High Society Episode 13-14 Recap

Our two couples miss their relationships. Can each couple find their way back to each other?

High Society Episode 13-14 Recap. 

The setup: Four key characters comprise our young romance quadrangle: Rich unloved daughter Jang Yoon Ha (Uee, lead), poor Choi Joon Gi (Sung Joon, lead), rich chaebol Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung Sik, 2nd lead), poor part-timer Lee Ji Yi (Lim Ji Yeon, 2nd lead). Rich Yoon Ha and poor Joon Gi are broken up. Rich chaebol Chang Soo and poor Ji Yi are broken up.

Yoon Ha comes from a dysfunctional rich family – cold Dad (Jang Won Sik, played by Yun Ju Sang), grieving and drinking Mom (Min Hye Soo, played by Ko Du Shim), presumed dead kind big brother (Jang Gyeong Joon, played by Lee Sang Woo), power hungry big sister (Jang Ye Won, played by Yoon Ji Hye) and bitchy big sister (Jang So Hyun, played by Yoo So Young).

Nutshell Summary Episodes 13-14: The recap will be brief as my commentary is extensive.

Our Couples – Yoon Ha and Joon Gi, Ji Yi and Chang Soo:


    • At the end of the last episode Chang Soo and Joon Gi were locked onto Ji Yi’s wrist as Chang Soo wanted to talk to Ji Yi but she did not want to. Yoon Ha watches the interaction. The tension is broken and our foursome decide to drink and talk together. The guys shop for drink and snacks. They have a frank conversation. When the girls join them they start identifying the guys’ faults. Chang Soo and Ji Yi starting bickering. Ji Yi flounces away with Chang Soo in hot pursuit.


    • Now that Joon Gi works for Yoon Ha’s company, Yoon Ha and Joon Gi see each other frequently at work. The more interactions, the less awkward things become between them. Joon Gi has a new candor about his individual relationships with Yoon Ha and Chang Soo. Yoon Ha cannot help but be impressed at his evolution. Joon Gi wonders if the friendship between Yoon Ha and Chang Soo might turn into romance.


    • Yoon Ha’s mother and Chang Soo’s mother decide maybe their children should marry each other. Yoon Ha and Chang Soo consider but reject the idea. They don’t love each other, they are like brother and sister. To prove that point, Chang Soo attempts to kiss Yoon Ha. Of course, Joon Gi observes the moment (though he gallantly shields Ji Yi). The almost kiss ends when Yoon Ha tells Chang Soo to back off impassively. Another moment where actress Uee’s lack of emotion works.
    • Yoon Ha is wistful as she watches the easy friendship between Ji Yi and Joon Gi.


    • Yoon Ha admits the working world is harder than she thought. Joon Gi works to help her.


  • Ji Yi and Chang Soo are in misery as they struggle with their breakup. Chang Soo meets the other woman his mother suggests but it’s no good, he can no longer marry for an alliance that doesn’t include his heart. He drinks and pours out his misery to his mother who is shocked to see her favored son in agony.

Dysfunctional Family:

  • Yoon Ha’s father has a heart attack but it doesn’t put him on death’s door. Seeing her husband in the hospital, Yoon Ha’s mother realizes that she will not divorce him. She tells the mistress “that man is mine”.
  • Yoon Ha’s big sister Ye Won steals the flash drive from Yoon Ha’s safe. Yoon Ha’s father appoints her as the successor of the business. She has everything she’s worked for within her reach.
  • Yoon Ha’s presumed dead brother appears to be living a new life under a new identity.


    1. Each episode is a rich interplay of the characters. I’m enjoying every episode of this addictive series.
    2. Couple power – our couples are struggling without each other. There is the potential that they might overcome the odds and find their way back to each other.
      • Yoon Ha and Joon Gi – They put their cards on the table and are honest with each other. Multiple times Yoon Ha marvels at how honest Joon Gi is. I like his openness too. There is hope for these two.
      • Ji Yi and Chang Soo – They are mourning, missing, and struggling without each other. It makes sense that this twosome, built on the “this can never be permanent” mantra, desperately wants permanence in their relationship.
    3. Interwoven relationships – This is the cornerstone of this show. It’s a main reason why this show is addictive.
      • Yoon Ha and Ji Yi have a genuine friendship. They are candid and supportive, not catty and jealous. I like watching these two characters talk. They seem genuine.
      • Joon Gi and Chang Soo have a better friendship than they give themselves credit for. As Joon Gi stated, just because his initial intent at friendship was flawed doesn’t make the friendship untenable. Now our guys are being honest with each other. I like watching these two characters banter. They seem genuine now.
      • Yoon Ha and Chang Soo are perfectly matched, on paper, but the reality is another thing, they love other people. It made sense that the show explored putting these two together and quickly discarded it. They do seem more like brother and sister. I like how when she started to rely in him for help in the business arena too much, he called her on it. In candor, she admitted the business world was not as easy as she thought. They’ve reached out to each other in the pain of losing those they love. They gently push the other to reconsider those they love.
      • Ji Yi and Joon Gi have an easy friendship, this is a pleasant surprise. Yes, they have a shared background but that’s not enough to make their relationship hum. What they have is candor, respect, and support for each other. Joon Gi sees the pain Ji Yi is suffering over Chang Soo and he is solicitous and kind. It is fabulous to see him treat her so considerately. She understands and does not judge him.
    4. Evolving Characters – Our foursome are different people than they were in the first episode. Frankly they’ve all evolved for the better.
      • Yoon Ha – When we met her she was tired of heartless treatment by her family and she longed for independence, true friendship, and love. Two out of three is where she’s at. Independence flew out the window during the course of the series and logically so. True friendship – It’s not just Ji Yi that is her friend, Chang Soo and I dare say Joon Gi are friends too. Love – she’s not ready to accept her real feelings yet. In her heart of hearts, she wants to forgive and embrace Joon Gi again. Can she overcome her fear of being weak and used again to give love another try?
      • Joon Gi – When we met him he was willing to use others to climb the social ladder and become rich and powerful. Joon Gi used Chang Soo to gain a position of power in Chang Soo’s family company. Yes, he is a good in business and merits the positions. He had to taste the bitter pill of his intentions almost destroying his love and friendships. He’s on the road to recovery. Now Joon Gi approaches his friends with honesty and kindness…that is a winning combination.
      • Chang Soo – My dear selfish rich boy is growing up. People were playthings initially but now he understands genuine connections matter. I love the banter and candor between Joon Gi and Chang Soo. He is open with his mother, so much so it hurts her to see her son reject his own desires to suit her. I love his friendship with Yoon Ha. She’s not a cuddly person but he does a fine job connecting with her. Finally, Ji Yi is his forbidden love, his heart is breaking over losing her.
      • Ji Yi – Initially I didn’t not relish this character but she has me now. Ji Yi calls a spade a spade but with a kind candor. There is no malice in this character – what a wonderful but true statement to make. She is supportive of Yoon Ha and Joon Gi individually and as a couple. Her interactions with Chang Soo’s Mom have been fun to watch. Her willingness to open herself fully to Chang Soo knowing that pain (aka the sting of the scorpion) would likely follow was brave.
    5. Interesting Moms – All our mothers are stepping up and supporting their children in their own ways.
      • Chang Soo’s Mom – She’s wonderful in her own myopic way. She forbids Chang Soo from seeing the woman he loves. She sets him up with other women to marry him off to improve the standing of their family. But she loves her son. It pains her to see him in obvious distress. At the end of episode 14, Chang Soo openly cried his pain while hitting his hurting heart, she could take it no longer and called Ji Yi. What will she propose to Ji Yi?
      • Ji Yi’s Mom – Her sweet support comes in the form of food and a gentle smile. I liked how she took the food to Joon Gi at work to lift his spirits with her warmth. Even better when she invited Yoon Ha for a food break too. There was no intent to continue their relationship or persuade Yoon Ha to forgive Joon Gi, just a gentle understanding that both were hurting and acknowledgement that she would not see Yoon Ha again due to the breakup.
      • Yoon Ha’s Mom – I can’t believe it, but she is trying to reach out and support her daughter. Not for a second do I buy the “I treated you poorly because it was best” logic and thankfully neither does Yoon Ha. But she was distressed to see the pain Yoon Ha was in, particularly when she spoke of not wanting to live. After having lost (but maybe not) her son and almost losing her husband, Yoon Ha’s Mom isn’t going to sit idly by and not try and help.
    6. The fourth song of the OST is “You are my Love” by Park Hyung Shik (the actor that portrays Chang Soo). Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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