Divorce Lawyers Episode 26 Recap

Luo Li and Hai Dong almost have a romantic encounter…almost. Will they give it another try?

Episode 26 Highlights:

The final round of the “fake but real” divorce case is the ceremony where the ex-wife and ex-husband will declare their marriage over in front of family and friends. The wife’s slide show is aptly named “The marriage that is about to end”.  The wife narrates their 25 years of marriage and effectively makes the point that she scarified again and again during the marriage for the success of her husband and health of her family. Watching it I was thinking she was a giving wife and sad her husband was tossing her away for a young lover. Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong gets impatient during the slide show but our leading lady’s, Luo Li tells him to give the slide show another minute, it is almost over. The lover shows and is incensed at the slide show and leaves. Good riddance! Luo Li is touched by the slide show, the audience is touched by the slide show, I’m touched by the slide show and wait for it…the ex-husband is touched too. They decide to reunite!

To celebrate the end to the case, Luo Li and Hai Dong drink and karaoke. Rather, Luo Li, who is not the greatest singer does the karaoke while Hai Dong watches. She gets flirty. He is taken aback. Does she mean it?

Luo Li’s mother calls her complaining about Luo Li’s father’s lack of support for her new career as talk show advice giver.

Hai Dong piggybacks a drunk Luo Li back to his apartment per her request. Into the bedroom they go. She is direct. Take a shower. Hai Dong confirms she means it and heads to the bathroom to shower. Luo Li practices alluring poses on the bed until she falls asleep waiting for him. When Hai Dong exits the bathroom, she’s fast asleep. He is disappointed, but a gentleman.

Hai Dong takes her back to her apartment and deposits her in bed. Luo Li’s parents are shocked to see their daughter drunk and passed out. They tuck her into bed and argue about their parenting skills over their sleeping daughter.

Luo Li’s parents have plans for New Years, a boat trip with the TV station crew. They invite Luo Li. She declines. Her mother presses her. She gets irritated and heads out of the apartment to get some air. Before getting on the elevator she rings Hai Dong’s doorbell to see if he’d like to join her. No answer. She’s on her own.

Luo Li hangs outside sipping a hot drink. A cute couple ask her to take their pictures which she does. She is acutely aware she is alone. Our happily reunited “fake but real” couple spots her and invites her to their New Year Eve party. They also give her the invitation for Hai Dong. They suggest Hai Dong and Luo Li come to the party together. I like the wife’s matching making! Luo Li does too, she takes a selfie with the invitations. Maybe she and Hai Dong will finally get traction as a couple at the New Year’s Eve party.

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), gets the green light to move into a romantic relationship with Luo Li and she falls asleep! He withstood her parents distain and brought her home like a gentleman.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), was touched by the ex-wife’s heartfelt pleas of love for her husband and the life they had shared for so many years. She got her flirt on and gave Hai Dong the green light for their relationship to proceed to romance. Too bad she fell asleep. I’m thinking she’s thinking New Year’s Eve will be their next opportunity. Can’t wait!
* The divorce case had a reversal. The wife’s abundant history of love and affection for her man, finally won his heart back. Nice to see!

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