Warm and Cozy, Episodes 13 and 14 Recap

Nutshell Summary Episodes 13 and 14: Our couple cannot get in sync. Is it too late or can they find the path together?

Summary Episode 13: Good grief, Jung Joo and Gum Woo are never in sync.

Young Love Quadrangle:
  Jung Joo tells the Mayor she’s comfortable with him. He’s pleased. Jung Joo tells the Mayor she’s feels pain with Gum Woo. He’s not pleased. Jung Joo goes to Gum Woo. Unfortunately with the shame of his father swirling in Gum Woo’s head he now denies interest in her. Good grief, these two are never in sync.

The mayor’s cohorts drink at Warm and Cozy. They end up pushing (literally) Jung Joo is kiss the cheek of the Mayor. Gum Woo walks into the cafe not happy to see the kiss. He answers their cries for a proper kiss, stunning Jung Joo. She corners him outside and asks if he is jealous of the Mayor. That hits too close to the turn and Gum Woo denies it. Jung Joo dares him to tell her he cares, this is what she needs to hear. Instead he tells her he is going to leave the island.  Good grief, these two are never in sync.

Jung Joo pours out her frustration about Gum Woo’s varying interest in her.

Gum Woo’s father decides to leave his son alone. He’ll  purchase Hae Sil’s home and leave the island forever.  Hmm, disappearing seems to be a theme between father and son. We finally see what happened that night. Gum Woo’s mother got drunk and drove away. Gum Woo’s father chased after her in another car. He hit Hae Sil’s husband. He fled the scene making it a hit and run. 15 years in jail was the sentence. Gum Woo’s mother was pregnant with Gum Woo at the time of the accident.

Gum Woo is remembering the good times with Jung Joo when she appears to make herself tea. She burns herself and Gum Woo takes care of the burn.  As he administers to her Jung Woo asks if he’s leaving. He asks if she wants to come with him. Then pretends he was joking. This confuses Jung Joo and frustrates her. Why can’t he give her a straightforward answer? He does tell the truth when he says he’s afraid of her answer so he doesn’t ask serious questions. He counters she won’t tell him if she’d come with him, so she’s avoiding his questions too. Good grief, these two are never in sync.

Gum Woo gets a local to explain that Warm and Cozy cafe will be bulldozed unless Jung Joo stays and runs the cafe. Jung Joo tells Gum Woo she’ll run the cafe. He’s pleased. His plan worked. He still plans to leave Jeju.

wc_ep13_5b wc_ep13_5a
Jung Joo tells the Mayor Gum Woo will be leaving. In classic second lead style, the Mayor tells her he’ll stand next to her, when Gum Woo vacates the spot. But not next to her, not yet…behind her…over time he’ll stand next to her. Is there anyone not worried about rejection in this show?

wc_ep13_8b wc_ep13_8a
Ji Won is surprised Gum Woo is leaving without Jung Joo. Turns out she rejects her former finance when he came to Jeju. Guess she’s serious about Gum Woo. Her timing isn’t good. His heart is Jung Joo’s. She finds this out again when he has two plane tickets but not for her. She suggests it is tacky to hang onto Jung Joo. Gum Woo counters that makes him want to hang onto Jung Joo more. He leaves a stunned Ji Won.

wc_ep13_9b wc_ep13_9a
Gum Woo is jealous when he finds the Mayor at Warm and Cozy cafe. He stalks upstairs. Jung Joo follows and spots the plane tickets. They fight about the Mayor, he’s leaving, etc. Good grief, these two are never in sync.

wc_ep13_11b wc_ep13_11a
Gum Woo’s father stands outside the Warm and Cozy cafe and stares. Gum Woo exits the cafe and invites him to enter. The man refuses and leaves. Gum Woo realizes that was likely his father. This firms his resolve to leave Jeju. But wait, we see that maybe it was Gum Woo’s mother that drove the car that his Hae Sil’s husband. What is the truth?

Gum Woo is upset about his father and Jung Joo finds him. Gum Woo admits no matter what, he wants her. He tells her he needs to talk to his brother and asks she wait for him. Jung Geun realizes Gum Woo’s father killed Hae Sil’s husband. That makes things sticky and uncomfortable for Jung Geum. When Hae Sil shows up it gets uncomfortable. Then Jung Geun shows up. Gum Woo tells his sister, Hae Sil and Jung Geum, he’s leaving Jeju.

wc_ep13_13b wc_ep13_13a
Ji Won visits Jung Joo. She tells her she’s leaving Jeju. Jung Joo asks if she’s leaving with Gum Woo. Ji Won implies this is true when she says “I’ve decided to go where Gum Woo goes”.  Jung Joo does not believe her. But she’s thrown for a loop when Ji Won tells her Gum Woo is leaving because of his father. She taunts Jung Joo that she accepts Gum Woo no matter what. She bids her farewell and leaves.

wc_ep13_14b wc_ep13_14a
The Mayor finds Jung Joo upset. He sits next to her and gently puts his arm around her. She leans into him. Gum Woo finds them. He resolves it is ok, he was leaving Jeju anyhow. Good grief, these two are never in sync.

Mature Romance:  Hae Sil and Jung Geun discuss texting etiquette. He wants more emotion. She promises to provide. He tells her they should move to Seoul. Hae Sil declines. Jung Geun is not happy she is willing to have a long distance relationship. Thinking about it later, Jung Geun decides Hae Sil’s is his priority. He decides to leave in Jeju. He tells Gum Woo he’s getting married. Gum Woo is happy for him but lets him know he’ll have left Jeju by the time the ceremony occurs. Hae Sil explains Jin Tae Young is the man that killed her husband 30 years ago.  Seeing it upsets her, he directs the conversation to more pleasant matters. He suggests they get married. She accepts.

Summary Episode 14: Jung Joo finally realizes Gum Woo likes her…but is it too late?

wc_ep14_1b wc_ep14_1a
Young Love Quadrangle: 
Jung Joo lies to Gum Woo – if you want to leave the island with another person, I don’t care. Gum Woo insults Jung Joo – when you claimed you cared for me was part of that because you needed me? Angry, Jung Joo tells Gum Woo not to bother to come back. Gum Woo knows he’s blown it. He crashes at the resort.

wc_ep14_2b wc_ep14_2a
Ji Won asks Gum Woo why he can’t tell Jung Joo the truth about his father. She points out he’d rather keep a secret than look weak in front of Jung Joo. He agrees. She suggests they travel together. He tells her it is time they go their separate ways.

Jung Geun appreciates Gum Woo’s willingness to leave to give him time to build his relationship with Hae Sil before she finds out that Gum Woo’s father killed her husband 30 years prior.

Gum Woo tells his sister he’ll cook for Jung Geun’s wedding then leave Jeju after.

Gum Woo gets his prepacked suitcase from Warm and Cozy cafe. He and Jung Joo snipe at each other. Gum Joo and the Mayor snipe at each other as he leaves the cafe. Gum Woo puts the plane tickets and necklace in the pantry. As he leaves, Jung Joo asks why he returned. He says “I was desperate for something, but decided to leave it behind.” He apologizes for his harsh words. She apologizes for her harsh words.  He tells her that he’ll cook for his brother’s wedding then leave Jeju after the ceremony.

The Mayor picks up the engagement ring for Jung Joo. Hmm, that seems a bit presumptuous considering Gum Woo hasn’t left Jeju yet and they haven’t really dated romantically yet.

Jung Joo and the Mayor have plans for the evening. I’m guessing his plan is to propose.

wc_ep14_5b wc_ep14_5a
Gum Woo hears the Mayor plans to propose. The local convinces he and Gum Woo to go to her ram shackle home. He locks them in to give them one more opportunity to work things out. They initially are not happy to be together but eventually relax and chat. Gum Woo confirms he’s leaving Jeju tomorrow. He finally says something that matters. He admits her faith in him, helped him evolve. He thought she’d like him no matter what. Now he knows he must let her go. They hug tightly to say farewell.

Jung Joo misses the Mayor’s proposal. She calls him to apologize for missing their date. LOL when she finds him outside the cafe. He says he found the perfect words to describe his status “If I wait, you don’t come. If I draw close, you don’t like it. But I cannot give up on you, I like you too much.” Jung Joo promises to give him a final answer tomorrow.

The local tells Gum Woo that he needs to meet his father and hear his side of the story. Gum Woo says he’ll think about it for 1 year. If he reconsiders, he’ll return to talk to his father.

Gum Woo tells Jung Guen he will fly to Hong Kong and travel from there after the wedding ceremony. He tells his brother he will not keep in contact with Jung Joo.

wc_ep14_10b wc_ep14_10a
The food is ready and it is time for Gum Woo to tell Jung Joo goodbye. He tells her he won’t text her if she texts him. He wishes her well and leaves. He text her and says “Now that I’ve left, your sad right? I hope you are. I am bad because I hope it never works out with someone else. I can’t promise I’ll return and we have no expectations to wait for each other, but I hope you’ll continue to like and miss me.” Jung Joo’s initial reaction – what a jerk.

wc_ep14_11b wc_ep14_11a
But when asked why she rejected Gum Woo when it was obvious he liked her she’s surprised. He liked her? Yes, yes he did. But he left for the airport with Ji Won, Jung Joo sputters. Nope, Ji Won is outside at the wedding. When Ji Won enters the cafe Jung Joo is angry she implied she was leaving with Gum Woo. Ji Won doesn’t mind that Jung Joo made the wrong assumption. In fact Ji Won plans to follow him. She leaves.

wc_ep14_12b wc_ep14_12a
Jung Geun asks Jung Joo if Gum Woo has left. She confirms this. He tells her he feels bad that Gum Woo had to leave. What? Had to leave? Jung Geun says there is a secret that forced Gum Woo to leave. He asks her not to blame Gum Woo for leaving.

wc_ep14_13b wc_ep14_13a
Now Jung Joo recalls Gum Woo’s words “I was desperate for something but decided to leave it behind.” She rushes to the pantry. She finds two plane tickets. One for her and one for Gum Woo. She finds the necklace. She knows he liked her and left her for reasons beyond his control. The Mayor finds her in the pantry and urges her to find Gum Woo at the airport.

Jung Joo rushes to the airport. As she searches for him she thinks “I didn’t believe Gum Woo. I didn’t have the confidence to believe him. Where ever you are, I’ll keep liking you.”

Mature Romance: 
Jung Guen is pleased how pretty Hae Sil looks in her wedding dress. Sweetly he says his vows – he promises to exercise, keep his hair and maintain his beauty as a black pearl. The night before the wedding they wonder if they’ll get rain. Jung Guen remembers the first time he saw Hae Sil. He thought she looked lovely and sad.

wc_ep14_9d wc_ep14_9c wc_ep14_9b wc_ep14_9a
Jung Guen and Hae Sil get married in a lovely outdoor ceremony. LOL when Jung Guen’s sister litters and the Mayor makes her pick it up.

1. Watching our couple communicate poorly has been trying. Gum Woo and Jung Joo both lied to each other so they wouldn’t be hurt by the other. Of course, that backfired. They like each other and end up alone.
2. Ji Won implied to Jung Joo that Gum Woo was traveling with her. She had no shame in letting Jung Joo make the wrong assumption. At least Gum Woo was crystal clear. He likes Jung Joo and it was over with Ji Won. Denied!
3. The mature romance culminated in a wedding. Hae Sil looked beautiful in her dress and Jung Guen looked like the black pearl he is. Funny how the mature romance is the story with the most romance. Our young couple have spent too many episodes not trusting or believing in each other. Our mature couple shows them how romance is done.
6. The fifth song of the OST is another pretty ballad “It’s For You” by Son Seung Yeon. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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3 comments on “Warm and Cozy, Episodes 13 and 14 Recap
  1. hariaharia says:

    Second female lead as obnoxious and delusional as ever in any typical kdrama! The actress must have felt the pain coming from our voodoo dolls to the bone, right?
    The romance between the OTP stayed solely on paper. What did exactly happen here? The Sisters could have used a bit more physical contact early on and fangirling would have done the rest 😦


    • kjtamuser says:

      Reasonable suggestion for our affection starved couple. When writers play keep away, a couple can die on the vine waiting for the last episode moment where they finally get together.


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