High Society Episodes 1-4 Recap

High Society Episode 1-4 Recap.

Decided to check this series out because the synopsis of the story appealed to me. Couple of readers recommended it too. Let’s check it out!

The setup:


poor Joon Gi (Sung Joon), rich Yoon Ha (Uee), poor Ji Yi (Ji Yeon), rich Chang Soo (Hyung Sik)

Four key characters comprise our young romance quadrangle
: Rich unloved daughter Jang Yoon Ha (Uee, lead), poor Choi Joon Gi (Sung Joon, lead), rich chaebol Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung Sik, 2nd lead), poor part-timer Lee Ji Yi (Lim Ji Yeon, 2nd lead). Wanting a life of her own, rich Yoon Ha takes a part-time job in a grocery section of a department store and becomes fast friends with poor part-timer Ji Yi. The grocery store is “run” by rich chaebol Chang Soo but he relies exclusively on poor & faithful friend Joon Gi to implement and execute the running of the story.


Front: Dad (Won Sik) and Mom (Hye Soo), Back: brother (Gyeong Joon), sister (Ye Won) sister (So Hyun), Yoon Ha.

Yoon Ha comes from a dysfunctional rich family – cold Dad (Jang Won Sik, played by Yun Ju Sang) who pits his children for control of the company, cold long suffering Mom (Min Hye Soo, played by Ko Du Shim), kind big brother (Jang Gyeong Joon, played by Lee Sang Woo), power hungry big sister (Jang Ye Won, played by Yoon Ji Hye) and bitchy big sister (Jang So Hyun, played by Yoo So Young).

Nutshell Summary Episodes 1-4:

Unloved at home, rich Yoon Ha wants a life of her own. To achieve this Yoon Ha takes a part-time job in a grocery section of a department store. Yoon Ha becomes fast friends with poor part-timer Ji Yi. In charge of the grocery store is rich chaebol Chang Soo. But the guy that does all the work is poor & faithful friend Joon Gi.

Chang Soo has an arranged blind date with Yoon Ha. Chang Soo knows it would be advantageous to marry and align with Yoon Ha’s family. Yoon Ha has other ideas. She wants to marry for love not duty. To that end, she dresses sloppy and acts to be unappealing ti Chang Soo. It works, he doesn’t like her. However he knows that she’s doing it on purpose and therefore he feels disrespected. He tells his mother that Yoon Ha already had a boyfriend and should not have taken the arranged date. When Yoon Ha’s mother finds out that Yoon Ha sabotaged the date, several hard slaps and a reprimand are her swift response.

Yoon Ha is tight with Ji Yi a perky part-timer at the department store. Ji Yi has eyes for Department Head Joon Gi. She makes him breakfast and cleans his desk to show him she cares. While flattered, Joon Gi is not attracted to Ji Yi. Now, Yoon Ha, on the other hand fascinates him. Why would a rich girl work as a part-timer? As he gets to know her, he is drawn to her. She is drawn to him. Luckily Ji Yi sees the obvious attraction between them and steps aside allowing Yoon Ha to pursue Joon Gi. Boldly Yoon Ha asks if Joon Gi is interested. He doesn’t give the response she wants. Embarrassed she turns to walk away. Wait, Joon Gi tells her. It is the guy’s role to ask a girl to date. He asks if she wants to date him. Relieved and thrilled, Yoon Ha agrees to date Joon Gi. They sweetly hold hands and get a couple of meals together.

Meanwhile Chang Soo is drawn to straightforward hard working Ji Yi. At first, she doesn’t like him. But slowly they become aware of each other. Aware they are on opposite ends of society, Ji Yi asks Chang Soo not to pursue her. They will only end up hurting each other in the end.

Yoon Ha’s family is dreadful and dysfunctional. Dad is a mini-tyrant who rules his family through power not love. He openly has a mistress, Kim Seo Ra, who sports outrageous outfits and openly disdains Mom. It is murky why but Mom dislikes Yoon Ha. We see that a fortune teller told Mom that Yoon Ha would be the shining star of the family, something Mom does NOT want to happen. Big brother Gyeong Joo is the only family member that supports Yoon Ha and is kind to her. He is constantly fending off his sister Ye Won in the business world who wants his position. Ye Won doesn’t mind fighting dirty to get what she wants. Gyeong Joo’s death would be advantageous for her, the path to power would be cleared. Sister So Hyun isn’t nice to Yoon Ha and seems like a sub par human being.

highsociety4-00469 highsociety4-00470 highsociety4-00497
After Yoon Ha and Joon Gi agree to date, Gyeong Joo invites Yoon Ha to vacation with him. Happy to spend time with her kind big brother, Yoon Ha agrees. To her surprise once on the plane, he offers her the chance to leave and spend 2 weeks unfettered. She jumps at the chance, alone time with Joon Gi is on her to-do list. But tragically Gyeong Joo is killed in a yachting accident. That ends Yoon Ha’s solo time and she returns to the family. Distraught Yoon Ha believes that everyone that every loved her is eventuality hurt. She pulls away from Joon Gi ignoring his texts and phone calls.  He tracks her down and demands an explanation. It is a pleasant surprise when Yoon Ha admits her fears that her presence in Joon Gi’s life will only hurt him. Joon Gi scoffs at her fears and tells her he’ll take the chance. Relieved Yoon Ha hugs Joon Gi and tells him she wants him to never leave her. He promises not to leave her. Then he kisses her.

1. The initial four episodes were solid. I’m drawn to the young romance quadrangle. Yoon Ha’s and plucky Yi Ji’s friendship is established at the beginning of the series. Not sure they would really but friends but Yi Ji does have an appeal. In fact, initially Yi Ji seemed more like a characterture, but she fleshes out and I get on board in episodes 3 and 4. I loved that she saw the attraction between Yoon Ha and Joon Gi and did not try and impeded their relationship. She stepped aside and gave Yoon Ha her blessing to pursue Joon Gi. I like her spunky forthright manner with Chang Soo, who is attracted to her and it baffles him. Chang Soo seems like a straight forward rich pretty boy but it is it interesting that he is good friends with Joon Gi and willing to gloss over the economic and social stratosphere differences. Our lead couple is restrained but I buy that they care for each other and have long term potential. Yoon Ha isn’t the most riveting character, but her long suffering status in her family makes you want to protect her. I adored Joon Gi’s mother and father. Salt of the earth, positive, and loving. Joon Gi is luck to have been raised by two caring parents. Is Joon Gi a solid nice guy? I’m not sure but I want to find out.
2. Yoon Ha’s family is pretty awful. Dad is a womanizer who believes he is King and everyone should cow tow to him. He is cold with his power. He welded cool and cruel treatment of Mom at the dining table several times. He has an accepted mistress and sees nothing wrong with his children stabbing each other in the back to go higher in the company. While I feel a certain empathy for Mom, her cold treatment of Yoon Ha has the same edge of cruelty Dad wields. Yoon Ha’s sisters, seem like worthless human beings. Only Gyeong Joo treated Yoon Ha with kindness, earning her affection and mine. Is he really dead? I’m guessing no. He wanted to get away and I think his death was staged. We shall see.
3. So far there hasn’t been much high society. All the action has occurred in the grocery store, so no glamour so far. I’m betting this will change. I like the show. I look forward to what happens next.
4. The first song of the OST is by Acoustic Collabo “Don’t Be Like That” is a pretty ballad. Check it via the link or the embedded video that focuses on episodes 1 and 2 below:

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3 comments on “High Society Episodes 1-4 Recap
  1. Nao says:

    Yay, you’re watching this too! It’s not the most well-written or acted drama, but I continue watching it anyway. Mostly for Sung Joon’s good looks and Chang Soo’s beautifully floppy hair :). The female characters feel a bit crazy to me, but whatever. I want to know what happens. The story is nuts.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I’ve seen terrible parents or terrible siblings but this show has Yoon Ha’s whole family in the terrible category!
      While watching I thought the men are better looking than the women.
      But the women have a better, honest friendship.


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