Warm and Cozy, Episodes 7 and 8 Recap

Warm and Cozy setup:
1. Four key characters comprise our young romance quadrangle: Mok Ji Won (2nd lead), Baek Gun Woo (lead), Lee Jung Joo (lead), Hwang Wook (2nd lead). Gun Woo likes Ji Won. Ji Won has been toyed with him for years. Jung Joo likes Gun Woo. Hwang Wook likes Jung Joo.
2. Two key characters comprise our mature romance:  Song Jung Geun, rich brother of Gun Woo, and  Kim Hae Sil, independent lady diver.

Nutshell Summary Episodes 7-8:

Summary Episode 7: Best episode of the series so far. The terrific casting pays off as our leads feel attraction and longing…it all ratchets up this episode.
Young Love Quadrangle: Our couple starts the episode irritated with each other. Jung Joo softens when the mayor tells her that Gun Woo smoothed things over with the angry lady diver by making pizza for her bratty grandson. She returns to the Warm and Cozy cafe ready to make things right with Gun Woo but Ji Won is there too effectively squashing the potentially healing moment. Jung Joo packs and leaves upsetting Gun Woo. When he races to the ferry to stop her, it is his turn to feel the silly when she explains she’s only going to friend’s wedding in Busan, not leaving Jeju forever.

Darling scene when the mayor, Hwang Wook and our lady diver, Hae Sil, anxiously look at the list of accepted students in the diving. Both are quietly thrilled to see their choices – Jung Joo and Jung Joo’s brother, Jung Geun, respectively on the list. Hae Sil texts Jung Geun who jumps up stoked in the middle of a business meeting, LOL! When Jung Joo returns early from the wedding (at the request of Gun Woo), the mayor spots her and rides his bike furiously to catch her bus. When he walks her home, Hwang Hook shares the good news that she was accepted in the diving school. She high fives him with enthusiasm much to the dismay of Gun Woo who spots them. Jealously flushes him and he interrupts them asking why she returned early. Jung Joo tells him that she was accepted into the diving school and he can’t help but be thrilled for her. To make the mayor jealous, he pulls her into a hug, surprising Jung Joo. He even spills the news that he knows the mayor was a former underwear model.

When Jung Joo and Gun Woo arrive home, Jung Joo finds the sweet arrangement of new diving gear on her bed. She is touched. She tells Gum Woo she’ll only keep the mask. The attraction builds between Jung Joo and Gum Woo when she strokes his back to back him feel better. She lays her head on his back and admits she’s feeling something between them, her heart flutters when she sees him. Gum Woo is startled. Jung Joo laughs, it was all part of the plan to ease his pain. As she walks away, Gum Woo puts his hand to his heart. Is it fluttering?

ep7i ep7j ep7k
Diving school goes well for Jung Joo – she catches 2 conchs! the mayor snaps pictures of the happy moment. She eagerly brings them home as she’d promised Gun Woo could cook her first catch. She is dismayed to find Gum Woo’s sister (sent by meddling Ji Won) with a room key for Gum Woo. She orders Jung Joo to give her brother the key. Jung Joo does and both of them are unhappy that he has to leave, but leave he does. They miss each other. Jung Joo comes up with the excuse to return items to him at the hotel. When she spots Ji Won and Gum Woo laughing together. She slinks away unseen, leaving his items at the front desk. Upset, she cooks the conchs she caught. She drinks, eats, and cries. Ah, I feel her pain. Nice scene by Kang So Ra. Gum Woo finally figures out how to return to the cafe. He reveals his is secretly staying at the resort to his brother and ask hoped Jung Geun kicks him out. Joyously he returns to the cafe to find Jung Joo asleep on the chair draped in his apron. He spots the conchs and the bottles of alcohol. He taps her gently and she rolls into his arms. Gum Woo stares into the Jung Woo’s sleeping face.

Mature Romance:
Jung Geun sends a series of texts to Hae Sil while she is outside hanging laundry. When he texts he is outside her house, she hurridely smooths her hair and puts an sweater. Jung Geun texts that he was joking he was outside her home but we see he watched Hae Sil the entire time. Yep, Jung Geun is hooked on Hae Sil. It’s mutual! Jung Geun agrees to sponsor the lady divers festival. His secretary asks Hae Sil to come to the hotel. Will he finally reveal his identity? Nope, he chickens out pretending to be there for a job. Hae Sil leaves confused why the president did not have time to see her. He set the appointment.

Summary Episode 8: The illness misconception (that Jung Joo is deathly ill) is revealed – will it divide our couple? At the 30 minute mark, the annoying Ji Won (2nd female lead) is summarily dismissed in a romantic sense by Gun Woo’s brother. I could play that short scene over and over.

Young Love Quadrangle:
 Gum Woo stirs a drunk and sleeping Jung Joo who rolls into his arms.  He sweetly gets her “medicine”. She sweetly asks him not to leave her. He is pleased by the request (I am too). He becomes determined to talk to her about her illness…hello bump in the road for our couple. Gun Woo’s sister advises Ji Won not to string him along or he’ll leave her just like his father left his mother. Don’t help Ji Won, I want to yell. The mayor, Hwang Wook, has a cute fantasy about arm wrestling at the office party at warm and cozy and winning her affections. His workers conspire to make his fantasy come true, as everyone can see the he likes Jung Joo. It almost works until a jealous Gun Woo outs the mayor and his co-workers that the arm wrestling is rigged. For the honor of giving Jung Joo a necklace both men arm wrestle for year. Jung Joo has a cute fantasy with both men as knights dueling over her with swords. She realizes her heart wants Gum Woo. In a darling move, she juts her chest out, distracting the mayor and allowing Gum Woo to win, LOL!

But Gum Woo takes off with the necklace and she assumes Ji Won called him. Gum Woo actually sees a doctor at the resort who tells him the medicine is for a sick person. As the mayor leaves, he confesses he likes Jung Joo but she does NOT get it. Instead she confesses she likes Gum Woo. Our poor mayor is beside himself. I thought he was clear “Why did you cheer for the person you like, when you should have cheered for the one who likes you?”. Ji Won, the wench, shows up ending their conversation. Thank goodness when Gum Woo returns, Ji Won is gone. Gum Woo vows to Jung Joo that he’ll stay with her until the day she dies. She is thrilled at that declaration. She is further stoked when he gives her the necklace. Giddy with joy, Jung Joo lays in bed staring at the necklace.

ep8_11a ep8_11b
Jung Joo looks lovely in a black party dress with flared skirt. She and Gum Woo go the resort’s party. Ji Won is not happy to see how pretty Jung Joo looks and Gum Woo’s obvious concern for her. Ji Won lucks out and learns from the doctor that Gum Woo is concerned about a sick friend. She ferret out the information that Jung Joo is the sick friend but she’s not really sick. Oh no, she’s got the ammunition to create a bump in the road to romance! She starts by cornering Jung Joo and tells her rival, Gum Woo is only nice to her because he pities her because she is assumed to be deathly ill. Ji Won then corner Gum Woo and tells him that Jung Joo’s illness is a lie. Gum Woo is shocked. Ji Won tells him they should talk this over. He brushes her off, shocking her.

ep8_12e ep8_12f
Jung Joo sits at the pretty location by the lighthouse and remembers all the kind things Gum Woo did for her. She realizes he indeed believed she was ill. Gum Woo shows up and they stare at each other before he approaches her. Jung Joo asks if he’s there to ask if she’s dying. Jung Joo asks if his kindness was because he thought she was dying. She is straightforward
JJ: I’m not dying. You said you were mine until I die. What are you doing to do now?
Gum Woo pulls her into a hug.
GW: I’m still yours…until you die…I’m yours.

ep8_7 ep8_8
Mature Romance:
 Hae Sil goes to visit Jung Geun at the hotel. He sees her, avoids her, then runs after her when she leaves. When he catches up to her, she is straightforward – you signed up for diving lessons, why aren’t you coming? Jung Geun – did you miss me? If so, should I come to the diving lessons? In a classic, non answer, Hae Sil tells him to come to diving class. Of course, he interprets this as she likes him. What can I say, he’s not wrong. Jung Geun continues to watch Hae Sil from afar. He kinda asks her to a party, but then doesn’t follow through.  A local tells him not to toy with Hae Sil, she’s been alone for 30 years and is well loved in the community.

Ji Won makes a play for Jung Guem by boldly inviting herself to the party as his partner. She suggests they could be involved romantically. Jung Geun wins my affection forever when he succinctly tell her “you are neither a part of my calculations or my heart. I intend to forget we ever had this conversation.” Bam! Denied! Yes, let me relish this moment one more time…”you are neither a part of my calculations or my heart. I intend to forget we ever had this conversation.”

The lady divers are invited to the resort party. When they arrive they are told they are to take pictures with the guests. Offended the ladies are not happy they are being used as picture props for the party. Hae Sil ends up getting pushed into the water. Jung Geun walks up. His secretary calls him President. Hae Sil now knows the truth…he is not a wastrel, he is the rich and powerful resort president. She tells him this was a bad way to invite her to a party and stalks up. Hello, bump in the road to romance!

1. Two strong episodes that moved the romance forward Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) and Gum Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) have a sweet chemistry and are an appealing couple. I am rooting for them.
2. Couple of good smack downs of Ji Won. I loved it when Jung Geun succinctly told her “you are neither a part of my calculations or my heart. I intend to forget we ever had this conversation.” Superior moment for this viewer! I also liked when she revealed Jung Joo’s supposed treachery lying about her illness, Gum Woo did not tarry with her, instead he dashed off to talk to Jung Joo.
4. The mayor, Hwang Wook, likes Jung Joo but he does not have a chance. His fantasy that she would delcare her affections for him when he won the arm wrestling contest was cute. Getting distracted when she jutted her chest out, LOL! Poor man, confesses his affection but it sailed over Jung Joo’s head. I also love the way the actor Kim Sung Oh, keeps using the picture pose throughout the series. I’m sure the director or producer is telling him to do it, but it is a nice attention to detail that I appreciate.
5. The mature romance hit a bump in the road too. I’m glad Jung Geun’s identity was revealed. Once Hae Sil deals with his subterfuge, they have a chance to make his romance work.
6. These two episodes were watchable and highlighted our couple. Ji Won wants to thwart our couple. Now the illness misconception has been revealed, what is next in her arsenal?
7. The second song of the OST is pretty duet “Butterfly” by Ha Neul Hae and Gong Bo Kyung. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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