Warm and Cozy, Episodes 9 and 10 Recap

Nutshell Summary Episodes 9-10:

Summary Episode 9: Our couple does not step away from each other…but do they move forward towards each other?

wc_ep9_1wc_ep9_1b wc_ep9_1a
Young Love Quadrangle:
Our couple starts the episode relieved the misunderstanding about Jung Joo’s illness is over. There are no harsh words or blame. Jung Joo references liking the Warm and Cozy cafe too much when she really means Gum Woo and he knows it. Back at the cafe, Jung Joo speaks to a sleeping Gum Woo, or so she thinks. She admits she likes him and being around him is hard. He startles her and asks what she just said. She sputters indignant that he did not reveal he was listening. He tells her lovesickness is an incurable disease and he cannot kick out someone that has it because of him. The next morning she wants to leave and void the contract. He won’t let her and tells her he’ll leave her alone to settle herself. Must be nice for Gun Woo to be completely in charge with Jung Joo liking him.  The mayor finds Jung Joo crying in the cafe and back away. He stops Ji Won from entering the cafe.

Ji Won tells Gun Woo’s sister that Jung Joo pretended to be terminally ill to trap Gun Woo. He enters the room and tells her she’s knows that Jung Joo did not purposely deceive him. He tells her not to twist and slander again. She flounces away. When he catches up with her, he tells her he’d never desert her because she did something bad like this. Why? Why would you stick with and love a callous person like Ji Won?

Jung Joo and Gun Woo agree she should stay. She claim she’s 90% over Gum Woo. He’s impressed she could purge him overnight. Jung Geun thinks Jung Joo is helping his brother, Gum Woo mature.  Ah, the blogger / book writer wants the details on the lady diver whose husband died 30 years ago. She doesn’t get anyone to identify Hae Sil…this time.

In the pantry Jung Joo spills powdered sugar on her self. Gum Woo helps her straighten herself until he feels a pull towards her.

wc_ep9_5b wc_ep9_5awc_ep9_6bwc_ep9_6a
The mayor and his team dine at Warm and Cozy. Gum Woo makes a snide comment calling Jung Joo “Mrs. Mayor” just as the reporter that filmed at the diving school earlier enters the restaurant. Lo and behold, when the interview is aired, Jung Joo is identified as the Mayor’s wife, much to the mutual shock of all. Jung Joo is even called in front of the Hwang Wook’s elder relative much to their mutual embarrassment. But wait…Hwang Wook suggests they marry. Jung Joo reminds him she likes someone else. He must be tired of hearing her say that. But I appreciate that she is upfront about her feelings. In the wine room, Gum Woo tests her attraction to him by looming close to her. Yep…she digs him.

Gum Woo saves Ji Won from being used by an old boyfriend that she once rejected and wants revenge. She doesn’t take his interference as a compliment. She is willing to flit to the wealthiest guy around! Again, Ji Won proves her knows the kind of woman Ji Won is when he tells her “ever since you broke your engagement in New York, you’ve been trying too hard. You are greedy. There are boundaries to our relationship.” The obvious question, if he knows she is a subpar person, why does he accept her? Jung Joo sees their encounter. She soothes Gum Woo’s injured hand and then he blows the moment by telling her he will like Ji Won until the end. Jung Joo gets mad and leaves. Bummed out, Jung Joo confides to the Mayor she’s thinking about leaving Jeju. That’s the last thing he wants, so he tells her she doesn’t know the island’s value yet.

wc_ep9_7b wc_ep9_7a
We end the episode with Jung Joo telling Gum Woo to stop being nice to her. If he stops, she’ll stop expecting things to become mutual between them. Gum Woo declare he’s going to nice to her…nicer than he’s ever been.

Mature Romance: Jung Geun asks Hae Sil to see him at the hotel. He tells her he’s the black pear, she should catch it, and presents her a necklace with a black pearl. She rejects the pearl and him shoving into the pool before stalking away. Not lacking in confidence, Jung Geun arrives at the diving school and tells Hae Sil that she needs to acknowledge him as a black pearl and accept that he is precious and important. When Jung Joo shows she recognizes him and he asks her to keep his diving lessons a secret from Gun Woo. She readily promises. Jung Geun avoids the camera crew filming a story about the diving school. Later Jung Guen and Hae Sil have a quiet moment where she admits that her pride was stripped at the party. She states her status would rise while she was with him but plummet after. He kisses her…not exactly a mutual kiss..but then she gives into the kiss..but then she pulls away and slaps him.  Jung Guen clips her argument…she already has his heart. That is too close for comfort for Hae Sil and she leaves.

Summary Episode 10: Now we are limbo waiting for our leading man to decide her likes our leading lady. Yep…I get impatient waiting for him to realize he likes her.

Young Love Quadrangle:
 Jung Joo doesn’t understand why Gum Woo declared he’ll be nicer to her. Gum Woo follows through with the promise with reservations from his friends in Seoul and tying her shoelaces so she does not trip. She directly asks what he’ll do if she keeps liking him. His logic is not straightforward – he’s ok with her liking him because that means he is good enough for a nice person to like and that makes him want to continue to be good. Hmm, I read that as all about him, and not much about her.

The mayor offers Jung Joo a pretty bouquet of flowers. He tells her he hopes one day she’ll like the flowers (him). Later she tells herself when the ballons burst (she’s over Gum Woo) she will be able to see the flowers (see the Mayor as a man). Gum Woo is jealous that the Mayor brought her flowers. He tells her he’ll buy flowers…but for another woman. Ah, the flowers are for his mother, who he visits alone each year.

The scheme to get Jung Joo and the Mayor to see a movie together is doomed for failure. Gum Woo finds out about it and snatches her from the movie theatre. The poor mayor, he sees them exit. They have a fun day together. Yes, they are cute together. But they cannot have a direct conversation. They get into a tiff about real flowers. He heads to his mother’s memorial solo. The mayor sees the now dejected Jung Joo who explains she left the theatre with Gum Woo when she lost rock-paper-scissors. The mayor quips “that game of rock-paper-scissors- must have been a great battle of wits”. LOL! When Jung Joo founds out that he went to his mother’s memorial, she feels terrible, ditches the mayor (again). Again, I appreciate that she tells the Mayor she likes Gum Woo but she is yanking his chain. Of course, you can argue the mayor is giving her his chain. Gum Woo’s sister tells Ji Won that Gum Woo will inherit his uncle’s company. As the dollar signs swim in front of her eyes, she decides to pursue Gum Woo in earnest.

Ah, is this Jung Joo’s long lost mother trying to find her?

wc_ep10_8b wc_ep10_8a
Gum Woo and Jung Joo approach the memorial site. Gum Woo finds red roses just like last year. He shares he thinks they are from his father…who he has never met. Gum Woo once again tells her he’s only a good person because she sees him that way. He wants her to keep liking him. Finally she sees, he isn’t thinking about her feelings, only his. She calls him a jerk and leaves.


Adding insult to injury, Ji Won tells Jung Joo that she’s staking her claim on Gum Woo. Meanwhile, his sister offers some cold hard cash for him to buy out Jung Joo out of the Warm and Cozy cafe. He surprises her by rejecting her offer and the money.

Completely bummed out the Mayor suggests that he can help her get over her heartache. Gum Woo arrives and suggest that he make them dinner. No thank is the Mayor’s response.

Inside the cafe, Gum Woo sees Jung Joo is tilting towards the mayor and away from him. Jung Joo suggests rock-paper-scissors but Gum Woo says he knows he will lose this round. Fine she snipes and leaves.

wc_ep10_10b wc_ep10_10a
Outside the mayor sees she is upset.  But she gets in the car for their date. I can’t imagine the Mayor was stoked about her mindset for the date.

When Jung Joo returns to the cafe, she and Gum Woo argue about the mayor’s flowers versus the Gum Woo’s flower. They finally have a heated direct conversation when Jung Joo tells Gum Woo “you asked me to come and comfort you…I keep getting my hopes up…but no more”. He dares her to try and break away from him.

wc_ep10_11c wc_ep10_11c2
Then he kisses her. She does the open eye shocked look…then closes her eyes during the kiss.

wc_ep10_11f wc_ep10_11e
He pulls away and smugly asks if she’s lost to him again. Shocked, she stares at him.

Mature Romance: Jung Geun’s sister asks if she wants him to set her up with a wonderful woman he knows. He declines saying he’s seeing someone important. In a cute segment, Jung Geun rides his motorcyle to the driving school and takes Hae Sil to a quiet place to talk. But he grabbed the wrong diver! She is kind and brings Hae Sil to him. She remind Hae Sil the sea god is responsible for their mutual fate. Jung Geun bemoans he kidnapping went awry. She admits the motorcycle is cool. He suggest they go on a real date. She accepts. Awesome!

Ah it is makeover time for Hae Sil. I must say she looks fabulous! Jung Geun is sweet when he tells her he’s doing this to “see a more beautiful side of her.” Nice! She quips “you fell head over heels for me in my diving suit. Can you handle my enhanced beauty?” He puts the black pearl necklace on her. Again, she looks fabulous. She quips that he needs her to catch supper she could manage in the dress. I’m liking her!

At the end of the evening when she tries to return the necklace, he tells her to keep it. Just decide if she wants to see him again. If she does, come to the resort wearing the necklace. If she doesn’t, return the necklace.

Hae Sil goes to the resort to see Jung Geun…wearing the necklace. The secretary escorts her to Jung Guen’s villa. Oh, his sister and the woman she wanted to set him up with arrive at the villa too. Jung Geun’s sister mistakes Hae Sil for a cleaning lady. Hae Sil realizes she cannot ascent to Jung Geun’s world. She returns the black pearl necklace to the secretary. Jung Guen receive the black pearl necklace and watches Hae Sil leave the resort never knowing that she originally came to tell him yes, she wanted to see him. He doesn’t see the tears in her eyes as she walks away. Bummer!

1. What were these two episodes about? Waiting for male lead to genuinely care for the female lead. Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) and Gum Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) are appealing. He manages to be a jerk but not be jerk. Do you get what I mean? She is lost to him. She likes him and only him. As long as he offers her crumbs, she’ll take them. Is the inference that she thought that kiss was manipulative? When one lead is head over heels with the other, the imbalance section of the series, can be less than exciting to watch. These two episodes were like that. I don’t think he’s ready to see her worth yet…so brace yourself for more torment.
2. Minimal Ji Won in these episodes. Once she found out Gum Woo will inherit a fortune, she decided to grab him. Wonder what he’ll do when he finds out she’s ready to commit to him.
4. The mayor, Hwang Wook, does not have a chance. I felt sorry for him these two episodes.
5. The mature romance was the strong story. The motorcyle kidnapping was cool and cute. The makeover was sweet. I loved how he suggested he only wanted to see a prettier her. I adored her comeback – can you take me even prettier? Too bad she felt uncomfortable and decided to return the necklace. Now we have our classic miscommunication moment. He doesn’t know she intended to agree to date him. He promised he won’t approach her if she returns the necklace. What’s next for this couple?
7. The third song of the OST is pretty ballad “A Little Closer” by Hyo Rin of Sistar. Don’t ask me why, but I dislike it when songs have the bubble sound effect (beginning of the song). Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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