The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 11 Recap

Ha Na and Seo Hoo discuss their past. Seo Hoo’s boss comes to town. This could create a problem. Won struggles with the distance between himself and Ha Na.

Summary Episode 11: 

Our leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) and our leading man, Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) giggle over the whistle he gave her. It is loud! Ha Na’s boyfriend, Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang), surprises her family when he stops by the house looking for her. Ha Na gets a text from her brother her boyfriend is at the house. She hurries away from Won without explaining why. Meanwhile, Seo Hoo surprises her family when he declares this time their relationship is different, this time he will marry Ha Na. When Ha Na arrives at the house, she finds Seo Hoo on his knees. She pulls him up and away.

Ha Na tells Seo Hoo that he should have discussed marriage with her before he talked to her parents. Seo Hoo explained the interaction wasn’t planned. When her parents asked his intentions, he answered that marriage was his plan. Ha Na asks why can’t you think about it from my perspective? This seems to be a theme in their relationship. Seo Hoo counters dragging me away from your family, is that your perspective? He is hurt that his efforts are not being acknowledged. He leaves first. Hate to say it, but he has a point. It seems like in their romance round 2, Ha Na has the power, the opposite of what we’ve seen from round 1.

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Won gets a text from Ha Na’s brother that Seo Hoo visited the house unexpectedly. Won hesitates then goes out. He spots Ha Na thinking on a bench. In a text conversation that is symbolic of their current relationship, Ha Na does not reveal the urgent matter she left him for. They both comment that the neighborhood (and their relationship) has evolved over time. Won leaves Ha Na to sort out her problems on her own.

time_ep11_4b time_ep11_4a
Ha Na complains about Seo Hoo’s behavior to old friend Jung Mi, and newly married friend Na Young with the parallel 17 year friendship / relationship. They aren’t overly sympathetic, noting Seo Hoo’s marriage talk thrilled her in the past. Why doesn’t she feel similar now?

Won’s sister, Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung), notices he’s different, more confident, more manly since he returned from vacation. Hey, I’m not the only one noticing!

Seo Hoo’s assistant notes the “she” is coming to town on Wednesday. Seo Hoo notes that he’ll have less time to spend with Ha Na. His assistant gets irritated that Seo Hoo’s priority to Ha Na. He wants Seo Hoo to think about his job first.

Ha Na and Won walk home together. He asks how things are going. She tells him Seo Hoo is treating her well and she’s happy. She asks isn’t that what Won really wanted to know? Another example of the divide in their relationship.

Ha Na visits Seo Hoo in his new modern apartment. He tells her she’ll be comfortable here than at the hotel. He gets a phone call and it appears it isn’t a wholly pleasant conversation. Ha Na remembers a round 1 moment when Seo Hoo gave her keys to his apartment on a bunny key chain. They were happy then. Present day, Seo Hoo has to leave but shows her a closet stocked just for her. That kind of gift would score with me too.

At an outreach to the community outing Won notices Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) talking easily to the local ladies. She’s embarrassed when he comes up behind her. It is a nice moment.

Shopping for sunglasses is fun until Seo Hoo gets a phone call that he elects not to take. As they drive it is obvious to Ha Na that Seo Hoo’s mind is elsewhere. He ignores another phone call from President Min. He drops Ha Na off at work. Seo Hoo’s assistant talks to Ha Na’s boss then stops by her office to say that President Min will be in town soon. There could be issues. He leaves saying he’ll explain next time. Ha Na calls Seo Hoo but he doesn’t pick up. She recalls the times he did not pick up when the phone rang earlier in the day.

Won’s sister got a surprise when she got the autograph from the pianist, Park Chong, “let’s go out some time” was the message. Their date is a bit more casual than she expected. He cajoles her into enjoying the moment. He even invites her Seo Hoo’s next concert. That catches her attention.

Ha Na and Won discuss the upcoming house warming party for their newly married friend. Yep, things are still a bit awkward between them.

Family relationships at Ha Na’s house are in thawing mode. Good to see.

“She” has arrived. It is President Min looking territorial with Seo Hoo as she slips her arm in his. Seo Hoo does not look thrilled. Won spots them leaving the airport.

time_ep11_11b time_ep11_11a
The conversation between President Min and Seo Hoo has a tense vibe. He doesn’t want to leave Korea. She asks if his relationship is going well. She comments he should remember who believed in him when he was just getting started in the business. Point scored for President Min!

Ha Na’s brother kisses his girlfriend when she complains he does not focus on her.

Aware that something is going on with Seo Hoo, Ha Na asks him if everything is alright. He nonchalantly says he can handle his work issues.

At dinner, things are a bit awkward with old friend Jung Mi, and newly married friend Na Young. Boldly Jung Miasks the question – why did Seo Hoo disappear for 4 years without a word? Seo Hoo says issues came up that created that scenario. He claims he’s being careful this time, so that doesn’t happen again. He won’t make the same mistake twice he declares. This impresses the Ha Na and Na Young. Seo Hoo also declares that he’ll accept the relationship between Ha Na and Won. This impresses the ladies.

time_ep11_14b time_ep11_14a
Won’s sister asks if he knew about Ha Na and Seo Hoo dating again. He confirms it. She tells him she’s thinking about dating again. This surprises Won.

time_ep11_15c time_ep11_15b
After dinner Ha Na asks Seo Hoo why things are still awkward sometimes between them. He wonders why she’s not excited that he wants to marry her.  Ha Na’s statement “I am trying to forget about the past and think only about loving you” doesn’t inspire confidence. Boldly, Seo Hoo asks if her hesitation is related to Won. Ha Na is surprised by this question. Seo Hoo declares “as always, Won is the root of our problems”. Ha Na asks how Won has anything to do with them?  Seo Hoo lets her have it, “Why don’t you ask me why I left and why I did not come back?” Ha Na tells him the past is painful they should forget and move on. Seo Hoo lays it on the line “you were crying in Won’s arms after our engagement party. But then you smiled through your pain because of Won. I’ll never forget it.” Ha Na is stunned. “I’ll never lose you again to Won or anything else.” He leaves her to consider his declaration. Excellent conversation…my hats off to Seo Hoo for voicing his perspective.

time_ep11_16a time_ep11_16d
Same spot round 2…Won sees Ha Na deep in thought. He remembers seeing Seo Hoo with the other woman at the airport. He asks her if something is wrong. She denies it. He tells her he can read her face. She knows but won’t discuss it with him. He tells her he’s still her friend. She pushes back and says he knows too much. She must keep her relationship with Seo Hoo private. One word – ouch! Ha Na leaves. Won watches the divide between them widen.

The next day at work, Ha Na’s boss introduces her to President Min. Ha Na is taken aback when President Min says “take care of my Seo Hoo.”

Ha Na overhears coworkers talking about Seo Hoo’s indiscretions. She calls Seo Hoo but there is no answer.

At the housewarming party, Ha Na and Won bring the same gift. Jung Mi recalls Ha Na met Seo Hoo in Paris. She further states that it was Won that allowed Ha Na to meet Seo Hoo (because she delayed her training in Paris for Won). Jung Mi states if they are destined to be lovers then their timing is always off. Won agrees.

time_ep11_20b time_ep11_20a
They walk home together. Won notes their relationship is special. Ha Na agrees, their shared past binds them. Won then chides her for keeping her troubles from him. He doesn’t want to share so little that their friendship erodes to nothing. He suggests they turn the clock back and return to the time when they were best friends. They smile.

* Ha Na and Won – this episode was an improvement over the last one. This show is about Ha Na and Won. When they are apart, divided, and guarded with each other, the tenor of the show changes, and not for the better. I liked that Won reached out to Ha Na. He wanted to help her. He wanted to respect her wish not to share details about her relationship with Seo Hoo. But in the end, they are best friends. In the past being best friends meant sharing everything. In the present, Won stakes his claim that they should continue with sharing, it is their strength and how they get through the good and bad of life. Will Ha Na agree?
* Ha Na and Seo Hoo  – their romance round 2 isn’t open and fun. Flashback moments from romance round 1 showed their love. Round 2 moments show Ha Na’s caution and Seo Hoo’s earnest (or is it desperate?) attempts to meet her expectations. I was pleased that Seo Hoo shared his opinion that Won was the root issue to their past problems. It is warped logic, but Seo Hoo believes it. Ha Na was taken aback by his logic, as well she should be. But still, Seo Hoo’s cards went on the table. Seo Hoo is communicating what he wants – marriage and a relationship with Ha Na’s friends and family. I can’t fault him for wanting to make round 2 different and to never lose Ha Na again. His relationship with President Min looks to have veered into a personal relationship, will create a trust issue for Ha Na.
* Seo Eun and Won – are they going to have a romance? Won is focused on Ha Na, his heart is with her, he is not tempted by Seo Eun. I don’t like Seo Eun so I’m good with her lack of story line and interaction with Won. But I’m surprised the story is going this way.  I believed that Ha Na and Won would have parallel romances with our other two leads.
* Won’s sister’s interactions with the pianist, Park Chong, were more adult. They really only had a couple of scenes, so they aren’t an impact couple. By the way, I believe Won’s sister is actually his cousin. Good grief!


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3 comments on “The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 11 Recap
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  2. dawnshine says:

    If I were the writers, I’d actually get the 2nd leads and supporting casts/guest stars to create some sparks in the story in supporting the 1+1 story. Eg The writers should make SE aggressively pursuing Won or somehow confront Hana blaming her. Yes SE is not likeable at the beginning but it’d make it more interesting for the main story other than showing Won being love sick repeatedly, which unfortunately is the complaint of most viewers. Even the Min Representative didn’t appear as a major thread between CSH-Hana as this stage. The storyline for the original was very plain. This version should make the story a bit more interesting since it already deviated from its original, might as well make more changes in making the story more interesting.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yep, I just finished writing my ep 12 recap and I’m with you that the writers must do something to spark the remaining 4 episodes. Can you discern the direction the writers were going in ep 1-4 and why they were replaced in episode 5? Are the second set of writers better or worse?

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