High Society Episode 9-10 Recap

The interactions between all the major and minor characters ramp up. All the ground work of the base story is starting to pay off. Episodes 9 & 10 were my favorite episodes of the series to date. I am hooked on this show!

High Society Episode 9-10 Recap.

The setup:


poor Joon Gi (Sung Joon), rich Yoon Ha (Uee), poor Ji Yi (Ji Yeon), rich Chang Soo (Hyung Sik)

Four key characters comprise our young romance quadrangle: Rich unloved daughter Jang Yoon Ha (Uee, lead), poor Choi Joon Gi (Sung Joon, lead), rich chaebol Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung Sik, 2nd lead), poor part-timer Lee Ji Yi (Lim Ji Yeon, 2nd lead). Rich Yoon Ha and poor Joon Gi, but wants to be rich, are dating. Rich chaebol Chang Soo and poor Ji Yi are dating. The boys have fought and are on the outs. The girls are still tight friends.

Yoon Ha comes from a dysfunctional rich family – cold Dad (Jang Won Sik, played by Yun Ju Sang), grieving and drinking Mom (Min Hye Soo, played by Ko Du Shim), presumed dead kind big brother (Jang Gyeong Joon, played by Lee Sang Woo), power hungry big sister (Jang Ye Won, played by Yoon Ji Hye) and bitchy big sister (Jang So Hyun, played by Yoo So Young).

Nutshell Summary Episodes 9-10:

Episode 9:

Chang Soo’s older brother meets with Joon Gi to congratulate him on winning the “prize” of dating Yoon Ha. Joon Gi doesn’t fall for his fake sincerity but is polite.

The internet article about Joon Gi and Yoon Ha spreads gossip at work like wild fire. Everyone is staring at Joon Gi.

Cute scene when Ji Yi quits her part-time job at the grocery store. Her manager wishes her well.

Chang Soo’s older brother who wants to make Chang Soo squirm because Joon Gi got the “prize” of dating Yoon Ha. Chang Soo turns the tables on his brother. What’s with the credit card misuse article in the paper? What will his wife think?

ep9_2a ep9_2b
Chang Soo is not excited when Ji Yi tells him she’ll be working with Yoon Ha. Chang Soo tells her to relax and he’ll give her money to live. Ji Yi won’t consider that kind of an arrangement. Ji Yi notes that Yoon Ha says it will be an equal relationship at work. Ji Yi ask if Chang Soo think about Joon Gi like “even though you are my friend, you are lower than me.” That hits too close to the mark for Chang Soo.

Ji Yi is bummed and Yoon Ha takes her shopping to cheer her up. Yoon Ha ends up buying Joon Gi an expensive watch. Ji Yi gets a call from Chang Soo’s mother with a request to meet.


Yoon Ha finds the key that presumed dead brother gave her. She finds his safe, recalls his password and finds the stocks purchased for her in the company and a USB drive.

Yoon Ha meets with Chang Soo. He asks what she would think if Joon Gi knew who she was. Yoon Ha knows that couldn’t be. Besides she approached Joon Gi first. He did not approach her.

Joon Gi’s mother finds the article about her son dating Yoon Ha. While cleaning his place, she finds evidence that Joon Gi researched Yoon Ha. She believes her son may have had an agenda with Yoon Ha.

ep9_6a ep9_6b
Chang Soo’s mother meets with Ji Yi. She’s upfront that Ji Yi is not suitable daughter in law material. Ji Yi is upfront, she won’t marry Chang Soo without his parents approval. Chang Soo’s mother wonders why she bothers with the relationship. Is it short term not long term. Ji Yi says she’ll take whatever time she has with Chang Soo. When he tells her it is over, she’ll go quietly.

ep9_7a ep9_7b
Depressed after the meeting with Chang Soo’s mother, Ji Yi walks home. Change Soo is waiting for her under their street lamp. He sees she’s upset. Unable to hold back the tears, Yi Ji runs into his arms and cries.

ep9_8a ep9_8b
Yoon Ha takes Joon Gi to the company. They look at her empty office. Joon Gi asks if this office is only the first step in the ladder of the company. Yoon Ha’s focus is simple. Find out what happened to her brother, then she quits. Joon Gi can’t believe she is not interested in power or position. She sees him looking at her with quizzical eyes. To wipe the look of his face she kisses him gently. As she steps away, Joon Gi realizes that his fear is coming true. Yoon Ha has wrapped tentacles around her heart. He’s falling in love with her. He takes her in his arms and kisses her with passion.

Dysfunctional family – Big sister Ye Won believes she can lure Joon Gi to work for her and use him as leverage with Yoon Ha. Dad is angry over the article about Yoon Ha and Joon Gi. Yoon Ha is unconcerned noting they can spin the publicity to be positive. Dad says if she continues to date Joon Gi, he’ll cut her off. Fine, Yoon Ha says. Dad doesn’t understand why she’s not afraid of him. Yoon Ha says because she’s always been mistreated, she no longer cares what her family members think. She’s free of the bonds of family opinion. She asks her father to respect her relationship with Joon Gi. Go Girl! Mom tells Dad firing her butler was the last straw. She’s got nothing to lose and therefore she’s no longer afraid of her husband. Go Girl!

Episode 10:

Joon Gi realizes that he loves Yoon Ha and they kiss in her office.

Ji Yi is upset that Chang Soo’s mother won’t accept her. Chang Soo asks what’s wrong. She hugs him and cries. What I like is that you can see his tenderness towards her during their conversation. He takes her to a lookout location that is pretty and free. Ji Yi is happy that he found the location just for her. Gosh, they are sweet and cute.

Joon Gi’s old girlfriend wants him back. No dice. She accuses him of using her then tossing her away for a bigger prize. He denies being that calculating.

Joon Gi’s Mom tells him that dating Yoon Ha will be difficult because her family won’t accept his family. Buck up is Joon Gi’s response. Be proud of yourself, he admonishes.

Joon Gi’s parents fret about Joon Gi’s happiness dating Yoon Ha. They don’t think it will end well. They agree to have a drink and consider the matter.

ep10_4a ep10_4b
Chang Soo’s mother surprises him when she tells him she met with Ji Yi. She’s impressed that Ji Yi said nothing but it doesn’t change anything. Mom says Chang Soo needs money more than he needs Ji Yi. To that end, the gift of stocks is gone. Chang Soo doesn’t understand why she’s pushing him. Her intuition tells her that Ji Yi could be trouble and she wants the relationship to end now. When she also tells him that she plans to fire Joon Gi tomorrow, he draw the line and tells her to back off. He’ll decide what to do about Joon Gi.

Upset, Chang Soo showers with his clothes on. He texts Ji Yi to sleep well. He broods. I love brooding men.

ep10_7a ep10_7b
Joon Gi’s ex-girlfriend calls Yoon Ha to arrange a meeting. At first Yoon Ha refuses, but can’t resist when the ex says she can tell Yoon Ha more about Joon Gi than she can see on the surface. When they meet, Yoon Ha quickly decides she doesn’t want to hear whatever it is. She knows this girl wants Joon Gi back. Yoon Ha was awesome in that scene.

Ji Yi frets about having to meet with Joon Gi’s Mom again. Yoon Ha is supportive.

ep10_8a ep10_8c
Chang Soo and Joon Gi have a bike race. This time it is real and Joon Gi wins. Joon Gi is frank and open with Chang Soo in a terrific conversation.
JG: I like you. I want to be 2nd in command. I can’t be 1st in command, so I chose you.
CS: Because you needed me?
JG: Yes, I needed you. I helped you in high school when those boys hated on you. It was an opportunity for me.
CS: You are a cheap person who clings to the powerful to benefit themselves.
JG: That’s called building connections. You do it all the time when you meet and greet other powerful people at your level. When I do it, I’m called cheap. When you do it, it’s called networking. I know you are an innocent person. I know you are different. That’s why you became friends with me. I’m like that too. That’s why I choose to work for you.
CS: I said we were like family. Do you know how betrayed I feel?
JG: You think you can win other’s hearts because of your elitism. You cannot have my heart. I cannot accept your elitism. You can’t overcome yourself. You won’t be able to marry Ji Yi. Not because of your family, but you, yourself, can’t allow it. You’ll never be able to overcome your elitism.
CS:  You don’t know me. If I make a decision, I can change.
JG: To change your values, you’ll have to overcome yourself and others. If you can overcome others but not yourself, you’ll forever know you blew it.
CS: Why are you so full of yourself?
JG: People will come after me. It is benefits me I may take the offer. If you come after me, I will take your offer after you prove you are a strong person. My family, who I love, will be poor and convince themselves they are happy. I dislike that.
CS: Without knowing the real you, what does that make Yoon Ha who loves you?
JG: Just because my motives were dishonest, it doesn’t mean the process is dishonest. I love her. You wanted honesty, I revealed everything. Are you happy?

Wow! Superb conversation. Card are on the table for our male leads. No more half-reveals of the truth. Best moment of the episode.

Chang Soo’s mom tells Ji Yi that she will take all Chang Soo’s money away from him if she continues to date him. Does she want to destroy Chang Soo’s comfortable life?

Chang Soo’s mom calls Chang Soo let him know she met again with Ji Yi. She advises her son to end Ji Yi’s suffering and stop dating her. He is not pleased.

In the best breakup scene ever…
Ji Yi asks Chang Soo to meet her. When he arrives she tells him they should break up. She says his mother is “too scary”.  She can take mean things said to her, but when she impact his future…Chang Soo agrees they should break up. Stunned, she starts to cry and tells him to leave. Perversely, he tells her to leave first. He sheds a tear. She cries in earnest and tells him to leave first and now. He snaps she should go first. She cries more. It begins to rain. He inquires “do we have to break up today?” She notes it is raining. He says they should get out of the rain. She says “we should not break up on a rainy day.” He agrees. They run through the rain to his car.

ep10_11i ep10_11h ep10_11j
In the car, he helps towel her hair, then she helps towel his hair. They concur they should not break up on a rainy day. They stare at each other. They kiss..a long and lingering kiss. As they stare into each other’s eyes, Chang Soo asks if she wants to be with him.

ep10_12b ep10_12c
We finish the episode…
Yoon Ha meets Joon Gi’s mother at his apartment. Joon Gi’s mom asks why Yoon Ha didn’t tell her who she was. Then she tells Yoon Ha she grew up well. Yoon Ha says one of the reason why she likes him is because of his mother. His mother comments that Joon Gi likes her more than any other girl he’s dated. Yoon Ha feels the same. His mother comments that she looks similar to when she was little. Confused, Yoon Ha asks how she knows what she looked like when she was little. His mother says the Joon Gi has a photo of her. As his mother goes to get the photo, Joon Gi calls and says he is on his way up from the parking lot. His mother shows her the photo. Yoon Ha sees her hair barrette and a picture of the family’s 20th anniversary photo. Stunned, she only murmurs answers to his mother’s questions. His mother is concerned. Yoon Ha takes the picture and  hair barrette.

ep10_13b ep10_13a
As Joon Gi exits the parking garage elevator, Yoon Ha is waiting for him in the hallway.

Dysfunctional family – Brace yourself, Dad actually sheds a tear when he thinks about his presumed dead son. Mom tells Yoon Ha to break up with Joon Gi and submit to an arranged marriage. No is Yoon Ha’s response, she’s going to marry for love. Yoon Ha learns the files on presumed dead brother’s flash drive point the fingers of wrongdoing to her sister. Big sister Ye Won learns that Yoon Ha isn’t as unaware of work matters as she thought. Yoon Ha declares she will marry for love. Ye Won gives her grudging respect but still is territorial about Yoon Ha entering her turf at work. Ye Won tells Mom to gather evidence about Dad’s mistress so if she wants to divorce it will be easy.

1. Our couples are making emotional connections.  It’s beyond fun and games now. Emotions are involved. I like that we have 4 leads in 2 romantic relationships. Not 4 leads trying to establish 1 romantic relationship. This is interesting, fun, and I’d imagine much more interesting the the 2nd lead actors to have a solid story not spend a series mooning over characters they’ll never get.
* Yoon Ha and Joon Gi – I like that Joon Gi is genuinely falling for Yoon Ha. Yes, he started with an agenda. But Yoon Ha’s absolute faith in him is shattering the glass around his heart. Joon Gi is drawn to her kindness, her trust, and her openness, three adjectives Joon Gi could never apply to himself. Of course, Joon Gi’s mother unwittingly provided Yoon Ha the shocking proof that Joon Gi knew who she was before she approached him. Does she understand that is what the pictures and hair barrette indicate? Will she confront Joon Gi? Will he talk his way out of the situation?
* Chang Soo and Ji Yi  – She’s upfront and he’s guarded. There is a parallel path these two are taking just like Yoon Ha and Joon Gi. I like to see Chang Soo pulled toward Ji Yi. Of course, once Chang Soo’s mother inserted herself, their relationship was in jeopardy. Their breakup / no breakup in the rain was delightful.
2. Episode 9 was terrific. The writer has laid out the characters and the connections. This episode the interactions among the characters ratcheted up in a positive way. Chang Soo’s brother trying to sway Joon Gi, but to no avail. Chang Soo’s mother trying to convince Ji Yi a relationship with Chang Soo was hopeless, but to no avail. Chang Soo trying to tell Yoon Ha that Joon Gi has an agenda for his relationship with her, but to no avail. Yoon Ha’s Dad trying to convince her to stop dating Joon Gi, but to no avail. Dad trying to bully Mom, but to no avail, she found her backbone.
3. Episode 10 was terrific.  Frankly, both episodes 9 and 10 were excellent. Hard to call which one was better. My favorite moments of episode 10:
* The confrontation between Joon Gi and Chang Soo. Finally Joon Gi comes clean with Chang Soo and admits that he has schemed and used both Chang Soo and Yoon Ha. However he cares for both of them, that is genuine. The dialogue was good (less circular and more straightforward). I’m glad Joon Gi put his cards on the table and unmasked himself for Chang Soo. Can Chang Soo accept the real Joon Gi.
* The breakup / non-breakup between Chang Soo and Ji Yi. They have a sweet, cute, relationship that feels right (for now) and is fun to watch. She challenges him some. He challenges her some. They have fun together. They now face their first obstacle in the form of his mother. Even Chang Soo’s mother has charm. She is being honest with both of them that the relationship cannot be long lasting. She is not being mean like a typical mean kdrama mother. Back the the breakup scene…when they sniped at each other who should leave first…perfect…that was so them. Then when they agreed to bail on the break up because it was raining…perfect…that was so them. Then in the car when Chang Soo asked if she wanted to take their relationship to the next level…what will Ji Yi do?
* Yoon Ha sees evidence that Joon Gi knew who she was before she asked him out. She’s told everyone and hung everything on the “fact” that Joon Gi had no idea who she was and that she approached him. Therefore he is not after her money or only likes her for her money. Now if she’s honest, that “fact” that he likes her for who she is not what she has is in serious jeopardy. Will she accept a lame explanation from him? Will she push hard until he admits he knew her identity? Looking forward to finding out.
4. Dysfunctional family means divorce. I was surprised when Mom declared divorce was the next step to Dad. I think he was surprised too. Did we see a glimmer of caring on his face? Probably wishful thinking on my part. Maybe not…Dad actually shed a tear when thinking about presumed dead son. I enjoyed big sister Ye Won getting a glimmer of Yoon Ha’s backbone.
5. The spotlight character for me these two episodes was Yoon Ha. She has become forthright and honest about what she wants. I liked how she handled Joon Gi’s ex-girlfriend. I like how direct she is with her father. He can’t believe she isn’t afraid of him. I like how she listens to her mother with respect but them firmly tells her she won’t do as her mother bids. I liked how she told big sister that in her world, it is “an eye for an eye”. Looking forward to Yoon Ha inacting that philosophy.
6. What’s with the OST for this show? 10 episodes into the show and only 2 songs have been released. I like the 2 songs, but come on, OSTs are part of a drama’s package. The show has songs during each episode but the OST only has 2 songs. I’m ready for another song!


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