The Producers, Episodes 7-10 Recap

The Producers Episode 7-10 Recap.

The setup: There are 4 key players in this cast – Senior Producer Ra Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun), senior Producer Tak Ye Jin (Kong Hyo Jin), rookie producer Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun), and singing star Cindy (IU). The romance is straightforward, no one likes the person that likes them back. Ye Jin likes Joon Mo. Seung Chan likes Ye Jin. Cindy likes Seung Chan. Joon Mo…isn’t sure if wants to turn his long standing friendhip with Ye Jin into romance. With a young and sweet Seung Chan making inroads with Ye Jin, Joon Mo needs to listen to his heart and act accordingly.

Nutshell Summary:

producer_ep7Episode 7 – Seung Chan hugs Ye Jin thinking it romantic. However Ye Jin is clueless about his romantic feelings. The CEO for Cindy, is a powerful cold person who sees Cindy’s worth only as the dollars she can make the company. The CEO orders Cindy to do an heavy round of promotion visits, though the doctor has ordered her to rest. Impulsively Cindy sneaks out of her van without her manager noticing and into Ye Jin’s car. Stunned that Cindy stolen into her car, Ye Jin wants to take her home. Cindy pleads she needs a break from her schedule and a place to rest. Ye Jin relents and Cindy stays in her room. Joon Mo is stunned to find Cindy in the apartment when he returns home. He hears the pleas for rest and relents agreeing to keep Cindy’s presence a secret. The next day is Cindy’s birthday and to celebrate they take her (in disguise (hat and mask)) to an amusement park. This touches Cindy who was last taken to an amusement park by her parents who died when she was 13. Ah, that explains how the CEO is called Mom and controls Cindy’s every move. Cindy is drawn to Seung Chan’s kindness and she likes him. Impulsively she kisses him. Seung Chan’s eye’s widen in shock. Cindy tells Seung Chan whenever you think of the amusement park, you’ll think of me.

producer_ep8Episode 8 –  The next morning Cindy returns to her manager, grateful for the resting reprieve Joon Mo, Ye Jin and Seung Chan gave her. Joon Mo knows Seung Chan likes Ye Jin. Ye Jin is set up on a blind date, concerning both men. Seung Chan tweaks Joon Mo for doing nothing to stop the blind date. Joon Mo notes if you can’t take responsibility, then don’t involve yourself. Look like in his past, he was friends with the singer before Cindy. Terrific cameo from Go Ara, as Cindy’s friend, who visits Cindy while Seung Chan and the camera man shoot the action. They seem to be more standoff-ish than friends due to jealousies about each other’s career’s trajectories.  In the company games day, Seung Chan is the only employee that does not realize everyone is supposed to defer to the station chief. In the soccer game, Seung Chan plays hard and the others have to stop him from beating the station chief’s team. In the epilogue Seung Chan is the kicker and Joon Mo is the goalie. Joon Mo blocks Seung Chan which I’m betting is the path the romance with Ye Jin will take too. Seung Chan and Ye Jin agree to see a movie together. He is thrilled at the date opportunity. Ye Jin remains clueless that he considers this a date. At the end of the episode, Cindy waits outside Seung Chan’s apartment building and calls him stating she is waiting to talk to him. Unfortunately Seung Chan is enroute the to movie theatre. Ye Jin cannot take his phone call because her cell battery is dead. Who will Seung Chan go to first – Ye Jin or Cindy?

producer_ep9Episode 9 – Seung Chang chooses Ye Jin but tells her they must skip the movie as Cindy is waiting for him. Joon Mo finds Cindy waiting in the rain for Seung Chan and takes her to the apartment. Cindy deflates when Ye Jin and Seung Chan return together and realizes they were on a movie date. She quickly leaves. The clueless love interests (Ye Jin does not realize Seung Chan likes her, Seung Chang does not realize that Cindy likes him) bug me, just saying. When Ye Jin gets ready to move into her own apartment we learn that Seung Chan has had a crush on her since she was a teenager. In the epilogue there is a clever tie-in of a picture in Ye Jin’s scrapbook showing Seung Chang looking at her from afar. I grow to hate the CEO who punishes Cindy for “going off the grid” by bring Cindy’s replacement singer and forcing Cindy to help promote her replacement. The cruelty of the CEO’s actions bother me. Seung Chan is thrilled Ye Jin is moving to her own apartment and away from Joon Mo. Cindy wins song of the week on Ye Jin’s show and for the first time thanks those that have helped her. She thanks Ye Jin and gives a special mention to the man that have her an umbrella and made her feel warm. Seung Chan appears to be clueless she is referencing him. Ah the parallel story, the Ye Jin is clueless about Seung Chan while he’s clueless about Cindy. This plot point is a bit annoying as it keeps all 4 characters in limbo. Seung Chan decides to declare his feelings for Ye Jin. He buys pretty led flower and a stuffed panda that will play Seung Chan’s recorded declaration when Ye Jin presses a paw. Joon Mo surprises Ye Jin by asking her to stay and not move to the new apartment. Seung Chan overhears and when Ye Jin and Joon Mo spot him, he hides the panda behind his back.

producer_ep10Episode 10 – Seung Chang leaves Ye Jin and Joon Mo after giving her the flower and keeping the bear. At home he plays his sweet recorded message. I like the part “Someone told me that my true feelings are easily spotted. But it seems that my feelings that are seen so easily by others aren’t seen by you.” Meanwhile Ye Jin and Joon Mo have a misunderstanding about why he wants to stay not move. She gets the wrong idea he wants her cooking and cleaning service. The next day she takes Seung Chan to lunch who is thrilled about the tiff. I like his “aside” when he tells the camera “At times like this, I think the fact that men and women talk about things differently…is fortunate.” The “1 Night, 2 Days” is on the ropes. Another show is being readied to take that timeslot. Seung Chan has the assignment to create a preview. He works all night. Joon Mo dismisses his efforts as subpar but offers him the advice to love his subject, so the audience can love it too. He comes up with a different idea for his preview; have Cindy and 2 of the male stars make a preview mocking their bad ratings. Cindy and the others gamely go along, though they think it may make them appear to beg for viewers. Ye Jin thinks Seung Chang likes Cindy, frustrating him to no end. Ye Jin is blind to his affections. I must say of the bunch, I am a Cindy fan growing more and more irritated with the blatant replacement that Cindy’s Producer, Byeon Mi Sook, is doing. Cindy has a minor victory when she kicks her young rivals makeup chair out of the way. Seniority has privilege. Afterwords, Cincy boldly kicks her young rival to the front of the car while she tells Mi Sook that there is only 10 months left on the contract…why make it difficult for both of them? I don’t feel that Cindy ever really has the edge, but I’d like to think she surprised Mi Sook and her young rival with her confidence and “call it like it is” approach. We end the episode with Yi Jen and Joon Mo visiting Seung Chan’s apartment for dinner and games. While the boys are gaming, Ye Jin knocks the panda off the shelf in Seung Chan’s room and hears the recorded message. Seung Chan realizes that Ye Jin heard his confession when he returns to the room and sees the Panda perched on his shelf at a different angle. Boldly (for Seung Chan) he asks Ye Jin to meet him at the playground. As they sit side by side on the swings, she admits she listened to the recording, stunned to hear his confession. In a neat move, Seung Chan grabs Ye Min’s swing chain and pulls her in for a kiss. Her eyes open wide in shock. In the epilogue Joon Mo confesses (kinda) to a sleeping Ye Jin. That was wasted breath…she did not hear him.

1. The senior characters, Ye Jin and Joon Mo, remain for animated but hopelessly stuck. Joon Mo is afraid to change their friendship to romance. Ye Jin is afraid to stay in the apartment thinking if they did get together the reason could be tainted by proximity not want.
2. The junior characters, Seung Chan and Cindy, had a bit more life. I’ve noticed throughout the series that Seung Chan has a passive aggressive side has provided fun moments. I am rooting for Cindy to defeat her Producer Mi Sook but the odds are stacked against her. Mi Sook seems to have the power in this relationship. I like Cindy exploring different avenues, e.g. the anti-fan club, to strengthen her position.
3. This show continued use of an “aside”, having the camera follow and interview the characters throughout, enhances the story as we get first hand opinions from the the characters. It has a true confessions vibe, which I like.
4. I’ve had to train myself to wait and watch the epilogues after the freeze image for each episode. I am a no spoilers, no preview viewer, so typically after the freeze image, I stop watching. Can’t do that with this show!
5. Two episodes to go. I don’t see Seung Chan’s affections switching to Cindy, which is what I want. Hopefully she’ll get a better friend in Seung Chan. I’m saying it, I dislike Ye Jin’s blindness that both Joon Mo and Seung Chang like her. It makes her appear more self absorbed and less emotionally intelligent. I did like Seung Chan’s move to pull the swing over and plant a kiss on Ye Jin. The character and story that interest me the most is Cindy’s battle with her witch of a producer Min Sook. I am totally rooting for Cindy to get the best of the controlling manipulative and cruel Min Sook.

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2 comments on “The Producers, Episodes 7-10 Recap
  1. snow says:

    Cindy is my favorite! I agree that Ye Jin comes off too much oblivious to people around her….and I also didn’t like that Cha Tae Hyun didn’t get much screen time in the drama as a whole.


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