Warm and Cozy, Episode 15 Recap

Endurance pays…after a 1 year time jump, our couple talks to each other and makes progress! My favorite episode of the series so far.

After Jung Joo was unable to stop Gum Woo from leaving Jeju and he never read her heartfelt text….

We leap forward 1 year…what’s happening on Jeju?

Jung Joo is running the Warm and Cozy cafe and business is good! Jung Joo’s niece is a cutey and it is a bit murky if the baby is Jung Joo’s and the Mayor’s child…but face it…you know it isn’t.

wx_ep15_2Meanwhile Gum Woo has decided he must return to Jeju to talk to his father. He’s going to come for a week and not see anyone he knows.

wx_ep15_3b wx_ep15_3a
As Jung Joo waits for the elevator, Gum Woo exits the elevator. They are startled to see each other. Jung Joo implies the baby is hers to get a rise out of Gum Woo. He doesn’t give her the immediate satisfaction, but it does rankle him. He finds a rattle she drops. Gum Woo wants to know the last name of the baby. Jung Joo feels the satisfaction of his interest. She doesn’t tell him the last name. Instead she suggests they resolve issues from the past. He doesn’t want to. She persists.

wx_ep15_4b wx_ep15_4a
Jung Joo tells him she’s sorry she didn’t believe that he cared for her a year ago. She mentions the text she sent him a year ago, that he did not read. Gum Woo explains he switched cells phone when he left Jeju and has no interest in the text.

But of course Gum Woo is curious about the text message and asks the phone company to restore it. They stell him the yext is too old to retrieve. Jung Joo considers resending the text message.

Gum Woo returns the rattle to the baby’s mother and learns the baby is Jung Joo’s neice.  To his satisfaction, he is called Jung Joo’s first love.

The mayor claims he is over Jung Joo.

wx_ep15_5b wx_ep15_5a
Gum Woo’s sister arrives unexpectedly to Jeju. Turns out she’s prohibited from drinking after being arrested for intoxication. She claims she’s done with alcohol. She asks the secretary let her out to explore Jeju on her own. She ends up drinking at a historical site. The Mayor sees her drinking and littering. He tells her she’s trespassing and unless she wants the police involved she better clean up her mess. Sulkily she complies. She tells the Mayor she beat up her boyfriend after he dumped her and alcohol was her solace. The Mayor notices a rip in her skirt and gallantly offer his jacket. They have decent chemistry!

The local tells Gum Woo it is possible his father did not kill Hae Sil’s husband in the hit and run accident 30 years ago.  He’s sent a message to Gum Woo’s father that his son wants to talk. Now they wait for the response.

wx_ep15_6b wx_ep15_6a
Gum Woo visits Warm and Cozy cafe. He brings gifts for the baby.  The Mayor hears Gum Woo is back. Gum Woo knows Jung Joo was baiting him with the implication she was the baby’s mother. She admits it. Now he has his revenge and teases that the baby could have been theirs because of that one drunken night she doesn’t remember. The diners listen avidly. Jung Joo denies they had “that kind of night”. It is cute and nice to see them happy in each other’s company!

The Mayor sees Gum Woo and tells him they must have a drink. They drink at the Mayor’s house. The Mayor has not drunk in public since Gum Woo left 1 year ago. He did not want the pity of the townspeople thinking he was drinking to get over Jung Joo.  Gum Woo offers to cook something so they don’t drink on empty stomachs.

wx_ep15_8b wx_ep15_8a
Jung Geun arrives unexpectedly to Jeju. He hides 1 year anniversary gifts for Hae Sil in the villa. He’s giddy with anticipation for her arrival. When she arrives, he startles her in the dark villa and she throws something at him and hits him. She tends to him. He admits he only wanted to surprise her for their wedding anniversary.  They are still cute!

wx_ep15_9b wx_ep15_9a
The Mayor and Gum Woo are tipsy now. The Mayor admits 25 men have been interested in Jung Joo the past year. He claims he can get Jung Joo married in 1 year if Gum Woo decides to leave her again.  Gum Woo doesn’t like that. The Mayor offers to reduce the number of men he’ll introduce Jung Joo to for every drink Gum Woo has. Gum Woo accepts the challenge and proceeds to get thoroughly drunk.

wx_ep15_10b wx_ep15_10c
The Mayor returns Gum Woo to Jung Joo saying he is repaying his debt from 1 year ago (recall he lied to Jung Joo that Gum Woo wasn’t with her on the night she got drunk).  Gum Woo perks up when they are alone and tells Jung Joo the unfiltered truth “I think about you all the time”…”I miss you”…”I love you.” Wow! Finally! Jung Joo hears the truth.

The next morning Gum Woo wakes in his bed at the resort and finds a cute bandage on his hand. He doesn’t remember the previous evening. Love the parallel to the night Jung Joo cannot remember.

wx_ep15_12b wx_ep15_12a
Ji Won arrives in Jeju and wants Gum Woo to help persuade her finance to marry on Jeju. Not interested, Gum Woo hangs up.

Gum Woo stares at the bandage. Who took care of him last night?

We learn Jung Joo stayed the evening with Gum Woo watching over him.

wx_ep15_13b wx_ep15_13a
Gum Woo calls the secretary to find out what happened the previous evening and ends up talking to his brother. They meet and Jung Geun tells Gum Woo to stay on Jeju. He’s moving to Japan with Hae Sil (though she doesn’t know about these plans yet). Gum Woo appreciates the offer but decides he better leave Jeju so Hae Sil is not made uncomfortable. She’s clueless, she’s not uncomfortable! When Hae Sil spots the back of Gum Woo, she asks Jung Geun if Gum Woo is on Jeju. He denies this.

Gum Woo tells the local that meeting his father is no longer an option as he’s leaving Jeju today.

wx_ep15_14c wx_ep15_14b
Gum Woo’s sister has a sudden interest in becoming a lady diver. When the Mayor enters the cafe, she eyes him speculatively.

Hae Sil sees Jung Joo and asks if Gum Woo is on the island, which Jung Joo confirms. Hae Sil doesn’t understand why Gum Woo avoids her. Jung Joo doesn’t know either.

wx_ep15_16a - Copywx_ep15_16b - Copy
Jung Joo decides to talk to Gum Woo but instead finds Ji Won waiting in his hotel room. She implies there is something going on between herself and Gum Woo. In fact she is getting married. Not fooled again, Jung Joo lets her have it. She tells Ji Won that she won’t fall the same trick. She will make wrong conclusions based on her weasel wording again. She spent the night with Gum Woo. He likes her. She kicks Ji Won out of the room, coffee cup still in her hand. That was an enjoyable scene!

The local calls Jung Joo and tells her Gum Woo is on a 5pm flight. Determined, Jung Joo runs to intercept Gum Woo. She won’t lose her chance with him this time. She thinks the words she couldn’t say last night “I love you”.

But it doesn’t work. Despondent, she returns to the Warm and Cozy cafe. She decides to resend the text from 1 year ago.  Holy smokes, Gum Woo read the text!

They text each other:
GW: Are these the texts from 1 year ago?
JJ: Where are you? Did you leave? Did you leave, you jerk? You don’t remember last night do you?
GW: I remember everything.
JJ: Where are you?

wx_ep15_17e wx_ep15_17h wx_ep15_17i
Gum Woo enters the cafe and sits next to Jung Joo! He points to the bandage and asks if she took care of him last night. She confirms it. He tells her not to remember what a drunk guy told her last night. Hear it again from a sober man.
GW: Jung Joo, I love you.

1. This episode was fun and satisfying. Gum Woo and Jung Joo played some games but they were more real with each other than any other episode. Gum Woo finally came clean that he loved her. This couple has had their hands tied during this series stuck with endless games and denials of feelings. Finally they had an episode to be cute and caring and delivered. It was refreshing. For those of us that stuck out the denial period of the series, we got part of our reward in this episode. I’m assuming the next and final episode gives us the other part of our reward.
2. Ji Won got the smack down from Jung Joo. She had no shame in letting Jung Joo make the wrong assumption. But Jung Joo turned the tables on her quickly and decisively. Love it when she kicked Ji Won out of the room and gave her the “I’m watching you” sign with her eyes and fingers. LOL!
3. The mature romance couple is still cute. Hae Sil and Jung Guen have a playful way with each other that make them fun to watch. Jung Guen doesn’t mind being a fool for love.
4. Gum Woo’s sister and the Mayor have chemistry. They hinted at this at the wedding and this episode we saw it clearly. She’s eyeing him for a date. Will the Mayor return her interest?
5. One more episode to go, what’s on my wish list?
* The hit and run driver saga is resolved allowing Gum Woo to be comfortable staying on Jeju and allowing a relationship with Hae Sil.
* The Mayor and Gum Woo’s sister give a relationship a try. They have potential.
* Our mature couple gets over the bump of the hit and run driver reveal and decide to live on Jeju.
* Finally, Jung Joo admits her feelings for Gum Woo. He finally comes clean about his father and accepts this as a fact not a shameful incident he must run from. I want this couple to end the episode happily cooking and sharing their love in the Warm and Cozy cafe.
6. The sixth song of the OST is a pretty instrumental “Jeju Hands”.  Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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  1. hariaharia says:

    “Thy will(s) shall be done”,hahaha!!!
    Thanks for your nice recaps and your endurance which REALLY pays off 😉 See you soon for the grand finale 😀


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