Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 18 (Final) Recap

Everything wraps up with a pretty bow. Our couple shines in this final episode highlighting why they are supportive partners that can face the future together. The final episode had content and was not merely filler even though it was the second of two extension episodes. 

Self-centered gambling, blackmailing Joo Wo Sang cannot be found when it is time for the bone marrow surgery to save his son. Han Mi Ri calls him. He accuses her of plotting against him. Either she muzzles Cheok Hee or the bone marrow surgery will not happen. Distraught Mi Ri cries their child’s bone marrow has been removed he cannot survive long without the transplant. Wo Sang coldly tells her take care of Cheok Hee or the boy will die. Our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) and our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) burst into the hospital home to find a distraught Mi Ri. They must find Wo Sang as soon as possible. Her child’s life hangs in the balance. The office divides into 2 search teams – Lee Gyeong & Yoo Hye Rin and Cheok Hee & Jung Woo. They cannot find Wo Sang. Mi Ri realizes he may be gambling. Sure enough, they find him gambling. Wo Sang’s twisted logic sees himself as the injured party – Mi Ri plotted for a divorce behind his back. Use him for bone marrow then toss him away. There is only one way he’ll donate the bone marrow to save their child…a contract. Mi Ri reads the contract in horror. It stipulates she cannot divorce him and she cannot slander him. She hesitates, a lifetime shackled to this man is more than she can handle. Pragmatic Cheok Hee tells her to prioritize. Her child’s life is the important thing. Mi Ri signs the contract. Wo Sang smiles smugly, satisfied his cash cow of a wife can never escape his clutches. He has the surgery. The child’s bone marrow transplant surgery goes well. Everyone is relieved.

Cheok Hee and Jung Woo review the contract Mi Ri signed. Jung Woo realizes there is a way to void the contract. They go to Mi Ri with the news. She’ll have to do as they say and it won’t be an easy path. Our couple makes a good team!

dll_ep18_2b dll_ep18_2a
Step one of the plan is for Mi Ri to approach Ma Dong Mi for help. Dong Mi is not amused to find Mi Ri in her office. She tells Mi Ri the press conference will be rescheduled. Mi Ri tell her that is what she wants to discuss.

Jo Soo Ah (Wang Ji Won) is ready to leave to America for her 6 month assignment in New York. Jung Woo’s mom only thinks it is a vacation to visit her mother in New York. Soo Ah can not bring herself to tell his mother otherwise.

Soo Ah calls Jung Woo and bids him farewell. Jung Woo is shocked and disappointed. Cheok Hee takes action. For step two of the plan, she heads to the airport and asks Soo Ah to stay. Soo Ah cannot believe the request. Cheok Hee explains that Soo Ah is the best lawyer to help her get justice. Cheok Hee asks Soo Ah to represent Dong Mi. While Cheok Hee cannot tell her the particulars, getting justice for Dong Mi appeals to Soo Ah and she agrees.

Step three of the plan. Soo Ah visits Dong Mi who tells her Mi Ri asked her to sue for damages. Soo Ah is surprised Mi Ri admitted the evidence was illegally obtained. Why now she wonders. Dong Mi notes that Mi Ri stated there is truth that must be revealed but she was sworn to secrecy. Dong Mi is puzzled too but justice for her brother is her priority.

dll_ep18_6b dll_ep18_6a
Step four of the plan. Outside the courthouse they meet before entering. Three years ago the vibe was completely different. Dong Mi wonders what they are planning. Cheok Hee promises all will be revealed soon enough. They head into the courtroom.

In the courtroom, Mi Ri admits the evidence of adultery was illegally obtained. When asked why she was willing to cross the line to obtain the evidence, she states she can not specify why she did it. The judge directs her to talk. Cheok Hee tells the judge that Mi Ri has a signed a contract that forbids her to discuss anything related to her marriage to Wo Sang. Soo Ah protests that Mi Ri’s information is crucial to the case. The judge is asked to reconsider the validity of the contract. Cheok Hee shows the judge the contract. The judge has the authority to void the contract and does so. Free to speak, Mi Ri admits Wo Sang blackmailed her. The courtroom is stunned. Mi Ri states her ability to see their child was threatened. Cheok Hee has the second video and it is shown. Everyone sees Wo Sang blackmail Mi Ri into the divorce impervious to Mi Ri’s tears and pain in hurting Dong Mi’s brother and her husband. Mi Ri is stunned. She’d blamed Mi Ri for everything, but that wasn’t the entire story.

Outside the courtroom, Mi Ri tells reporters everything said inside the courtroom was true. She apologizes to Dong Mi and states she will retire from acting and reflect upon her actions.

The police arrest Wo Sang. He is not happy. I have the opposite reaction.

Mi Ri visits her husband grave site. She recalls the stunning news that her husband knew about her child and Wo Sang and deposited money into an account that Wo Sang used. He was even planning to adopt the child. Hmm, while nice, that makes his suicide less urgent if he knew everything.

dll_ep18_11b dll_ep18_11a
Mi Ri returns the inheritance to Dong Mi. Rather she donates it to the bone marrow foundation Dong Mi runs. She admits she’s under investigation and asks that Dong Mi take care of her child should she have to go to jail. Dong Mi understands her willingness to beg for her child.

After Mi Ri leaves, Dong Mi recalls throwing the wine in Cheok Hee’s face and Cheok Hee telling her if she could not make it right she could throw more wine in her face. Dong Mi shakes her head. Cheok Hee gave her brother back honor in death. She orders her secretary to pick up a nice bottle of wine for Cheok Hee. So nice to see this actress (Park Jun Keum) play a character that softened as the series went on.

dll_ep18_12b dll_ep18_12a
Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) asks his father for mercy on his employees. His father finally bends and tells Min Gyu if he agrees to join the family firm, his employees will find employment there too. His father tells his son, he is getting older and wants to pass the reigns to Min Gyu. Surprisingly Min Gyu is agreeable.

Min Gyu’s tells his staff the news that they will be transferring to his father’ company. Yoon Jung Sook and Woo Yoo Mi are thrilled and accept. Jung Woo declines the offer. He’s got another office he wants to work now.

Cheok Hee receives the bottle of wine from Dong Mi with a note that reads “What’s more gratifying than getting paid, is paying off your debt. Please celebrate with this bottle of wine.” Cheok Hee smiles. Her debt is paid and acknowledged.

Cheok Hee and Jung Woo celebrate and drink the wine in a lovely hotel room. Cheok Hee mentions that Min Gyu said Jung Woo was not moving to his father’s company. She asks Jung Woo to work with her. They can be a team at work and home.  Jung Woo accepts. Sweet!

dll_ep18_16c dll_ep18_16b
Jung Woo produces a cute card. He suggests they forego the expensive wedding ceremony and get married. He says this card will be their wedding announcement to their friend and family. Terrific compromise!

Cheok Hee declares “my debt it paid off, I’m getting married, I feel great!”. Jung Woo declares he feels great. Jung Woo looks at her meaningfully admitting he is weak when it comes to drinking wine. Catching his drift to angle for private time, Cheok Hee agrees she’s weak when it comes to wine too. They nuzzle…

As she leaves the office Yoo Mi finds Lee Gyeong’s sketchbook filled with sketches of her. She is touched. She calls him. He happens to be entering the office as she calls. They are awkward for a minute, then agree to get drink together.

The next morning, Jung Woo convinces Cheok Hee to stay in bed and “sleep” a little bit more. I liked the rotating camera angle over the bed.

Their friends and family receive and read the wedding announcement. “A good couple are not just people that suit each other. They must know how to overcomes each other’s faults.  A successful marriage is not to find a good partner, but to become one. We believe the intent is more important than the formalities. We signed a contract to be committed as man and wife instead of a wedding. Wherever you are, we ask you celebrate this moment with us.”

dll_ep18_20b dll_ep18_20a
Cheok Hee and Jung Woo kneel in front of his mother. They let her know they will live on their own for one year then come live with her. Cheok Hee says because her mother died, she’s been missing living in a household with a mother.  Jung Woo catches her attention when he offers he the car. He’s been taking the subway. His mother is surprised.

The next day he and his mother take the subway. She can’t believe he has overcome his fear. He tells her Cheok Hee helped him. Daily they took the subway until he was confident. Hey, look who’s here, it is Cheok Hee on the same subway…what a coincidence. Cheok Hee and Jung Woo compliment and sit side by side with mother. Yes, mother is starting to crack when it comes to Cheok Hee, good to see.

dll_ep18_22b dll_ep18_22a
Surly sister, Ko Mi Hee, tells Cheok Hee she is moving to Busan to help their father with the fish stall. She make tentative peace by telling Cheok Hee she now realizes that the cancer treatment may or may not have worked for their mother. She will still resent Cheok Hee, but wants her to pursue her own happiness.  Nice the writer offered some closure on this prickly relationship which had little value for the series.

dll_ep18_23b dll_ep18_23a
Last day the office is open. Jung Soo, Yoo Mi, Min Gyu,  Lee Gyeong invite Cheok Hee and Jung Woo to offer their congratulations. Sweetly Min Gyu made his wedding gift, 1000 origami swans. That was a filler scene folks.

dll_ep18_24b dll_ep18_24a
Min Gyu runs into Soo Ah in the lobby. The briefly discuss the marriage announcement. Soo Ah admits she’s still deciding if she should stay or go to America. Min Gyu impresses her with his knowledge of her favorite udon shop. Walking as benefits. They agree to eat udon together. Min Gyu tells Soo Ah she should stay in Korea. I like it! While she’s not as sparkly of a personality as he is, they could be well matched.

They hang a banner in the office “if you can’t avoid it, let’s divorce with a happy ending.” One of the clients from a previous episode come in demanding a divorce.

As they walk along the park, Cheok Hee cites Nelson Mandela endured 27 years in prison but could not last 6 months with his wife after his release and divorced her. That’s how difficult marriage is she cites.

They spot Hye Rin and her former husband kissing. The couple admits the divorce showed them they could not live without each other.

As they walk along the park, Jung Woo cites Josh Nash’s wife never left his side when he was fighting his mental illness, even after they divorced. That’s how difficult divorce is he cites.

They do it, they sign the papers (cute how he helps her sign), they are married! They agree to do their best in their marriage.

Jung Woo “I thought our wedding would be more romantic. I never imagined it at city hall.”

Cheok Hee “Do you know why all romances end with a kiss? Because they want to show you the fantasy. We know marriage is not a fantasy. So this is the perfect place for our ending.”

Jung Woo “Let’s live with 1% fantasy. That we will always stay together forever.”


Final Thoughts
* Good final episode. The Mi Ri storyline was resolved well. Dong Mi gave Cheok Hee her due and released her obligation with class. Min Gyu joins his father’s firm. Maybe he and Soo Ah are headed for a relationship. Jung Woo’s mother is on the path to accepting our couple.
* Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are a cute couple. I’m a simple viewer. I want to like the couple. I want them to like each other. I want them to be partners. I want them to respect each other’s brains not just their mutual beauty. This couple did all that. They made me smile.
* I will write a series review, here’s some initial thoughts. This show started badly and I almost stopped watching. That is unusual for me. But in episode 5 the tide turned and the show started clicking. I enjoyed this couple. I loved how she turned out to be pragmatic and realistic. I loved how he was the romantic one. What a wonderful balance for their relationship. Ah, love…ain’t it grand?!

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7 comments on “Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 18 (Final) Recap
  1. Varian says:

    Thanks for the great recap! looking forward to the review!

  2. Luce says:

    Thanks for the recap been searching for one all day cldnt stream so I really needed this . Good ending. Loved d couple . Loved the show… Hope it makes them plenty money

  3. Nice wrap-up. Well done. One of my favorite things about this show was the role reversal. I liked how the male lead was the nice guy instead of the jerk and the female lead was – well she started out as the jerk, but she mellowed out. Actually, she mellowed out way too fast. They could have made that a slower progression. But as you say, she was the practical one and he was the romantic one. That was a nice twist. I absolutely love Yeon Woo Jin. He’s a very ‘real’ and honest actor. He’s often cast as the nice guy, but he’s great at other roles too (i.e. “Marriage Not Dating”). He suits the “perfect boyfriend’ role so well. As for the ending, I would have liked something more romantic. The writers were obviously trying to be different, but I was left feeling like “that’s it?” I did want a last kiss. Any sort of kiss in the finale would have been great. Like once they were officially married. They could have had him pull one of his cute distractions and sneak a kiss in on her. Then tease her that he wanted “just a little romance.” And she could laugh and agree. That would have been adorable. 🙂

    • kjtamuser says:

      Wow, I love your concept of the last scene. The walk in the park with the voice over did have a filler vibe.
      Good point that she mellowed out quickly.
      I concur the role reversal set this couple apart. I loved that they learned strengths from each other.
      Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

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