Won finds Ha Na walking home deep in thought. He tells her that he can help. He takes her hand and says he can be her boyfriend. He releases her hand and says he can be her friend and walk supportively next to her.  He then takes her arm in his and says this is what he wants. She pushes him away. It is awkward she declares. They share ice cream. Won asks what she’s worried about. She tells him she’s got an opportunity to be a global marketeer with a 1 year assignment in Paris. He encourages her to take it. She admits she is hesitating but not sure why. He encourages her with his words, but his face isn’t as positive.

Won’s cousin, Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung) and Park Chong have a casual dinner. She broadly hints she does not want to go home. Breaking his no soju policy, he takes a healthy swig then asks her to stay with him. She is stunned. He grabs her by the wrist and tells her to come. They start to walk away and he falls to ground overcome by alcohol. Ha! That was silly!

Ha Na’s parents are impressed with the Paris opportunity. Ha Na is concerned if she takes the job, she’ll be missing something.

Won’s friend tells him a woman needs her independence.

Seo Eun tells Won that if someone wants to spread their wings, those that love them should support that. She tells him that she realized he was not available and not to worry about it.

Won wishes Ha Na good luck. He encourages her to take the opportunity without any regrets. He declares he’ll arrange his flights and visit her every 2 weeks. They take pictures to remember the moment. They are so cute when playful. He tells her if something is important to her, he’ll always support her.

Ha Na accepts the opportunity.

time_ep14_16a time_ep14_16b
President Min arrives at Seo Hoo’s apartment to discuss his counter proposal. Wow! He asked President Min to arrange the Paris opportunity for Ha Na. I did not see that coming. President Min confirms that she’s part of Seo Hoo’s needs as well as Ha Na. He confirms.

time_ep14_17a time_ep14_17b
President Min meets with Ha Na. She tells her she will be in charge of her companies performances including Seo Hoo’s. That surprises Ha Na. She correctly asks if the opportunity really came from President Min. She denies this. Ha Na rewords and asks if Seo Hoo helped create the opportunity. She confirms this. The opportunity was a condition Seo Hoo made to renew his contract with President Min.

time_ep14_18a time_ep14_18c
Ha Na meets with Seo Hoo and asks if he recommended her for the position. He admits it. She asks why. He states he wanted to recreate their Paris experience where they first met and got together. He declares they will get back together. Ha Na says they won’t. She can’t accept the opportunity created by another. He argues her talent got her the opportunity. She tells him the charity concert will be the last time they work together.  She leaves.

Ha Na walks and thinks “I’m mad. Is it because I gave up a good opportunity or because I confirmed why Seo Hoo and I repeatedly break up?”

Ha Na’s brother finds Won’s play in her room when he puts clean clothes in her room.  He reads the play and takes it out of the room.

time_ep14_21b time_ep14_21c
Won tells Ha Na to open the window in her room. He projects pictures of them through time on her wall. He admits he won’t be able to take her to the airport due to his work schedule. He wants her to know he’s there for her…always. Ha Na is touched. She realizes that the comfort Won gives her will help her wait for the next opportunity.

At the charity event, President Min tells Seo Hoo this is the last time he can do this. She calls to Ha Na. Seo Hoo leaves to prepare for the concert. Ha Na surprises President Min saying she will not take the opportunity. President Min interprets that as Ha Na not wanting to work with Seo Hoo. Ha Na asks President Min take care of Seo Hoo. She leaves.

Oh no, Won has signed up to be in charge of training in Paris. Won admits to Mi Hyang he must see Ha Na and giving up flying to train in Paris is a way to do that.

After the concert Park Chong asks Seo Hoo where Ha Na is. Seo Hoo deflects the question.

Mi Hyang and Park Chong relax after the concert. They discuss “going home”.

time_ep14_26b time_ep14_26c
Seo Hoo asks Ha Na to meet him. Looks like their engagement party location. He tells Ha Na he has her plane ticket. She tells him to cancel it. Seo Hoo asks if she would have accepted the offer if he weren’t involved. She confirms this. Resignedly he says he sees that she cannot be genuine with him. He promises not to cause her more trouble. He asks if she knows how much he loved her. She notes she loved him a lot too.  They have tears in their eyes. He leaves.

Ha Na stares at the picture of her looking at something unknown. Then her brother gives her something from Won. She opens it and finds the sequel to the 1999 play. She skims it and finds on the last page he asks her to write the ending she’d like to happen.

Ha Na finds Mi Hyang but not Won at their house. Mi Hyang says that Won returned to the airport. She is surprised she hasn’t left for Paris yet. Ha Na says the Paris opportunity is no longer. Mi Hyang is stunned. She asks what about Won.

Driving to the airport, Ha Na recalls Mi Hyang told her that Won agreed to train in Paris to be closer to her. He’s leaving today. She tries to call Won but he does not pick up.

Won sees Seo Hoo at the airport. They stare and say nothing. Seo Hoo leaves.

Won sees the missed calls from Ha Na. He realizes she’s still in Korea. He hands off his luggage and races to find her.

time_ep14_28a time_ep14_28ctime_ep14_28d time_ep14_28ftime_ep14_28k
They call each other. She spots him as he heads in another direction. She pulls out the whistle he gave her. She blows the whistle. He hears the whistle and spots her. He races to her. He asks why she’s not in Paris. Ha Na says she’s not going and he shouldn’t go either. She says she knows the first scene of her scenario. She kisses him. She pulls back. She tells him the first line is “I like you”. Won is stunned. She starts to say the second line but Won’s brain finally fires and he kisses her.

My Thoughts:
1. There is limited suspense in this drama. I like this couple. I want this couple to get together. But let’s be frank. Seo Eun wasn’t a serious obstacle. Seo Hoo had potential to be a serious obstacle but he imploded his relationship with Ha Na by his own actions. Side note, I was surprised that he arranged the opportunity for Ha Na. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that our couple has finally connected. But it has been obvious from the first episode these two were perfect for each other. I’m still stymied on the change in direction that the writers from episodes 1-4 had versus the writers from episodes 5-14 have had.
2. Ha Na had a nagging feeling that going to Paris would have her miss out on something. Won’s instance that she take the Paris opportunity even though she had doubts, helped her accept it. Once President Min admitted that Seo Hoo had created the opportunity for her, Ha Na rejected the opportunity and told Seo Hoo their working relationship ended after the charity concert. Once she learned Won was heading to Paris, she understood what she would miss out on – it was Won and their romantic relationship. I thought she’d figure out in the picture from high school she was longing for Won and that would be the trigger, but that did not happen.
3. Won supported the Paris opportunity for Ha Na. Then he realized he couldn’t go that long and not see the woman he loves, so he accepted a training assignment in Paris. I liked his solution oriented approach. Might have been nice if he’d shared his plan with Ha Na but that would have denied all of us the airport magic.
4. Our couple clicks in the airport. I thought Won might get on the plane and we’d need to wait until the next episode for their reunion but Won finally glanced at his phone and realized Ha Na was trying to contact him. The whistle totally reminded me of the airport scene in episode 6 of Angel Eyes where the female lead blows the whistle so the male lead could find her. In that show, the male lead find the female lead but still gets on the plane and leaves her (a surprising twist). But back to this special moment between Ha Na and Won. I’m proud that Ha Na stepped up and said she knew the her scenario and it began with a kiss and a declaration that she liked him. For a minute I wondered if Won’s brain would realize his dream was coming true. He finally bought a clue and kissed her with passion.
5. What’s next? What happens in the last 2 episodes of this show? I’m all for victory laps of couples I like. Will this show offer 2 victory lap episodes for Ha Na and Won?


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3 comments on “The Time We Were Not in Love Episode 14 Recap
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  2. tieuyeunu says:

    I’m surprised you kept at it. I dropped this show far back wanting to pick it up and marathon it when it ended to save myself from the torture.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I typically do not drop dramas and see them through to the end. This couple clicked for me in the first episode. The story has been less compelling than our couple. Let’s see if the last 2 episodes are full of our couple enjoying each other.
      I also have been doing some marathon viewing (Mask, High Society, Warm and Cozy) and enjoy that too!

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