The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 4 Recap

Our best friends, Ha Na and Choi Won, have “a moment” and become mutually aware of each other. Do they dare dip their toes in the romance pond?

The Setup: Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won), is a 34 year old shoes sales manager and Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook), is a 34 year old flight steward. Neighbors and best friends forever, but never romantic. They have a bet on who can get married first.

Summary Episode 4:
Our leading lady, Oh Ha Na, is devastated after finding out that her intern Seong Jae (L) feigned romantic interest for career advancement not because he liked her.  Ha Na’s call to our leading man, Choi Won, evokes a night in shining armor moment. He appears with a coat shielding her from the rain. By the way, that was a perfect counter to the umbrella moment of episode 2 where Ha Na was shielded by Seong Jae. Ha Na smiles and thinks “I have a precious friend who always stands by me.” Ha Na is a lucky girl to have Won in her life. I also appreciate Ji Won’s willingness to give an ugly cry with the mascara running down her face.

time_ep4_2a time_ep4_2b
Won secures them a room and soothes Ha Na with beer and chicken. He tells her that Seong Jae is an idiot. He describes Ha Na – pretty, kind, smart and cute. I’ll take those adjectives any day! He cajoles her out of her mood and they drink and giggle all night long.

time_ep4_3b time_ep4_3e
The next morning Won wakes next to a sleeping Ha Na. I’m guessing this is what he’d like to see each morning. He gently brushes hair off her face. When Ha Na wakes she stares into his eyes. He defuses the situation with a trite complaint about his arm being asleep. Hmm, defusing charged moments seems to be a go-to method for Won.

“The Moment”…
Won drives Ha Na home. In her room she remembers part of their conversation where Won says at least she was more like herself around Seong Jae versus the subservient wimp she was around her former boyfriend, Cha Seo Hoo, a selfish man. Won says “love is liking the person just the way they are.” Ha Na says “there is no one except you who accepts me as I am”. Bingo Ha Na, did you get what you just said? Ha Na “you don’t see me as a woman”. Won “it’s more like you don’t see me as a man.” Good grief, it is obvious what he wants. Ha Na has “friend blinders” on. Then Ha Na asks the right question “Have you ever seen me as a woman?” The tension is thick in that moment.

Ha Na freaks out that she had “a moment” with Won. She cleans to rid herself of “the moment”. She exercises to rid herself of “the moment”. She ends up bruising her wrist when she gets distracted.

Meanwhile, Won is also distracted about “the moment”. He even gets cream on his lips. LOL to the subtle shout out to the Secret Garden iconic foam on the lip scene (with Ji Won).

Junior steward Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) tells Won she wasn’t happy that he dumped her to go to Ha Na’s side. Continuing her slightly manipulative streak, she declares Ha Na is a family friend and she is a girl friend. Won does not refute her claim.

Ha Na’s brother tells her parents that she and Won spent the night together on a business trip. This coupled with the fact that she cleaned her room, makes her family think that yes indeed something did happen with Won (cute that the room cleaning is significant sign).

A friend is getting married. Old friend Na Yeong and Ha Na celebrate with her. She tells them she and her fiancee were old friends but one night things changed. That gets Ha Na’s attention. Ha Na’s friends inquire if there has ever been a moment with Won. She denies it. They are just friends.

Ha Na drops her cell phone in water and misses Won’s text to join him on the roof.  He waits in vain. He wonders if she’s avoiding him because of “the moment”.

time_ep4_9b time_ep4_9ctime_ep4_9a
Ha Na is classy and recommends Seong Jae to be a full time employee for  the new Chinese project. She also requests some time off. She walks out of the building to another rain shower. This time Seong Jae shields her from the rain with his umbrella. In a terrific little move, she pulls an umbrella out and shields herself. He thanks her for the recommendation. She tells him he deserves it. She walks away. He realizes she was a better person than he gave her credit for. She realizes facing the truth hurts but was necessary. Nice moment!

Won is frustrated that Ha Na won’t return his texts. Ha Na learns her cell phone will take several days to be repaired. She muses it will be a real vacation as she’ll be unplugged from her phone.

time_ep4_10a time_ep4_10b
While shopping for shoes with her brother, Ha Na and So Eun happen to meet. They share a smoothie and a conversation. So Eun admits she was concerned about Ha Na until Won explained that Ha Na is a family friend. Ha Na agrees and confirms Won is a family friend to her. She states if Won had called her, she would have gone to him too.

time_ep4_11a time_ep4_11b
Ha Na is surprised and disappointed to find her family leaving for an overnight without inviting her. Of course, they hope Ha Na and Won will have another “moment” while they are out of the house. They encourage Ha Na to call Won if she needs anything.

Won finally learns that Ha Na hurt her wrist and is alone in the house. So Eun invites him to dinner. He says he can’t today because of Ha Na. So Eun says she saw Ha Na’s cast. They agree to have dinner over the weekend.

At home, Won helps Ha Na change a light bulb. You know a couple is cute when that kind of scene is good.

Won dreams about kissing Ha Na. She proceeds to punch him in the face in the dream.

Blast to the past, Won remembers getting into a fight with other boys over liking Ha Na. Something about his fatherless status making him not good enough for Ha Na. To hide his bruised face he was rude to Ha Na.

Ha Na’s family is disappointed when they return home and Ha Na reports nothing happened. LOL when Dad references Won’s lack of action when he says “he can’t even do it with help”.

Won and So Eun visit a museum at the same time Ha Na does. They don’t see her but she sees them walking away arm in arm.

The friend getting married is no longer getting married. Na Yeong and Ha Na console her. The friend laments losing a potential husband was one thing, but losing a 17 year good friend is another. This hits close to home for Ha Na. Losing Won…that would be dreadful.

Ha Na and Won meet outside the house. They have dinner, companionably, easily, being together.

When Ha Na gets her cast off, she and Won agree to celebrate. Won sweetly thinks “Ha Na. I wish you would always be fine.” Ha Na realizes “the only person that knows my password is Won.” They simultaneously think “Let’s always be together.”

time_ep4_17a time_ep4_17b
But their bubble will burst…
Won spots a man from Ha Na’s past at the airport. It is ex-boyfriend Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Gyun Sang).  When he sits down to practice at the piano, Seo Hoo remembers Ha Na’s voice. It unsettles him.

time_ep4_18a time_ep4_18b time_ep4_18c
Won is outside the house. Ha Na sees him from her window and heads down the stairs. Seo Hoo watches. The men see each other. Ha Na dashes outside unaware of Seo Hoo.

time_ep4_19b time_ep4_19a
Blast to the past, Won watches Ha Na sleep in the study area. He gently brushes hair off her face.

The past and present parallel moments…well done show…well done.

1. Strong episode.  Won and Ha Na became aware of each other mutually this episode. I liked all their scenes. They have chemistry. They have friendship. What they don’t have is the gumption to take it to the next level. Why? Because their friendship is crucial, not just important, but crucial to their well being. The writers, Jung Do Yoon and Lee Ha Na, have built an effective case that at this point, their friendship is more important than romance. Awesome, I want them to get together, but I understand and accept why they would hesitate. 17 years of friendship, half their lives as best friends, that is a big deal and not to be trifled with easily. Ji Won and Jin Wook are working their on-screen relationship perfectly.
2. So Eun is manipulative and a bit pushy with Won. She claimed he was her boyfriend. When Won did not disagree, did I want to bonk him on the head? Yes, yes I did. He is passive with So Eun is and being dragged into a relationship without seemingly thinking about it. Blink and Won will have a ring on his finger if So Eun gets her way!
3. Finally the fourth primary player is revealed. Ex-boyfriend Cha Seo Hoo played by Yoon Gyun Sang. Let me tell you, Gyun Sang was riveting in Pinocchio. I hope he is compelling and believable as Ha Na’s ex.
4. I appreciated the subtle shout out to the Secret Garden scene. In addition several songs they’ve played during the episodes are “old school” kdrama songs. These kind of details make the show richer.
5. The second song of the OST has been released. “My Love Song” by OKDAL is pretty. Listen via link or the embedded video below.


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6 comments on “The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 4 Recap
  1. SAvie says:

    thank you for all the recaps…i rigorously follow ur recaps…

  2. Nao says:

    I also find So Eun super annoying. In the first two episodes I thought she was maybe a little ditzy and cheerful, but these last two reveals her manipulative side. Like when she told Hana that Won sees her as family, it felt like she was marking her territory. I love the main leads’ chemistry! So,so good. I like how the show makes it not just about friendship but a little bit about missed timing and chance meetings. I can’t wait till Saturday!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Excellent example with So Eun marking her territory. That is an apt description for what she is doing and how she thinks of Won.
      I am wondering if Ha Na will fall back into her former boyfriends arms quickly or will he have to work for it?

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