The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 10 Recap

Ha Na and Seo Hoo are officially a couple. They don’t seem excessively happy. Won returns from his trip and must face the reality of Ha Na once again being involved with Seo Hoo.

Summary Episode 10: 

This will be a nutshell summary.

time_ep10_1a time_ep10_1b
Our leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) now calls Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang) her boyfriend. Our leading man, Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) returns from his month long walking trip. Things are different between Ha Na and Won, less intimate. Ha Na’s second chance with Seo Hoo is different too. She’s less passive and says more of what she wants. For his part, Seo Hoo seems unsatisfied with the level affection from Ha Na. He’s also not happy that she puts a wall between her friends and him. Ha Na’s parents are not happy when they find out that Ha Na is dating Seo Hoo. Things get better at work for Ha Na, the campaign with Seo Hoo is well received and the China project that was stolen from her is returned, when the customer wants her back. We end the episode with Seo Hoo on his knees in front of Ha Na’s family.

Episode moments that caught my eye:

time_ep10_2a time_ep10_2b
1. Love the dual masks Won and his sister sport his first night back in town.
2. Won’s sister and the pianist…that seems forced and not that cute.
3. I really felt the pain of Won having to serve as steward for Seo Hoo and Ha Na. Well played scene by Jin Wook.
4. The gall of Seo Hoo to ask Won to become friends with him. I must echo Won’s response “are you crazy?” Seo Hoo has an edge to the request. It is obvious he is still threatened by Won’s friendship with Ha Na. Deal with it Seo Hoo!
5. It is “kick Won” day when Ha Na’s father berates him for not sealing the deal with Ha Na when he has had years to do so. Ouch, that is rubbing salt in Won’s open wound of his heart.
6. Nice to see Ha Na have a positive moment at work. She deserves it.

Epilogue blast from the past: Ha Na’ s voiceover “The reasons we chose to be together in the past are the reasons why we cannot be together now.”

What worked in this slow quiet episode?
o Did Won get better looking this episode? When he was geared up with the backpack, he looked handsome.
o Won’s obvious pain and discomfort about being but not being with Ha Na. Things are strained between them.
o Won telling Seo Eun to not pursue him. Nope, I don’t feel sorry for her
o Ha Na’s friends and family not being enthusiastic about her renewed relationship with Seo Hoo. The guy hurt her badly in the past, why would they want her to sign up from another round of relationship that could end badly this time too.
What didn’t work in this slow quiet episode?
o Seo Hoo’s insecurity and desperation irked me. His statement to Won that they should become friends was insensitive in the extreme.
o The work stuff is a bit of an annoyance. Seo Hoo acting more than friends at work irked me. Dude, keep it professional in the workplace and keep the besotted looks for at home. But why is Ha Na keeping the relationship quiet? Once the truth comes out, it may look like she was hiding the fact that once again her personal life intertwined with her work life.
o Seo Hoo and Ha Na are not a compelling couple. She is reserved with him. He seems the clingy one. Why is Seo Hoo the force that she can’t resist? That is the reason why they got back together. It looks like Ha Na is not fully embracing him. They don’t have joy as a couple. I liked that Ha Na told him she needed him to be more considerate. Based on past episodes, the first round of the relationship she was subservient and that does not appear to be an issue this time.
o The pianist and Won’s sister scenes seems forced and a bit silly.
Going forward, what do I expect next?
o I’m waiting for Won to get involved with Seo Eun. She’s not on the show to be ignored by Won. He’s got to engage in a relationship with her. What will drive him to her? Will Won get an emotional hit from Ha Na that renders him vulnerable to Seo Eun?


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