Divorce Lawyers Episode 27 Recap

Luo Li and Hai Dong have a romantic encounter. Their friends married couple Mei Yu and Qian Kuen throw a party for their new baby. What do you think happens when Qian Kuen’s lover shows?

Episode 27 Highlights:

New mom and wife, Mei Yu, misses her cheating husband, Qian Kuen (though Mei Yu does not he is cheating), who is on a business trip in France. Our leading lady, Luo Li, listens to her friend’s complaints and declines her offer to hang out on New Years. She has plans. Mei Yu guesses Luo Li’s interest in Hai Dong, but Luo Li refuses on confirm or deny.

dl_ep27_1adl_ep27_1bdl_ep27_1cdl_ep27_1d The New Year party is underway. Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, is dancing with an important client for his client “fake but real now reunited” husband, Mr. Dong. Wow! Luo Li is looking lovely tonight. She rescues Hai Dong from his dance partner claiming to be his wife. He willingly claims he is her husband. He vows he’ll protect Luo Li from lascivious men. When a cute guy asks Luo Li to dance, she agrees and Hai Dong watches her. Mr. Dong wants Hai Dong to sing at the stroke of midnight. He declines. Mr. Dong says he’ll invite Luo Li instead. Funny moment when Mr. Dong tells Hai Dong to continue to dance with his important clients like Luo Li is doing. Hai Dong asks if he and Luo Li professional dancers or giglolos for Mr. Dong to direct. Mr. Dong quips no, they are public relation managers. He asks if Hai Dong is interested in Luo Li. He denies interest.

dl_ep27_2bdl_ep27_2a  dl_ep27_2c dl_ep27_2d
Recall Luo Li is not a good singer. Everyone finds that out quickly when she sings the song as Mr. Dong requested. Mr. Dong cuts her song off before it is finished. Luo Li is embarrassed. Hai Dong approaches her. Cute exchange between them:
LL: Why did he cut me off? I want to sue for violating my right of honor.
HD: I’ll be happy to represent you. They don’t know how to appreciate you.

In a sweet moment, Hai Dong tells Luo Li to finish the song. He takes her in his arms and she sings the last of the song. She asks if she was out of tune. He tells her it was the most beautiful song he’s every heard. Swoon!

It’s midnight, they stare into each other’s eyes, and hug. Montage of their moments plays.

After the party, they head to their hotel rooms which are conveniently located next to each other. The air is charged between them as they linger outside their rooms not wanting to say goodnight. As they enter their room, they both head back to the hallway and dive for each other. Finally!

The next morning, Luo Li’s mother’s radar ears pick up her daughter’s voice coming from Hai Dong’s apartment. She forces her way in and literally searches his place with the flimsy excuse of checking his windows. She doesn’t find her daughter and Luo Li’s father manages to drag her away.

Hai Dong can’t find where she hid but Luo Li appears and they share a sweet kiss.

Qian Kuen is back from France. Mei Yu is planning the baby’s 1 month celebration. She wants to invite Shi Jiang (Qian Kuen’s lover and Mei Yu’s friend).  Alone, Qian Kuen calls Shi Jiang tells her they must cool their relationship. That’s not what she wants to hear.

dl_ep27_4b dl_ep27_4a
At the 1 month celebration, Shi Jiang shows up late. Awkward moment when Shi Jiang and Mei Yu are wearing the same necklace (both gifts from Qian Kuen). He manages to lie his way out of that. Shi Jiang gives them an expensive gift.  Shi Jiang immediately shows an interest in Hai Dong. That rankles both Luo Li and Qian Kuen. Hai Dong’s feet get kicked alternatively by Luo Li and Qian Kuen as Shi Jiang flirts and asks for his phone number.

dl_ep27_5adl_ep27_5bdl_ep27_5d dl_ep27_5c
Shi Jiang becomes bold with Hai Dong. Luo Li inserts herself declaring she’s Mei Yu’s friend and only a friend (not a husband stealer). Qian Kuen is jealous.

After the party and at home, Mei Yu comments on Shi Jiang’s overt interest in Hai Dong. She thinks they might make a good couple. Qian Kuen seethes with jealousy and tells his wife to stop playing matchmaker.

dl_ep27_6b dl_ep27_6a
Alone, Qian Kuen calls Shi Jiang but this time she refuses to pick up the phone. Let him stew in his jealousy. For once Shi Jiang has the upper hand.

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), finally gets romantic with Luo Li. It was sweet when he saved her from standing alone on stage at the New Year’s Eve party. I like this couple. Minimal skinship shown.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), was cute when she dressed for Hai Dong, sang for Hai Dong, dived for Hai Dong, and was jealous when Shi Jiang flirted with her man.
* Mei Yu and Qian Kuen share the spotlight this episode. When will Mei Yu learn that Qian Kuen has her friend Shi Jiang as his lover?

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