The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 5 Recap

He’s back…Seo Hoo, Ha Na’s ex-boyfriend, is back in the picture. Ha Na seems like a moth to the flame. Won wants to stop round two of misery for Ha Na…can he?

The Setup: Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won), is a 34 year old shoes sales manager and Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook), is a 34 year old flight steward. Neighbors and best friends forever, but never romantic. They have a bet on who can get married first.

Summary Episode 5:

Blast to the past (2011)…Our leading lady, Oh Ha Na, is at the airport meeting her boyfriend Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang). Our leading man, Choi Won, watching Seo Hoo brand Ha Na with a passionate kiss.

Now outside Ha Na’s house Won stares into Seo Hoo’s eyes. Ha Na sees Won from her window and heads down the stairs. Ha Na dashes outside unaware of Seo Hoo. She’s about to turn in the direction of Seo Hoo, but Won leads her the opposite direction, not sharing that her ex-boyfriend is back.

At the eatery Ha Na and Won discuss the engagement dissolution of her friend. Ha Na is upset for her friend but Won is blase. Ha Na argues her friend could start over. Won wonders if Ha Na could start over with an old love. Ha Na comments if the relationship was deep enough…yes.

I want to smack this woman…
time_ep5_2c time_ep5_2atime_ep5_2b
Junior steward Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) surprises Ha Na and Won by declaring she’s decided to tag along biking with them. He’s not excited that So Eun assumed she could interject herself in his planned time with Ha Na. But he shrugs his shoulders and allows it. We flash back to Won telling So Eun not to come but she obviously disregarded his request. Suffice it to say, I’m annoyed by this woman…big time. At least she packs a picnic lunch. There’s an upside to everything. So Eun declares they are like brother and sister. The baseball hitting is a long standing challenge for Ha Na but So Eun has no issues. It’s time to go when Won tells Ha Na his mother called.

Blast to the past…Just before the SATs, Won’s mother left the house, leaving Won alone. He is stoic but upset. Ha Na knows something is wrong.

Ah, the woman Won lives with is not his mother but his sister, Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung). Good grief, I missed that clue. So Mom deserted them long ago.

Ha Na gets chewed out by her boss for a mistake her assistant makes. Team lead means always taking responsibility.

time_ep5_5b time_ep5_5a
Seo Hoo stops by Won’s office for the sole purpose of confirming Won and Ha Na are still just friends. Won warns Seo Hoo not to ingratiate himself with Ha Na. Seo Hoo counters that he’ll do what he wants. Then Ha Na will do what she wants. Won tells Seo Hoo he will stop him from hurting Ha Na. That’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Cockily, Seo Hoo declares Won has no rights in Ha Na’s romantic interests. I like that Won was strong with Seo Hoo but to no avail. Anyone getting the vibe that Seo Hoo is a jerk?

Someone sends a large pink stuffed bunny to Ha Na at work. Won suspects Seo Hoo.

So Eun ingratiates herself with Won’s sister at the convenient location of his home.  She pumps Mi Hyang for information about Won. “Someone that won’t leave him” is her thought. So Eun declares she’ll treat them “like a girl who will never leave”.

time_ep5_8b time_ep5_8a
We knew he’d come…
Seo Hoo stops by Ha Na’s office. She is stunned. He pulls her to take him shopping. Ha Na stops him and notes that he doesn’t hear her and only hears himself. He admits he misses her. That gets her. He asks if she got the pink bunny. He suggests she remember why he got her that.

Won asks his co-workers why a guy would give a girl a stuffed animal. To date lovingly is the answer. Ha Na calls Won.

On the rooftop Ha Na waits for Won. Ji Won looks beautiful in this image. When Won arrives she tells him Seo Hoo is back. Ha Na says he is still the same – inconsiderate and selfish. Won declares she can’t let him throw her away and ruin her again. Ha Na tells him the bunny was from Seo Hoo. In the blast to the past flashback it looks like Ha Na was ready to be married but Seo Ho deserted her.

time_ep5_10b time_ep5_10a
Blast from the past…
Won remembers being at a bar with friends. Ha Na calls saying Seo Hoo was busy with his friends so now she was coming to the bar. Wouldn’t you know it? Seo Hoo walks in the bar with 2 girls, likely not the friends Ha Na thought he was hanging out with.  The flashback ends so we don’t know if Ha Na saw Seo Hoo with the girls or not.

Seo Hoo sends flowers to Ha Na at work. The card reads he’ll pick her up for dinner. She gives the flowers to the assistant.

So Eun has a headache at work. Won notices and gets her medicine. So Eun continues to push it asking “can you continue taking care of me? Then I’ll take care of you.” Won dodges the question with the general statement a senior should take care of a junior at work.

Obviously waiting to Seo Hoo, Ha Na receives a text from Won asking if she wants to see a movie at 7pm.  She hesitates. Will Seo Hoo show? Just as she texts Won agreeing to see the movie, Seo Hoo texts that he will be late and asks that she wait for him.

Blast from the past…Ha Na remembers being the last person at the wedding. Won watches her resolute and alone.

Won waits at the movie theater…will Ha Na show?

Ha Na pushes away from her desk…obviously waiting to Seo Hoo.

Won watches the movie alone.

Ha Na decides to leave work.

Won decides to leave the movie.

Won calls Ha Na. She looks but does not answer.

He runs to her. He asks why she didn’t come. Was she waiting for Seo Hoo?

Ha Na says Seo Hoo had something to tell her. Won can’t believe that she’s listening to Seo Hoo again.

Ha Na counters that in the past, when Seo Hoo left her, she wanted an apology or explanation. Won tells her Seo Hoo is poison. He declares he’s going to rip the bunny to shreds.

time_ep5_13atime_ep5_13b time_ep5_13c
As Won and Ha Na arrive at her house, Seo Hoo emerges. He apologizes for making her wait. Won puts a protective hand on Ha Na. He tells Seo Hoo to leave. We end the episode in a macho fueled stare-off.

1. The second leads interference is going to be the death of me.  Won and Ha Na are right for each other. But we will not get to see this for a while.
2. Seo Hoo is arrogant and assuming. We will all have to suffer through Seo Hoo crooking his finger and watching Ha Na come running.
3. So Eun is manipulative and irritating. She insinuated herself on the bike outing. That bugged me. She insinuated herself with Won’s sister. That bugged me. She ask Won to continue to take care of her. His non response did not register.
4. Both second leads are in essence the same. Seo Hoo doesn’t listen to Ha Na. So Eun doesn’t listen to Won. What they want is the only thing that matters. Seo Hoo has the ability to control with his magnetic presence using Ha Na’s unresolved feelings.  So Eun is like a yappy dog that Won cannot kick.
5. The third song of the OST has been released. “The Time I’ve Loved You” by Jung Seung Hwan is a melancholy ballad. Lyrics are here. Listen via link or the embedded video below.


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7 comments on “The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 5 Recap
  1. Nao says:

    Oh my goodness, I hate So Eun!!! Enough said.

  2. aigooyobo says:

    Arghhhhh i need to catch up on the drama stat. Secondly….i told myself that i won’t write on this drama, but i will just give my 2 cents on my over thoughts so far after marathoning 3 episodes. recycled annoying second leads, but still looks good. Thanks for the recap….keeping me caught up even if it is only by reading. 👍

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  4. Ash kumar says:

    What is the song that plays in episode 5? The airport scene from the past where the ex shows up?? I love that song.

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