Warm and Cozy, Episode 16 (Final) Recap

I’ve never seen a finale where the couple spent the first half the episode trying to tell each other it was time to take their relationship to the next level. Do they succeed?

Jung Joo and Gum Woo are happy they have finally connected.

Ji Won tells Gum Woo’s sister that he had high hopes for Gum Woo that he’d evolve into the man she wanted, but no he disappointed her. No worries, she is marrying an heir, that is all that matters to her.

wx_ep16_1b wc_ep16_1a
Ji Won, her fiancee, Jung Joo and Gum Woo meet. Turns out Ji Won is pretending to want an outdoor wedding. Gum Woo sees right through her but she won’t admit the truth to her fiancee. She has no problem unsettling Jung Joo with the news that Gum Woo is an heir too. Jung Joo worries Gum Woo is on a different level. Ji Won confirms that Gum Woo is out of Jung Joo’s league. Hey, where is the Jung Joo that got the best of Ji Won and didn’t fall for her subtle slander in the previous episode? Bring that Jung Joo back please.

wc_ep16_2b wc_ep16_2a
Hae Sil overhears the local talking to the man that killed her husband. She is stunned to learn that man is Gum Woo’s father. That explains why Gum Woo was uncomfortable around her. The local tells her that Gum Woo and Jung Geun didn’t want to be hurt, so they hid the truth. Only Gum Woo knows that his father might not have killed Hae Sil’s husband, it might have been his woman. Hae Sil is not happy with Jung Geun. He thinks she’s upset because Gum Woo is on Jeju without her knowledge.

Jung Joo admits that Ji Won upset her with the news that Gum Woo is an heir to his Uncle’s business. They don’t get far into the matter before Jung Geum calls Gum Woo. Jung Geum tell his brother he should meet Hae Sil but not say much. He and Hae Sil will leave for Japan soon, then the awkwardness will disappear. It is indeed awkward when Gum Woo and Hae Sil meet.

The local meets with Gum Woo’s father. He tells the local he should meet with Hae Sil.

Let’s Elevate Round 1:
Jung Joo has set the stage for seduction, but Gum Woo is at the resort. When he calls her she wonders when he’s showing up. Hmm, that can only mean one thing though she denies it. When Gum Woo shows at the Warm and Cozy cafe, Jung Joo is asleep.

wc_ep16_5b wc_ep16_5a
Let’s Elevate Round 2:
The next morning Jung Joo denies she planned to step up their relationship. After all, they’ve only been dating 1 day, she is not that kind of girl. Gum Woo encourages her to let him know whenever she’s interested in more.

wc_ep16_5d wc_ep16_5c
Gum Woo’s sister stops by the Mayor office to return his jacket. Recall she had a rip in her skirt and the Mayor lent her his jacket to hide the rip. He evades her lunch invitation. She claims he hugged her to the surprise of his staff. The Mayor hustles her to the coffee shop. She asks for his influence so she can become a lady diver. She claims to have a picture of him crying in the storage room after Jung Joo left for the airport to catch Gum Woo before he left Jeju. The Mayor doesn’t flinch at that and leaves. She follows and falls. He shakes his head but helps her up. Gotta say that blackmailing the Mayor wasn’t the brightest idea.

Speaking of the not brightest, Jung Joo frets that Gum Woo is living a lower status level because of her. Gum Woo asks if she’d be okay with a long distance relationship for a while.

The lady divers tell Jung Joo to buck up and get her man.

wc_ep16_6b wc_ep16_6a
Let’s Elevate Round 3:
Gum Woo and Jung Joo meet at her ramshackle house. Gum Woo tells her to forget transforming this into a cafe, it should be a house. She protests, she has already got plans for a cafe. Too bad. He muses they could have had their first night together here if they’d been intune with each other when they were locked in there. Yep, that was a missed opportunity.  Gum Woo is frank with Jung Joo “I leave in a few days. Don’t waste precious time being coy”.

Jung Joo tells Ji Won she’s grateful that Warm and Cozy will cater the wedding, but she is only grateful to her fiancee not Ji Won. Ha! More of that dialog please!

Let’s Elevate Final Round:
Jung Joo finally decides the time has come. She puts on a pretty dress, the special necklace, and goes to tell Gum Woo they are going on a date.  He doesn’t want to watch a movie, walk on the beach, or go out to eat. He wants to stay in. Jung Joo points out they’ve never been on a date and she’s concerned they are complacent. Gum Woo is blunt, he’s always on high alert around her. He’s been waiting for her to feel the same. Jung Joo wonders what they should do. Gum Woo stares. He doesn’t want to watch a movie, walk on the beach, or go out to eat. He wants to stay in. Jung Joo concurs. She finally tells him “I like you most. I love you.” They melt together.

Jung Geum and Hae Sil have a cryptic conversation about trust.

wc_ep16_10awc_ep16_10c  wc_ep16_10b
Hae Sil meets with Gum Woo’s father. She is blunt, did you or the woman you love kill my husband? He scoffs. Who would go to prison for 15 years for a crime he didn’t commit for love? Hae Sil does not like his answer. That is all he has to say. Gum Woo overhears the conversation. Hmm, that was not what I expected. Didn’t Gum Woo’s father go to prison because Gum Woo’s mother (the real driver) was pregnant with Gum Woo? I believe so. Therefore the love he scoffed at he demonstrated not for his woman but his unborn son. Why not admit that?

wc_ep16_11b wc_ep16_11a
Jung Geum gives Hae Sil a beautiful handmade and heartfelt gift of their favorite spots on Jeju. It is lovely. Hae Sil is moved to tears. She is determined to stay with Jung Geum in spite of the “fact” that Gum Woo’s father killed her husband.

Jung Joo offers to listen to Gum Woo’s story and stay with him no matter what. Gum Woo is touched.

Gum Woo is pleased that Hae Sil and Jung Geum are moving to Japan as a united couple. Gum Woo muses to his brother, could a man give up his life for his wife? Gum Woo further muses, a man could do that. Ah, Gum Woo thinks his father saved his mother. Nice!

wc_ep16_13b wc_ep16_13a
Gum Woo’s father is invited to lunch by Jung Joo. She doesn’t know who he is and treats him with her usual kindness. The food cooked by his son, warms his heart. Nice moment. I noticed the conversation between Gum Woo’s father and Jung Joo was laced with “warm and cozy”.

Jung Joo learns from the builder that Gum Woo ordered her ram shackle property be turns into a proper residence. Nice scene when Gum Woo imagines the house with the builder. He’s thinking 3 children is the right number. Sweet!

Gum Woo tells Jung Joo he’s leaving Jeju to wrap up things with his Uncle. She frets he will be gone for a long time. Nope, only 1 week! With his brother and his wife leaving, Jeju, he can stay. Gum Woo wants to share his life with Jung Joo. He finally shares the story of his father.

Ji Won tries to suppress what she wants and give her fiancee the simple wedding he wants but she can’t take it and walks away. He follows her. He is startled at this side of Ji Won. Get used to it!

Hae Sil and Jung Geum are ready to leave Jeju. They agree being together is more important than where they live.

Gum Woo’s sister and Mayor are a budding couple. She’s more into than he is.

At the Warm and Cozy cafe…
The townspeople gather. Gum Woo is cooking. Jung Joo is serving the food, some she caught diving. Folks support the Mayor and Gum Woo’s sister. The Mayor meets Hae Sil and Jung Geum. Jung Joo asks if Gum Woo is happy. He is.

wc_ep16_19c wc_ep16_19i
The final scene is outside the Warm and Cozy cafe…
Gum Woo and Jung Joo talk about their wedding. They agree to “match their temperatures” so they can be “warm and cozy for the rest of our lives”. They agree to marry at the cafe. They agree to have a lovely evening at the cafe. With that, they agree they should head to bed. They tell us to have “Have a warm and cozy night!”

1. This episode was decent. Gum Woo and Jung Joo spent the first half of the episode dancing around elevating their relationship. It took them a while, but they got there. Par for the course for this couple.
2. Ji Won got her man. She tried to be passive but broke down in the end. I was disappointed that Jung Joo was fooled by Ji Won about Gum Woo’s desire fulfill his role as heir to his Uncle.
3. The mature romance couple got over the hump of Gum Woo’s father. Hae Sil and Jung Guen got through that obstacle though they never spoke of it directly. In the end, their love for each other trumped all. I liked this couple.
4. Gum Woo’s sister and the Mayor are in a budding relationship. The Mayor was reticent while Gum Woo’s sister was vested in making it happen. They were not quite as cute this episode as last.
5. How did the final episode do against my wish list?
* The hit and run driver saga is resolved allowing Gum Woo to be comfortable staying on Jeju and allowing a relationship with Hae Sil. This happened though Gum Woo’s father elected not to point the finger to Gum Woo’s mother. While noble for Gum Woo, it created an issue for Hae Sil, though she elected to get over it.
* The Mayor and Gum Woo’s sister give a relationship a try. They have potential. This happened. They were on the road to a relationship as the show ended.
* Our mature couple gets over the bump of the hit and run driver reveal and decide to live on Jeju. They left Jeju for Japan allowing Gum Woo to stay on Jeju. 
* Finally, Jung Joo admits her feelings for Gum Woo. He finally comes clean about his father and accepts this as a fact not a shameful incident he must run from. I want this couple to end the episode happily cooking and sharing their love in the Warm and Cozy cafe. This happened. I found it interesting his confession about his father was done off camera. I found it interesting that Gum Woo did not have a scene with his father. Rather he overheard his father’s conversation with Hae Sil. But as hoped, in the end, our couple was happily together planning their wedding as the camera pulled away on the Warm and Cozy cafe.
6. I will write a series review. Here’s some initial thoughts:
* Too much time was spent having our couple not believe each other or trust each other so it artificially kept them apart. It was trying and reduced the couple’s cohesion.
* Loved the mature romance. Well done.
* While I like the writing of the Hong sisters and have watched many of their shows, Warm and Cozy did not feel fresh or crisp.
7. The ninth song of the OST is a pretty instrumental “Missing You”.  Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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  1. hariaharia says:

    Ahhhh,the end of the journey on a beautiful island! The blue sea plus the sunny scenery urge us for vacation a.s.a.p. 😉
    Thanks for all the recaps and your patience, too 🙂 Looking forward to the series review!


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