Warm and Cozy, Episodes 11 and 12 Recap

Nutshell Summary Episodes 11-12: Our couple play keep away (from each other) for these two episodes…

Summary Episode 11: Jung Joo despairs that she cannot get over Gum Woo. Meanwhile, Gum Woo comes to realize her cares for Jung Joo. Will they connect?

 Young Love Quadrangle:  Jung Joo is blunt with Gum Woo, she likes him. Gum Woo says he cares for her deeply. Ji Won tells Gum Woo that Jung Joo knows she’ll accept his feelings. But he needs to transform himself into the kind of man she wants. That makes Gum Woo uncomfortable. He’s even more uncomfortable with the possibility of his father showing up. He does not want to expose those he loves to a man like his father. Jung Joo considers buying another restaurant the Mayor identified and releasing Gum Woo from his commitment to the Warm and Cozy cafe and her.

wc_ep11_1b wc_ep11_1a
Jung Joo is completely surprised when her mother shows up. She is supposedly wealthy. She offers to buy Jung Joo another restaurant, so Jung Joo can get her $50M deposit back from Gum Woo.

Gum Woo tells Ji Won there is no possibility he will evolve into the kind of man she wants.  Do I enjoy this moment? Yes, yes I do.

Jung Joo tells the Mayor if she gets out of her commitment with Gum Woo, it will free him to pursue what he wants in life. The mayor is all for that!

Jung Joo tells Gum Woo she going to buy another restaurant and they can void their contract.

Turns out Jung Joo’s mother knows Gum Woo’s father. She comments Gum Woo’s mother forced his father to turn out the way he did. Hmm, what does that mean?

Jung Joo sweetly makes porridge for Gum Woo. To put it politely, the porridge isn’t good, but he recognizes the heart in the porridge and eats it anyway.

Gum Woo realizes Jung Joo’s mother wants the $50M deposit. He pays her mother the money and asks that she not tell Jung Joo he did this for her.

Gum Woo refuses to break the contract. Jung Joo goes to Jung Geun for help but he’s not there. Ji Won turns the knife and tell Jung Joo that Gum Woo paid her mother the $50M deposit to help her. Jung Joo is shocked. She heads to the airport where she surprises her mother. Another surprise…Jung Joo has a sick sister…that why her mother needed the money.

wc_ep11_5b wc_ep11_5a
Ji Won tells Gum Woo their time is now. He counters that he can’t put Ji Won first, Jung Joo is first with him. Ji Won can’t believe it. She has finally put him first why can’t he do the same? Gum Woo shocks Ji Won when he tells that he cares Jung Joo. I love this line “at first I just gave her the Warm and Cozy cafe but along the way, I gave myself to her too.” Gum Woo is clear, he is not leaving with Ji Won, he must support and find Jung Joo. Yes, I love it!

wc_ep11_6b wc_ep11_6a
Meanwhile, Jung Joo is pounding soju completely bummed her mother took money from Gum Woo and now she is more entwined with him. She wanted to set him (and herself) free. The mayor finds her drinking alone. She tells him that she can’t get away from her feelings for Gum Woo. The mayor leaves to get medicine to help her sober up. Of course, Gum Woo shows up. A drunk Jung Joo tells him, she’ll marry him. He is amused.  When the proprietress checks in on Jung Joo, now with another man, Gum Woo claims he’s her boyfriend and will marry her. Jung Joo confirms she will marry him much to the dismay of the Mayor who has returned medicine in hand to find Jung Joo with Gum Woo.

We learn that Gum Woo’s father killed Hae Sil’s husband. That’s a messy situation. Gum Woo’s father stares at the Warm and Cozy cafe. Will he meet his son?

Gum Woo puts Jung Joo to bed. He makes a promise to the sleeping Jung Joo.  She can have the Warm and Cozy cafe and his love too. He gently kisses her hand and makes the promise.

Mature Romance:
 Hae Sil doesn’t feel well but attends a meeting at the resort to represent the lady divers. Jung Geun has harsh words at the resort…”don’t come here again” and “I’m going to pretend you don’t exist.” Hae Sil is stoic and does not return his ire. When she cough, Jung Geun is immediately concerned. She brushes him off. Sweet moment when he observes the meeting and realizes she is indeed sick. He orders hot tea and the AC turned off. Hae Sil knows he did that for her. Even though she is ill, Hae Sil dives in the ocean. Bad idea. She’s caught by the current and the rescue crews search for her. Jung Geun is frantic with worry. He clutches her scooter helmet like it is her. His feelings for her are now crystal clear. When the rescue crew find her, everyone is relieved. Jung Geun openly hugs her. It is a touching moment for our couple. He takes her to his villa and watches her sleep.

Summary Episode 12: The tables are turned. Gum Woo realizes he likes Jung Joo…but she won’t believe him no matter what. He’s burned her before, she won’t let him hurt her again.

wc_ep12_1b wc_ep12_1a
Young Love Quadrangle: 
Gum Woo returns the taped together contract to a hung over Jung Joo. She refuses tje contract because he paid her mother the deposit money. The Mayor regrets losing his opportunity last night when he went to fetch medicine and Gum Woo took his place with Jung Joo. She visits the Mayor and apologizes for her behavior. He omits the fact the Gum Woo took his place and took her home last night. He asks if she wants Gum Woo to know that she only likes him. The Mayor tells her she asked for his help in ridding Gum Woo from her heart.

Now Gum Woo is telling folks that he likes Jung Joo, so everyone knows…but Jung Joo.

wc_ep12_3b wc_ep12_3a
Jung Joo doesn’t believe Gum Woo when he tells her he helped her the previous evening. She thinks he was with Ji Won. Jung Joo is not listening to Gum Woo when he tells her that he gave himself to her the previous evening. Even his bold statement “Jung Joo, I like you” is met with disbelief. Gum Woo is like the boy that cried wolf. Jung Joo simply does not believe him.

wc_ep12_4b wc_ep12_4a
Jung Joo asks the Mayor if Gum Woo took her home the previous evening. He doges the truth by stating he did not see Gum Woo take her home (he’d already left the scene after he saw Gum Woo at the table).

Jung Joo tells Gum Woo she doesn’t remember what he said he gave her last night. Frustrated, he puts the necklace on a high shelf in the pantry. Jung Joo refuses to look…she has her pride. Jung Joo does not believe Gum Woo.

wc_ep12_6b wc_ep12_6a
He has the same problem when Ji Won cannot believe that Gum Woo is choosing Jung Joo over her. Ji Won says she’ll wait for him. He tells her he likes Jung Joo not her.

Gum Woo’s father is recognized. He admits he wants to right the wrong he did to Hae Sil.

wc_ep12_8c wc_ep12_8awc_ep12_8b
Gum Woo is not happy when Jung Joo returns to Warm and Cozy cafe after a day with the Mayor. She rejects his offer of food. When they talk about family, Gum Woo only says he never wants to meet his father. He bluntly tells Jung Joo that she shouldn’t use the Mayor when she only likes him. He takes her hand and puts it on his heart. He tells her he’s hot around her. She says she cannot believe him.

Gum Woo learns from a local that his father killed Hae Sil’s husband 30 years ago. He is startled to learn the local saw his father recently. He tells the local his father should never show up and he should avoid those Gum Woo loves. His father eavesdrops and understands his son’s message.

Gum Woo sees Jung Joo being treated like the Mayor’s girlfriend. With the shame of his father’s actions, maybe this is best he thinks. He needs to leave Jeju. He wishes Jung Joo would go with him.

Mature Romance:
When Hae Sil wakes in the morning after the sleeping in Jung Geun’s villa, he’s next to her asleep. Cute moment when he knows she’s watching him and he tells her to close her eyes. Then he heads to the chair and tells her to open them as if he’d sat vigil in the chair all night. He admits he wants her to live with him. Cute moment when she calls him “a lady diver’s man” and asks if he wants to date a lady diver. Jung Geun likes the sound of that.

wc_ep12_5b wc_ep12_5awc_ep12_5c
Hae Sil has the upper hand in a conversation with Jung Geun’s sister. She is straightforward, she likes Jung Geum because he is handsome, precious like a black pearl and someone she cannot give up on. Jung Geun preens when he hears that Hae Sil likes him because he is handsome and like a black pearl.

Hae Sil and Jung Geum go on a date. They decide to eat ramen together to end the evening.

The local offers to buy Hae Sil’s house (unbeknownst to her the offer comes from Gum Woo’s father).

wc_ep12_9b wc_ep12_9a
Jung Geun tells Gum Woo he wants to introduce him to his woman, the lady diver. He attends but does not sit at the table with them. He cannot infect their relationship with the wrongs his father did 30 years ago. He vows to leave Jeju.

1. I do not like it when one lead goes noble idiot to protect others from family shame. Gum Woo decides that his father’s actions 30 years ago will hurt his brother, Hae Sil and Jung Joo, so leaving Jeju is his decision. This is standard kdrama plot device. I do not like it. Subpar plot point dear Hong sisters.
2. Now that Gum Woo likes Jung Joo, she simply does not believe him. Gum Woo toyed with her enough times to get her to admit she liked him, only to pull away, Jung Joo is convinced he’s lying when he says he likes her. I can believe her doubt the initial one or two times but when the man of my dreams tells me constantly that he likes me with sweet yearning in his eyes, you better believe it, I’d listen and believe that my wish had come true.
3. The mayor, Hwang Wook, does not have a chance. His omission that Gum Woo took Jung Joo home was not above board. But they say all is fair in love and war.
4. Ji Won got the bad news that Gum Woo is over her. This does not make me sad. I can believe her shock and disbelief after Gum Woo’s faithful devotion for so many years. I can imagine she is further galled that he doesn’t care she wants to wait for him. Denied!
5. The mature romance was the story with forward movement. Hae Sil calling Jung Guen “a lady diver’s man” was cute and he loved it! I liked that way she firmly handled Jung Geum’s sister. This romance is the bright spot of these two episodes.
6. The fourth song of the OST is pretty ballad “Don’t be seen” by Juvie of Sunny Hill. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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3 comments on “Warm and Cozy, Episodes 11 and 12 Recap
  1. hariaharia says:

    -“I’m sure you’re after my brother for his money plus status” *crossing arms in anger and condemnation*
    – No, I’m a cougar! *eyes full of lust* I’m out hunting young boyish flesh. I’m a proud noona and I’ll stick around as long as I can be satisfied by his looks (and performance, of course!). Otherwise, adieu for good!”
    Hae Sil, you go girl!! 😉
    Still lol-ing at this absurd conversation. A truly Hong dialogue, no doubt!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Hae Sil does have fun dialogue! I enjoy the role reversal if their relationship. She acts like the guy and he acts like the girl in the relationship. This couple is a bright spot in the series. Thanks for the terrific examples!


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