The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 3 Recap

Our best friends, Ha Na and Choi Won, move closer to others but we can see they care deeply for each other.

The Setup: Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won), is a 34 year old shoes sales manager and Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook), is a 34 year old flight steward. They’ve been neighbors and best friends forever but never been romantic. They have a bet on who can get married first.

Summary Episode 3:
Our leading lady, Oh Ha Na, is saved from the rain by Seong Jae (L). They definitely have a sizzle factor as they stare into each other’s eyes.

Ha Na explains to Won that her heart flutters around Seong Jae. Won advises caution.

Even though Ha Na tells herself to not overreact, when Seong Jae has coffee waiting for her, helps her find a file on her computer, she is drawn to him and her heart flutters.

time_ep3_3b time_ep3_3aJunior steward Lee So Eun (Choo Soo Hyun) has another crabby passenger with a yappy dog. Won handles it. After the flight So Eun gets a verbal reprimand. Won tells her to keep going. So Eun understands mistakes, reprimands, and learning go hand in hand. Won is impressed with her positive attitude.

Ha Na meets old friend Na Yeong, who much to her surprise, is recently divorced. Life planner is her new profession. She wants to meet all the eligible rich men Ha Na knows. That’s one way to snag husband number two. Na Yeong gets a jab in about Ha Na’s never married status.

Blast to the past, Na Yeong liked Won and was jealous of Ha Na’s friendship with Won. Na Yeong tells Ha Na they all need to talk. LOL, the talk is in a church with a recorder catching every word they say!  She accuses them of dating. Won claims to like another girl, surprising them both. What Won did for love of Ha Na.

time_ep3_5a time_ep3_5b time_ep3_5c
Ha Na asks Won who he liked back then. He claims not to remember. When So Eun calls, Won says he is having dinner with a friend. Ha Na yells for So Eun to join them. Ha Na is surprised by how young So Eun is. Dinner goes ok but when Ha Na and Won argue about old times So Eun drinks more than she should. She ends up telling Ha Na that she’s too work orientated and men find her difficult. That rankles Ha Na.

After dinner Ha Na calls Seong Jae to take her home. That rankles Won.

As Seong Jae walks Ha Na home, he asks if she’s using him to make Won jealous. She denies this. She and Won are just friends. A co worker spots them and suspects them of a personal relationship.

As Won walks So Eun home, she wonders if she made a mistake to anger Ha Na. Won tells her not to worry. She invites him for a drink. He agrees. He spills, he cleans, Ha Na calls, and is stunned to hear So Eun’s voice that late at night. She gets miffed. Won is confused. Dude, you aren’t that bright if you don’t get it. Don’t worry, Ha Na doesn’t understand why she’s miffed either. You two are well suited.

LOL, Won daydreams about a bold as brass So Eun that puts the moves him. He beats a hasty retreat out of So Eun’s house.

He gets home late and doesn’t call Ha Na. Unbeknownst to him, she’s waiting for that call.

Her ex-boyfriend, the now married Joo Ho Joon (Choi Jung Won), takes pleasure informing Ha Na that the rumor mill says she’s dating the intern Seong Jae.  She overhears women chattering about her seducing a man 8 years her junior.  Deliberately adding fuel to the fire, Ha Na tells Seong Jae he will join her on tomorrow’s business trip.

So Eun score points with Won’s mother by bringing food for Won to the house. So Eun admits she’s jealous of Ha Na. Won’s mother tells her not to worry, nothing to be jealous about, they are just friends. Won and Ha Na’s brother return home. Both are stunned to find So Eun.

Next door hearing about the lovely So Eun, Ha Na’s mother worries that Ha Na is missing out on all the good men in life.

Won’s mother asks about his feelngs for So Eun. Won denies any. She tells him not to lead So Eun on.  When So Eun texts him, he does not respond, not wanting to lead her on.

Seong Jae tells Ha Na if the business trip goes well, they should view the morning sea together.

time_ep3_9a time_ep3_9b
Won spots Ha Na in the store and follows her. Ha Na looks at sexy underwear. Won startles her. LOL, when he suggests a training bra instead. As they walk home, he recommends she follow her own advice and not fall in love carelessly.

time_ep3_10a time_ep3_10b
Ha Na’s parents are transparent when they talk about how Won is part of their family and has been for many years. Ha Na tells them to stop. She invites Won to her room to hang out. When she stops abruptly…there is a moment…but Won defuses it with a trite response.

Alone in his room, Won looks at a drawing he made of Ha Na years ago. Ah, he has always liked Ha Na. This time when So Eun texts him, he shuts the sketch book and responds. Yes, I got the symbolism of that moment.

Ha Na plays hardball with the uncooperative client. She gets mad and says she’ll pay the penalty to dissolve the contract. Then Ha Na plays her ace. She offers the client a beautiful black dress for a red carpet event the following week. The client can’t say no to the dress and caves. She agrees to abide by the terms of the contract. Seong Jae is impressed. I am too. Nice move!

Time for play. Seong Jae and Ha Na have fun together. I like seeing them enjoying themselves.  At the end of the evening, Seong Jae takes Ha Na’s hand and asks if they will see the morning sun together tomorrow. The tension between them is palpable.

Back in her hotel room, Ha Na wrestles with herself…should she continue the celebration with Seong Jae?

time_ep3_15c time_ep3_15dMeanwhile Won is cooking for So Eun and his mother. So Eun is impressed with Won’s cooking (among other things). She tells him the pasta tastes just as good as a place her Grandmother took her took for a special occasion. It is a sweet moment and Won and his mother find her delightful.

time_ep3_16a time_ep3_16b
Ha Na enters Seong Jae’s room (room service was leaving as she arrived). She finds the room set for seduction. Pretty nice room too! She overhears Seong Jae on the phone. Yes, he’ll get more money soon. Yes, he’s working the team leader. Yes, she’ll take care of him. Ha Na realizes with horror, that Seong Ja is using her for a permanent position with her slated as his guardian angel. When Seong Jae turns and sees Ha Na he is horrified too. She asks him straight – did you play with my heart to gain a permanent position? He notes that she must know what it is like to have a junior employee take everything (the boyfriend-stealing co-worker). He says she was desperate enough to accept his affection easily. Wow! That was harsh. She tells him they won’t see the morning sea together and leaves the room. Excellent scene.

time_ep3_17a time_ep3_17b
Her dignity is in tatters as she recalls the moments she thought were genuine but manufactured by Seong Jae. She sobs alone.

time_ep3_18a time_ep3_18BSpeaking of manipulation, So Eun secures another dinner invitation from Won impressing his mother. Won answers a call from Ha Na. The tone of her voice tells him something is wrong. He leaves the table. Ha Na pours out her heart. He feels her pain and wants desperately to erase it. So Eun listens knowing the more important woman in Won’s life has his full attention.

time_ep3_19b time_ep3_19c
In a perfect moment to end this episode, it begins to rain. Ha Na is outside and unprepared. Someone puts a coat over her head. It’s Won. Folks, that is a swoon moment, though Ha Na heart is so hurt, she doesn’t see it.

1. Strong episode.  No way Ha Na could have known that Seong Jae was using her and not geniune in his actions. Would you have fallen for his words and actions? I probably would have. Ha Na was cool and together confronting Seong Jae in his hotel room but fell apart after. Who does she call? Her best friend, Won. And what does he do? Drop everything to comfort her. His love for her brims over at that moment. Ji Won did a good job with the betrayal and subsequent melt down. Jin Wook does a wonderful job hiding but showing he loves Ha Na. This pairing works. It is apparent they are well suited. Ha Na doesn’t realize it…yet.
2. So Eun is clever and a bit manipulative with Won. She wants him and is going for it. Her impromptu visit to his house with food garnered the desired dinner invitation. The “I forgot to take a picture” garnered the desired follow up dinner invitation. So Eun is nervous about Ha Na, and with good reason. I liked when So Eun got tipsy she told Ha Na that she was off putting to men. I don’t think So Eun is evil or anything but she’s a woman on a mission…a mission to secure Won.
3. The scene when Ha Na calls Won was beautifully produced. Ha Na’s shattered face. Won’s concern. He goes to the kitchen to take the call. The camera pans back to show So Eun watching Won talk to Ha Na. Won’s face feels Ha Na’s hurt as she pours her heart out. Superb camera, direction, production of that pivotal scene.


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5 comments on “The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 3 Recap
  1. Nao says:

    The chemistry between the two leads is really great now. I’m totally sold on their friendship as an old one now. I still find it a bit incredible that they can remain platonic for so long. Their scenes together are just crackling with sparks. It’s like, come on! I still think Joon Mo And Ye Jin take the cake as old friends but I love these two too–they just feel more waaaayyyy more than just friends from the beginning. Maybe it’s the two actors who have such fantastic chemistry. I’m loving this show!!! I just finished episode 4 and can’t wait till next weekend.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Episode 3 was excellent. I concur that their chemistry is solid. When he dropped everything to come to her, mirroring the umbrella moment at the end of the previous episode…swoon! I’ll be watching the next episode soon. I always appreciate your comments!

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  3. So Eun is not my favourite character at first i liked her but honestly she is too cute for my liking all her actions are coming across as contrived and desperate. She will get badly hurt and that may bring out her ugly side. let’s wait and see

    • kjtamuser says:

      Good point, you never know how some one will react when hurt. We know So Eun is doomed and will be hurt. Won will undoubtably suffer too when he hurts her.

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