The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 8 Recap

Ex-boyfriend Seo Hoo reveals why he didn’t make the engagement party 3 years ago. Now Ha Na faces a choice between the two men waiting for her – Won or Seo Hoo. Who will she go to?

Summary Episode 8:

Our tipsy leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) Ha Na turns down  ex-boyfriend Cha Seo Hoo’s (Yoon Gyun Sang) offer to drive her home. When she stumbles, he steadies her. She pushes him away. “I don’t like you”. She stumbles away. Our leading man,  Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) is there! He tells her he’s taking her home. She’s good with that. Seo Hoo is gobsmacked his opportunity with Ha Na has slipped through his fingers. Won piggybacks Ha Na away.

Blast from the past…Won piggybacks Ha Na home. He tells her he likes her.

Won tenderly puts Ha Na in her bed and covers her. He looks at her with love in his eyes, there is no other way to put it. He brushes the hair from her head.

Seo Hoo’s secretary tells him they may need to leave the country. No way, Seo Hoo says firmly, I will not give up.

A bleary Ha Na exits her house the next morning, Won exiting his house says “So this is what a zombie looks like” – LOL.  Won offers to drive her to work. She hurries to the back seat of his car, ready for his chauffeuring services. Won confirms he piggybacked her home. Ha Na wonders how Won knew where she was. Turns out a co-worker told Won when he called.

Oh no…at work Won’s sister tells him he was selected for overseas training. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Separation from Ha Na with Seo Hoo waiting to pounce on an opportunity with Ha Na. Even worse, it is a 2 year assignment. Won surprises his sister when he says he was to consider if he will take the assignment.

When Ha Na arrives at the concert hall, Seo Hoo orders her to be by his side daily. She listens impassively and acquiesces to his surprise. Ha Na admires his passion for his music. He is demanding of his team and himself.

When Won calls Ha Na and asks her to join him for dinner, she stretches wearily and wiggles her feet. Seo Hoo startles her when he puts her feet in his lap. Won is startled hearing Ha Na be startled. She tells Seo Hoo to stop it. She tells Won she’ll call him later. Now Won is the outsider.

At work, Won contemplates Ha Na and Seo Hoo. Won contemplates the overseas assignment. Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) sees him and wants to engage him but he walks away. She’s frustrated he won’t even give her a chance. No, I don’t feel sorry for her.

As Ha Na makes her escape, Seo Hoo tracks her down and asks her to help him pick out shoes. Irritated, Ha Na resists but agrees.

So Eun wonders if Won will take the overseas assignment. His sister notes he is hesitating. So Eun states the upside of the assignment is the separation of Won and Ha Na.  No, I don’t like her.

Shoe shopping Seo Hoo enjoys the attention from Ha Na. Won arrives at the store and clearly sees Seo Hoo’s satisfaction having Ha Na to himself. Won calls Ha Na and tells her he’ll be waiting at the eatery. Seo Hoo watches Won wrest Ha Na from him through the phone call. Yes, I love male posturing.

A jealous Won snipes at Ha Na when she arrives at the eatery. She snipes back.

Won’s sister finds the necklace he bought for Ha Na. Please don’t tell me she thinks it is for So Eun.

Ha Na’ feet are killing her as they walk home. Won tells her “No wonder you are tired. You feet are in uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion. Your feel are ugly too.” Ha Na hates this tactic of his. She tells him straight out “You never express what the problem is. Why can’t you clearly say what is on your mind? How do I know what you are thinking? After 17 years of friendship I don’t know how you truly feel.” Ha Na limps away. Won stares after and agrees “I don’t know either. You or me.”  Excellent scene that defined why they are still just friends. Won is guarded and Ha Na isn’t aware of her true feelings for him.

Won’s sister tells him she found the necklace. She asks if his feelings for Ha Na are making him hesitate to take the assignment. She suggested time apart from Ha Na would be wise. She urges him to prioritize what is important to him.

Alone in his room, Won stares at the necklace. He calls Ha Na. They agree to go shopping together the next day.

The shopping is fun. Ha Na muses that 34 years together would be not exciting. Won notes her parents are truly happy together. The anniversary dinner at Ha Na’s house is fun.

time_ep8_14atime_ep8_14b time_ep8_14c
At a bar, Won drops the news that he was selected for overseas training. The length of the assignment shocks Ha Na. She sees it is an opportunity that Won should not pass up and encourages him to go.

Won takes Ha Na’s parents to the airport for their anniversary trip to Jeju Island.

Ha Na’s friends are concerned about her spending time with Seo Hoo. Why did Seo Hoo stand her up 3 years ago they all wonder.

Seo Hoo gets tongue lashing for his recent choices from his teacher. When 3 years ago is brought up in Ha Na’s presence Seo Hoo try to cut off that point off. His teacher says Seo Hoo created issues because of his engagement. Teacher notes he had to cover for Seo Yoo.

time_ep8_16b time_ep8_16a
Outside Seo Hoo confirms he did come to their engagement party. In fact she was beautiful. Floored, Ha Na asks why is he saying this now…3 years later? She yells that he should not have let her feel abandoned for all these years. She asks if he returned so he could apologize. Seo Hoo tells her he’s back so he can position himself to never lose her again. Ha Na says it is better they pretend he never came back.

Ha Na is lost in thought as Won follows her. She senses him and smiles. She tells him she was in a bad mood, but he made it better.

time_ep8_18c time_ep8_18b time_ep8_18a
At a bar, Ha Na drops the news that Seo Hoo said he came to the engagement party due to issues with his agency. Won scoffs that issue should not have created a 3 year silence from Seo Hoo. Ha Na muses the time she spent hating Seo Hoo, was wasted time. She says her walls are coming down. Worried, Won asks if he should not accept the overseas training. She wonders if Won had been with her in Paris when she meet Seo Hoo, would she have known sooner what kind of a man he was. Won wonders if he’d told Ha Na not to go to Paris, would she have stayed. With certainty she states Won would never ask that of her.

Won turns down the overseas training. He simply does not want to leave at this time. His sister tries to change his mind but the answer remains no.

A power struggle between Seo Hoo’s agency and Seo Hoo results in the concert being cancelled.

time_ep8_20a time_ep8_20b
Concerned Ha Na visits Seo Hoo. He confirmed the agency is the culprit for the cancelled concert. He asks if she was worried for him. Professionally, she was concerned she states. He promises the collaboration with her company is unchanged by his agency’s maneuvers. He repeats his ealier statement – “I don’t ever want to lose you again. That’s why I came back.” That is heady stuff, and Ha Na is affected.

As Ha Na exits, Seo Hoo gives her the music (undoubtedly with the sticky notes) and tells her to return when she remembers.

Meanwhile, Won wonders where he should hide the necklace, giddy with the idea of finally moving forward with Ha Na. Our dear sweet but doomed Won puts the box with the necklace on the wall and projects images of their life together over it. He texts Ha Na to start a new treasure hunt. Won waits for Ha Na.

When Ha Na read Won’s text the music falls to the ground. She picks up the music the pink sticky with the bunny is revealed. She remembers. She called Seo Hoo a bunny when they dated. They were happy once.

Ha Na heads out – which man is heading to – Seo Hoo or Won?

1. This was the episode Seo Hoo broke the shell around Ha Na. She’d been wondering for 3 years, why did Seo Hoo miss the engagement party? Why did he abandon her? Turns out the answer is my agency made me do it. Hmm, while it is gallant he battled his controlling agency to be with Ha Na and lost…he never offered an explanation…for 3 years…that’s a long time. What works with Gyun Sang’s portrayal of Seo Hoo is the subtly.  His scenes with Ji Won are quiet emotion (regret, longing) versus overt emotion (arguing, laughing). Seo Hoo is not hitting Ha Na over the head with his need to be with her. He’s slowly lured her in, offering fragments of an explanation. He’s the poster child for the marketing strategy “Always leave them wanting more.” And Ha Na wants resolution. Jilted, hurt, and angry, she has a store of passion for Seo Hoo. Now that she knows that he was “forced” to leave (and that still feels like a stretch to me at this point with the rather flimsy explanation), she feels bad she misjudged him. Then when he handed her the music with the sticky notes – he shoots, he scores. It’s in all of us, the secret hope that the old lover wants us back. Their lives are never as good as when they were with us. Seo Hoo delivered Ha Na’s fantasy. I want you back. I’ll never leave you again. Please remember us like I remember us. Folks, that is relationship catnip!
2. Watching Won lose this opportunity with Ha Na will be difficult. Yes, I’m on “Team Won”. He is the right man for her. But Ha Na must explore and resolve her relationship with Seo Hoo. Won deserves to have that relationship ghost laid to rest. Unfortunately, we are all going to suffer through the process.
3. Ha Na made a good point – Won is not open with his emotions. “You never express what the problem is. Why can’t you clearly say what is on your mind? How do I know what you are thinking? After 17 years of friendship I don’t know how you truly feel.” It takes two to tangle and they’ve both played their part in creating a romance vacuum between them.
4. So Eun is waiting for another chance with Won. I’m afraid she’s going to get a second chance with Won pretty soon.
5. No ending flashback this episode. The cliffhanger of who Ha Na was running to was sufficient.


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