The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 7 Recap

Ha Na must work with ex-boyfriend Seo Hoo and he tries to lure her back. Won is proactive with Ha Na but elects to respect her moratorium on men.

Summary Episode 7:

Our leading man,  Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook), is tasked to take snacks to our leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) who is working late. When he arrives at the office, Ha Na is not there. He calls everyone trying to locate her and learns that she was taken off a project that meant a lot. Won is worried. Ha Na calls her mother that she is staying overnight with a friend and will go to work directly. Who is the friend Won wonders? He’s not thrilled when Ha Na’s brother finds a presentation featuring Ha Na’s ex-boyfriend.

time_ep7_1b time_ep7_1a
Ha Na checks into a nice room and vows to forget about her ex-boyfriend and concentrate only on work. Ha Na’s mother tracks her down. They commiserate over losing the important project. Nothing like a Mom, beer and tears to vent. Her mother chides her that Won is a diamond hidden under her nose. Ha Na tells her mother to give up on expecting her to see Won as a man. Her mother demands – Why not Won?

time_ep7_2c time_ep7_2a
Blast to the past…Won is on a date at a school event. When Ha Na arrives, Won pays attention to her much to the chagrin of Won’s date. The date gets mad, retaliates against Ha Na, and leaves. In the taxi home, Ha Na demands that Won take responsibility for this. Won tells her he’ll take responsibility for her, the rest of her life, as a friend. Irritated Ha Na asks why he does not see her as a woman?  He jokes what does that matter, as long as he takes responsibility?

Ha Na’s mother listens when Ha Na tells her to stop pairing her for Won romantically. Her mother agrees. Nice moment between them. So far Ha Na’s mother has been more of a caricature. She seemed real in these scenes.

Unbeknownst to Ha Na she has two men fretting over her, Won and ex-boyfriend Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang).

time_ep7_4b time_ep7_4a
Won stops by work and the catty coworker complains that Ha Na mixes business and pleasure, with reduced performance. She states Ha Na should quit from embarrassment. Won considers calling Seo Hoo but doesn’t. Good thing because Seo Hoo arrives at work looking for Ha Na. Won is relieved she was not with Seo Hoo. Seo Hoo asks where Ha Na is. Won won’t say. Seo Hoo wonders if Won is there looking for Ha Na too. I love male posturing. I didn’t realize there was significant height differential between the actors until this scene.

Ha Na calls Won. He stares at the phone relieved.

Seo Hoo demands Ha Na’s boss send her to the concert hall to start the project.

time_ep7_5b time_ep7_5a
Blast from the past…Seo Hoo runs to Ha Na’s house. Won drives up with her in car. He helps her out of the car in her wedding dress. He soothes her and gets her to smile. Seo Hoo’s voiceover states he saw clearly Ha Na and Won’s relationship that day. Stronger and more important than Won or Ha Na even realize.

Ha Na arrives home. Won rips into her for having her phone off.  She apologizes. He starts to walk away. She calls after him admitting she wanted to call him but told herself she should not. He caves. On the rooftop she admits she was embarrassed have the big project taken away from her.  She declares she’s going to become independent from Won. In fact she’s banning all men from life. She’s undergoing an image makeover at work.

Alone in his room, Won decides that because Ha Na isn’t ready for a relationship right now, he will wait to pursue her until she’s ready. Supporting Ha Na’s choice is more important.

Ha Na’s boss assigns her to work the Seo Hoo project. She accepts without arguing.

Ha Na meets Seo Hoo about the project. She tells him she wants to keep things strictly professional. He thinks her stance is cute but goes along with it. When his professor shows up, Ha Na leaves. Hmm, he seemed almost charming in that scene.

Ha Na calls Won to get together after work. He’s non committal. She comments he always holds grudges.

Blast to the past…Won meets Ha Na at the rooftop spot. But she’s brought a girl that wants to meet Won. He is not pleased to be blindsided or having another person in “their” rooftop spot. Later they argue. After that, Won refused to have anything to do with her friend.

When Won stops by to pick up his sister, Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung), after work, Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) asks to speak with him. But Won does the talking. He tells her he’s comfortable with her and plans not to hurt her in the future. It is matter of fact. He leaves.

Bummed out So Eun literally cries on Hi Hyang’s shoulder. No, I don’t feel sorry for her.

time_ep7_10b time_ep7_10a
Won and Ha Na have drinks with friends. Later on the rooftop, she tells him she’s working a project with Seo Hoo. She wants to be open with him about this project. Won tells her he’ll be out of town for 3 days on business. He asks if she’d like to go on a date when he returns. Surprised and a bit unsure what he means, she agrees.

Won is a sweetie. He sends Ha Na 1 scheduled text a day. He arranges treats for her. Ha Na notes that there is always a big empty spot when they are by themselves.

Seo Hoo picks Ha Na up for work and drives her to the concert hall. He asks her to listen to him practice. He values her opinion. He plays. She listens. She remembers asking him to play this piece when they were dating. He agreed to play it only for her. She listens more. He finishes and turns expectedly. Ha Na is gone.

Realizing her heart is in danger, Ha Na tells her boss she cannot work the project with Seo Hoo like she is now. She tells her boss she’s not Seo Hoo’s secretary, she’s a marketing team leader. Her boss sputters as she leaves the office.

Seo Hoo has saved all the music with sticky notes that Ha Na applied. Ah, there is the pink bunny sticky note. Ok, hate to admit this, but the fact he’s kept the sticky notes she wrote in tact, means something, and it is sweet.

time_ep7_13btime_ep7_13e time_ep7_13g
Won returns on the dot at 6pm as he texted Ha Na. They are all smiles to see each other. Talk about cute! They play video games. Just as Won is about to make a move, Ha Na gets a phone call. She’s needed at work. She leaves. He pulls out a gift box. He says this will have to wait for a while. This is killing me, the telegraphing that Won’s timing isn’t right.

The work issue is a socializing moment for the project team. Let the drinking begin!

At Ha Na’s house, Won plays video games with Ha Na’s brother Oh Dae Bok (Lee Joo Seung). Her mother brings the pink bunny out and asks Dae Bok why the bunny is in his room. He tells his mother he saw it by the trash and brought it in the house. This is killing me, the telegraphing that Won’s timing isn’t right.

time_ep7_14b time_ep7_14atime_ep7_14ctime_ep7_14d
A tipsy Ha Na turns down Seo Hoo’s offer to drive her home. When she stumbles, he steadies her. She pushes him away. “I hate you”. She stumbles away. Won is there! He tells her he’s taking her home. She’s good with that. Seo Hoo is gobsmacked his opportunity with Ha Na has slipped through his fingers. Won piggybacks Ha Na away.

Epilogue Blast from the Past…Ha Na makes amends with Won for bring her friend to the rooftop by carving the words sorry in a watermelon.

1. While Seo Hoo has a certain chemistry with Ha Na, Won has him beat.  I don’t dislike Seo Hoo the way I dislike So Eun. I find it interesting in the flash back of Won bringing Ha Na home after being stood up, that Seo Hoo commented about the unbreakable bond between Ha Na and Won, so great they were even unaware of it. That doesn’t give him a pass to miss the wedding. However I can see that the deep friendship and implicit trust (and that is important) between Ha Na and Won would be daunting to outside people. The episode did a good job of showing that multiple times. What happened that Seo Hoo didn’t show? Seo Hoo scored with me when he had the music with Ha Na’s sticky notes. That was sweet. However, he is downgraded for using the project to spend time with Ha Na. You could argue what other mechanism does Seo Hoo have to get to spend time with Ha Na? Especially with her declaration their relationship is business only. Even with that, I don’t like Seo Hoo manipulating Ha Na into going to his hotel room, listening to their song, encouraging her to drink at the work gathering, you get my drift. I am nervous for Won with the multiple telegraphed moments that his timing is off with Ha Na. Thank goodness his timing was perfect when he took a tipsy Ha Na home.
2. So Eun is was shut down. I loved it. Don’t feel sorry for her at all.
3. Reverse to my nitpick last recap – The ending flashback was flawless this episode. Ha Na apologizing with the “sorry” carved in the watermelon for inviting another person to their special place – perfect.
4. The 4th song in the OST has been released, ” Every Single Day” by Maeumi Gane is the peppy song we’ve heard throughout the series. Check it via the link or the embedded video below:


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