The Time We Were Not in Love Episode 13 Recap

Ha Na decides whether or not her relationship with Seo Hoo will continue. Won decides to add another chapter to his play from 1999. Will his prose predict his future relationship with Ha Na? 

Summary Episode 13: 

Our leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) reads the play our leading man, Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) wrote in 1999. The plays highlights their accidental first kiss in the library.

Blast to the past…
Play memory 1: First kiss in the library. You see that Ha Na was affected by that first kiss. She was flustered and her heart was fluttering with excitement. Won downplayed the kiss choosing to ignore it and walk Ha Na home.

Play memory 2: Dae Yoon’s service. Won goes to Dae Yoon’s service. The mother is distraught.  The police say Dae Yoon was enroute to meet a friend when the driver hit him. Dae Yoon’s friends hit Won. Ha Na wants to know who is bullying him. Upset he turns to her. He must lie that he’ll never love her. Now we understand the lie was formed by guilt. Guilt he never delivered Dae Yoon’s love letters to Ha Na, guilt that he cut in front of his friend hogging Ha Na, guilt that he can never tell Dae Yoon he was sorry for his actions.  We see Ha Na’s reaction to the lie; crying, hurt by his rejection, and confused why she was so upset.

time_ep13_1c time_ep13_1b
When Ha Na exits work, Won is there. He offers to walk her home. As they pause and reflect at the river, Ha Na asks what happens after the final line of the play “There is no reason to love you”. She asks why is there no ending to the story. Won says there was an event out of his hands. Ha Na remembers how close Won was to Dae Yoon. She asks why he didn’t tell her. Won says that she was not a friend to him (meaning he liked her). Won admits everything was hard, Dae Yoon’s death, his feelings for her, etc.  Won says that it was why he declared he did not have a reason to love her.  Ha Na admits his declaration upset her so she decided the only option was to be by his side as a friend. She comments she’ll go back to those days as homework. She leaves.

time_ep13_2b time_ep13_2a
Surprising me, Ha Na’s boyfriend, Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang), decides not to board the plane with an irritated President Min. She asks if he realizes the consequences of this choice. Seo Hoo tells her it does not matter. He leaves.

Ha Na admits to old friend Na Yeong, and newly married friend Jung Mi with the parallel 17 year friendship / relationship that she’s confused about Seo Hoo. Did her past memories cloud her present judgement? She admits Won’s confession of love was too late as she’d already begun round 2 of her relationship with Seo Hoo. She believes friendship is right for them. Ha Na must determine her heart and resolve things with Seo Hoo before she alters her friendship with Won. It must be said, that is a good plan for all parties.

Won’s cousin, Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung), asks how he feels about sharing his script with Ha Na. Won admits he feels relief but dread as well. It’s good that Ha Na knows why he rejected her years ago. But he wants things different now and it may not be achievable. Mi Hyang tells him to hang in there. It will all work out. Won leaves.

A tipsy Ha Na thinks about Won and decides a trip to the batting cages might help. Won notices Ha Na struggling as he exits the batting cage he was in. She declares she’ll hit a home run. He tells her that he will watch. Ha Na hits a home run! They are mutually giddy but tamp down the excitement after a moment.

As they walk home Ha Na challenges Won to step outside of their comfort zone for 1 week.

They both avoid the convenience store. Ha Na avoids Won at the park.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking. If Seo Hoo didn’t get on the plane, where is he?

At Won’s birthday party, his coworkers tell him to start dating before it is too late. Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) likes that.

Ha Na can’t believe she forgot Won’s birthday.

Won walks So Eun to the taxi stand. She comments that it seems like Ha Na will always be in his life. She hopes they can be comfortable with each other. She gives him a gift.  She tells him not to feel burdened by the gift. She leaves. First time So Eun has not annoyed me with Won.

Won looks at his phone clearly waiting for a birthday wish from Ha Na.

Meanwhile Ha Na makes Won’s gift.

At home, Won looks at his phone…nothing from Ha Na.

The next morning, Won finds a box from Ha Na containing a hand made passport holder. He is all smiles.

Ha Na and Won have a birthday celebration at the rooftop hideout. Won admits he’s only considerate and kind to her. I beg to differ Won.

Won reviews sticky notes that Ha Na has given him from the beginning. The first one was “I like you”. I think, Won, you blew it at the beginning of the relationship.

time_ep13_10b time_ep13_10a
Blast to the past…Ha Na wants to help Won get over a breakup. She suggests they date. He rejects the suggestion. Disappointed, she tells him he may regret that.  Won, you blew it at this point in the relationship.

time_ep13_11b time_ep13_11a
Seo Hoo tells Ha Na’s boss the charity concert will proceed. He surprises Ha Na when he stops by her office.  He tells her nothing is going on with President Min. He asks her to marry him. She recognizes the tactic as a distraction and calls him on it. He tells her they must prepare for the concert.

LOL, Mi Hyang tells Won she may not return that evening. She’s got a hot date.

Ha Na tells Seo Hoo she needs time to rethink their relationship.

Mi Hyang’s hot date turns out to be a bike ride and picnic along the river. She asks Park Chong if he sees her as a woman.

Ha Na tells her parents she’s not thinking of marrying Seo Hoo right now. Dad supports what she wants to do.

Ha Na tells Na Yeong she’ll stay with her overnight in the hospital for her elective surgery in the morning. She tells Na Yeong that Seo Hoo claimed nothing was between him and President Min. Ha Na is wondering why she’s dating Seo Hoo. Her heart reacts when he’s around but she’s worried about getting hurt. Self preservation is normal Na Yeong tells her.

The meeting time changes unexpectedly. Ha Na is late. Seo Hoo is angry. He leaves and returns home to play out his frustrations.

In what feels like a romantic moment to me, Won takes the makeup off a tired Ha Na.

Won continues writing his play from 199. The title? The Time I Loved You. 

time_ep13_15b time_ep13_15a
Ha Na rejects Seo Hoo’s marriage proposal and says they should break up. That is a blindside for him. He tells her no, they cannot break up. She apologizes but doesn’t change her mind.

When she walks home, Ha Na thinks “the fever love with Seo Hoo has ended.”

Seo Hoo arrives early at the charity concert. The crowd snaps pictures.

time_ep13_16ctime_ep13_16b time_ep13_16a
Won texts Ha Na that he is finishing the script:  “If you are crying, I can find you wherever you are. Even if you can’t remember the moment, I am by your side.” He asks if she wants to know the next part of the script. He calls her. She answers. “If we meet again like a habit or not, come to me now.” She stares at Seo Hoo playing.

Which man will she choose?

My Thoughts:
1. Opening scenes were excellent. The writers do a good job only showing select moments in flashbacks. We don’t see the entire scene. The show opened with the kiss in the library scene which we’d seen as the episode 6 epilogue. Now we learned how affected Ha Na was. How Won brushed it off. How Won refused to admit his feelings for Ha Na, in fact denied them, in part because of his friend Dae Yoon. Finally Won articulates this. Ha Na, in turn, admits his anti-feeling declaration upset her so she decided the only option was to be by his side as a friend. Cards on the table. I like it.
2. Ha Na took the time to think about what relationship she wanted. She decided that the positive physical reaction to Seo Hoo was insufficient to overcome her doubts and raging caution she feels. Good choice. I liked how clearly she discussed her feelings for Seo Hoo and her feelings for Won with her friends. She knew it was crucial to make the right move for all three of them. Won is pulling on her. Seo Hoo is pulling on her. Ha Na had to make decision. She’s decided not to be with Seo Hoo. Is she ready to be with Won? Will she need a break from men?
3. Won blew opportunities again and again with Ha Na. This episode cited several moments where he stopped their relationship from proceeding to love. We all know it, timing is crucial in life. Won’s declaration to Ha Na in episode 9 was bad timing. Her physical reaction to Seo Hoo made Ha Na believe she owed their relationship another chance and she turned away from Won. Here we are, end of episode 13. Won is declaring his feelings. He’s finishing the play and hopefully writing a new chapter in his relationship with Ha Na. Is his timing right?
4. If Seo Hoo did not go on the business trip with President Min, why didn’t he go directly to Ha Na? Where was he? The time apart from Ha Na was not a wise move. It doesn’t make sense. Seo Hoo makes the bold move to walk away from President Min but does not walk directly to Ha Na. I don’t get it.

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