The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 6 Recap

Ha Na resists Seo Hoo (ex-boyfriend that jilted her). Won decides he may need to take a risk and act on his feelings. 

Summary Episode 6:
As our leading man,  Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) and our leading lady, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won), arrive at her house, ex-boyfriend Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang) emerges. He apologizes for making her wait. Won puts a protective hand on Ha Na. He tells Seo Hoo to leave. Seo Hoo assumes Ha Na waited for him. Irritated that Seo Hoo guessed correctly, Ha Na goes on the attack. Why would she wait for him? She doesn’t want to see him again. Seo Hoo asks how long she waited. Ha Na chides him, he still doesn’t hear what she says and only listens to his own voice. Won and Ha Na stride into her house. Seo Hoo muses that she’s gotten tougher with time. I’m going to mark this as moment #1 when Ha Na had a backbone with Seo Hoo. How many more will there be?

In her room Won and Ha Na make small talk. She asks him to remove the bunny. Won takes the bunny in his hand. He eyes the punching bag. He asks Ha Na if they should get rid of the bunny?

Blast to the past…Ha Na still in bed 3 days after Seo Hoo jilted her at the alter. Her mother calls Won to help. He brings a punching bag and installs it in her room. He challenges to a punching game, loser buys the chicken feet for 1 year. He leaves. She sits up and contemplates the punching bag. Gosh, he’s a terrific friend.

The punching bag and bunny go out to the trash. This makes Won happy as he picks Ha Na for a morning exercise session.

At work Won is practically perky at work. Ha Na launches a new idea with zeal.

Alone Ha Na remembers a nice moment with Seo Hoo.

Seo Hoo sees Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) browsing one of his DVDs. She recognizes him from when he visited Won at work. Seo Hoo asks is So Eun is only a work colleague. Unsure, she says Won likes his friend more than his girlfriend. Seo Hoo notes that Ha Na and Won are like a bundled pair. He asks So Eun to do him a favor…

Won’s sister, Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung), notices he’s happy. They share cucumbers. Won declares that Ha Na is maturing. When his sister jibes that he should marry Ha Na, Won wonders if he should.

time_ep6_6b time_ep6_6a
Before an important presentation, Won and Ha Na agree to a movie and beer that evening. They both look happy. Remember…they both were happy at this moment.

The movie has funny and sad moments. They drink afterwords and wonder why they’ve never liked each other’s significant others? Yes, they really don’t know!

Seo Hoo waits outside Ha Na’s house but she doesn’t appear. He thinks she’s ignoring him. Good!

time_ep6_8c time_ep6_8b
So Eun asks Won what Ha Na’s dream guy is like. He thinks back to the past….hey, the blast from the past does not start with a freeze frame or muted colors on the frame. Won remembers when Ha Na declared she would find her dream man through kissing. He will make her heart race. She will be crazy in love. Won worries she might get hurt.

time_ep6_9b time_ep6_9a
The favor…
So Eun asks Ha Na to meet her. Seo Hoo shows up surprising Ha Na. As she leaves, So Eun wonders what kind of relationship those two have. At first, Ha Na is cold and standoffish. Moment #2 Ha Na had a backbone with Seo Hoo. But as Seo Hoo admits her can’t stop thinking about her, his memories of them won’t go away, he had to come back and see her, Ha Na listens.

Won gets angry when So Eun tells him that Ha Na and Seo Hoo are together.

Seo Hoo tries to sell Ha Na that it was hard for him too (when he deserted her? cry me a river dude). He tells Ha Na she’s acting cold because she’s afraid she’ll fall for him again. Ha Na hears Won calling for her, looking for her. Ha Na walks away from Seo Hoo who calls after her that she doesn’t know everything. She pauses but continues to walk away. Moment #3 Ha Na had a backbone with Seo Hoo.

Won grabs Seo Hoo and tells him to stay away from Ha Na. With a twisted logic, Seo Hoo tells Won that he was the reason he and Ha Na lost their chance. Won scoffs that Seo Hoo hurt her. Seo Hoo says that Won stole his chance with Ha Na. Seo Hoo says that he did not leave her. What was Ha Na standing alone at their wedding? He tells Won that he’s still interfering in their relationship and he better stop. Won vows to stop him. Seo Hoo smiles the smile of a man that will take that challenge and win. You know, narcissists project guilt, blame, and responsibility onto others. Seo Hoo’s claim that Won messed up his relationship with Ha Na is a perfect example. Hate to say it, but Seo Hoo makes me nervous. I don’t think fighting fair is his methodology.

Won’s sister tells So Eun that Ha Na and Seo Hoo used to date.

Ha Na oversleeps while dreaming about her wedding that ended with her alone.

Ha Na and old friend Na Yeong console jilted friend with the parallel 17 year friendship / relationship.

So Eun apologies to Won for interfering. He forgives her. She tells him she can’t compete with his friendship with Ha Na but she wants to get close to him. Won is impressed with her bold words. So Eun says something that matters “If I hide how I feel, the other person won’t know how I feel, and I might lose them.” That resonates with Won.

Ha Na and old friend Na Yeong watch jilted friend with the parallel 17 year friendship / relationship have the fantasy moment…her boyfriend begs her to return to him. He can’t live without her. He wants to start over.

This makes Ha Na wonder…can you turn back the clock on love…she’s thinking about Seo Hoo.

At work Seo Hoo inserts himself by requesting Ha Na manage the publicity project. Her boss insists even though she does not want to. Ha Na’s team is cut out of a business trip. Her catty coworker tells her she mixes business and pleasure too many times. Her performance suffers when she’s distracted by men and everyone knows it.

time_ep6_16b time_ep6_16a
Blast to the past…Ha Na tells Won that Na Yeong asked her what he meant to her during a game of truth or dare.  Ha Na’s response – Won is more important that my boyfriend, husband, or family. That makes him happy. Cut to the fighting scene where Won demands why he can’t like Ha Na. When she finds out he was thrashed, she asks if he’s going to claim he doesn’t love her. She tells him she’ll claim the same. Wow, that’s not what he wanted to hear.

On the rooftop Won wonders “the secret I couldn’t tell you…if you knew…would you be happier? When you were heartbroken, could it have been reversed? If you know the secret…could I protect you from everything? If it’s not too late…can I start loving you?”

time_ep6_18a time_ep6_18dtime_ep6_18b
Blast to the past…in the library the lights go out. Won heads to Ha Na. She turns in his arms and they unexpectedly kiss.

1. Better episode for me because Ha Na and Won were the primary focus and the second leads were not prominent.  This episode had plenty of Won and Ha Na cuteness. Their chemistry is terrific and their interactions are fun to watch. When Won wondered if he should marry Ha Na, I knew he was on the right track. When Ha Na wondered if love can be revived, I knew she was on the wrong track. When Won wondered if it wasn’t too late to start loving her, I too wondered…is the timing good or bad for him to make a move? This episode focused on Won coming to grips with his feelings for Ha Na. She’s still clueless. I must say when the catty co-worker mentioned that Ha Na was well known for being distracted by romantic entanglements, she probably wasn’t wrong, but she was rude.
2. Seo Hoo is a narcissist. He blames Won for his relationship with Ha Na imploding. That is stretching the blame to the wrong guy. I will allow that Won occupies that special place in Ha Na’s heart. She admitted it in the flashback, Won is more important the boyfriend or family. However, Seo Hoo had Ha Na and was about to marry her. The question is – why did he walk away? What is his secret that he is keeping from Ha Na? Seo Hoo has only been around 3 episodes to So Eun’s 6 episodes, so it may be unfair, but he doesn’t bother me as much as she does…yet. There was a glimmer when I liked him, when he told his driver to move over and he’d drive. Darling when the driver grabbed the hand hold. Seems like Seo Hoo has a need for speed…I liked him in that moment.
3. So Eun is invasive. She was willing to be used by Seo Hoo. She went to Won’s sister for the details on Ha Na and Seo Hoo. She got Won to forgive her for inserting herself so Ha Na and Seo Hoo met. The only moment she contributed was when she told Won letting the other person know how you feel was important so you didn’t miss an opportunity. That was solid and good advice. Won took it to heart. Is he too late?
4. Both second leads do not know how to put their listening ears on. Seo Hoo doesn’t listen to Ha Na. So Eun doesn’t listen to Won. In the end, they will lose because they are more important than those they love. They are poster children for “putting yourself first isn’t selfish, but essential.”
5. Nitpick – The ending flashback seems out of place and tacked on. They could have easily ended the episode with Won wondering if he could start loving Ha Na. The “kiss” in the library flashback seemed unnecessary. This is the second episode the ending flashback seemed out of place. Episode 4 could have easily ended with Ha Na unaware but Won aware that Seo Hoo was standing across the street from her house. Instead the episode ended with the flashback of Won watching Ha Na sleep in the library.

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5 comments on “The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 6 Recap
  1. Nao says:

    My favorite things about this show: Hana’s amazing work bags and purses. She has a different combo each episode and they’re all stunning! I wish I could have that many beautiful bags to carry my laptop 🙂


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  3. dawnshine says:

    I personally like the epilogues of the flashback at the end of every episodes. For some reason ep 5 did not have one. I think it was done deliberately to reveal a piece of two of the puzzles enticing viewers to find out the whole history/inner feelings about the OTP. The sleeping scene at the library – most part of this scene was shown as flashback to illustrate their high school interaction but we’re shown the “bts” of this scene, which Hana wasn’t aware of what Won did to her there.

    Thanks for recapping this drama. I’m loving the show.


    • kjtamuser says:

      It’s the flow that is bothering me not the content. It feels like impact cliffhanger transitioning to a soft coda.Not sure both are needed.

      I was relieved the 2nd leads had less time this episode. I want our couple to shine and they did!

      Thx for the comment, glad we are both enjoying this show.


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