Divorce Lawyers Episode 25 Recap

Luo Li’s mother gets a surprising new career. The  “fake but real” divorce couple holds a divorce ceremony. The wife is into it…the husband…not so much.

Episode 25 Highlights:

At drama class, the teacher asks our leading man, Chi Hai Dong if he’ll be our leading lady’s, Luo Li, acting partner.  Luo Li dares him to do it. Hai Dong takes the dare.

dl_ep25_1adl_ep25_1c dl_ep25_1b
Luo Li starts the scene pretending that he will pick her up in the morning for the wedding. Hai Dong throws her a curve and demands to know about her relationship with his assistant, Xiao Gang. The teacher tells Luo Li to react to the question. She denies a relationship. He pushes about Xiao Gang divulging company information. Love the line “although we are a couple, we are also opponents”. When she won’t divulge the truth, Hai Dong demands they get a divorce declaring “I’m a divorce lawyer, bring it.” Luo Li counters with “I can’t wait”.  The teacher tells Luo Li that was the best acting she’s ever done in the class.  Terrific scene showing their fire.

dl_ep25_2b dl_ep25_2a
Luo Li’s parents get a surprise visit from the lady at the TV station that is trying to convince Luo Li to be a guest lawyer on the show. Luo Li is surprised to find the TV station lady in her home. The lady describes the divorce case they want Luo Li to comment on. Luo Li’s mother jumps in and offers good advice. The TV station lady notices. Luo Li gets a call from the ex-wife in the “fake but real” divorce case. She has two options – go to the ex-wife or let the ex-wife come to her. She tells the TV station lady she has to go and she’ll walk her out. The TV station lady asks if she can continue to talk with her mother who is thrilled. Luo Li leaves her apartment shaking her head.

The ex-wife is beside herself with the many IOUs. She doesn’t understand why her ex-husband will not return to her. Luo Li is stuck with her obstinate demand that being reunited with her husband is the only positive outcome she wants.

The next morning the TV station lady calls and asks to speak with Luo Li’s mother. She tells Mother that if she can make a 2pm appointment, she will tape a segment for the show! Mother is thrilled. Luo Li is surprised and impressed. When her father returns they press him to act her Mother’s personal assistant for the day to carry her clothes and makeup. Reluctantly Father agrees. I like her Mother having something else to do besides obess on Luo Li’s lack of boyfriend and marriage.

dl_ep25_5b dl_ep25_5a
After the taping, Luo Li’s father is angry that mother shared a story about him that will embarrass him when their friends watch. Mother calls him sensitive. Irritated, father leaves the apartment to get some air.

dl_ep25_6b dl_ep25_6a
Hai Dong finds her father outside stuck on exercise equipment. He helps her father back to the apartment. Luo Li’s mother is not happy to see Hai Dong. He is the divorced man that is “after their daughter”.

dl_ep25_7b dl_ep25_7a
The next day at the TV station, the “fake but real” ex-wife is there and asks to speak with Luo Li’s mother. After the show and Luo Li’s apartment, the ex-wife tells her tale to Luo Li’s mother who offers decent advice. Luo Li is stunned to find her client in her home. The ex-wife is stunned she is in her lawyer’s home. Luo Li listens to their conversation and adds a comment. LOL when her mother states Luo Li is interfering with her work. Luo Li heads for her bedroom. Her mother and the ex-wife agree that a public explanation as to why the ex-husband wants the divorce is what she wants.

After the ex-wife leaves, her mother cajoles Luo Li into giving her plan a try. Luo Li doesn’t think it will work but agrees to let her mother try.

The next day Hai Dong and the ex-husband arrive at the divorce ceremony which looks like a marriage ceremony. The ex-husband is nervous. Hai Dong reminds him to get through the day and he will be able to marry the woman he loves. LOL the theme song for the event is “Sadly You are Not the One”.

dl_ep25_10b dl_ep25_10a
The ceremony starts to the assembled family and friends. The master of ceremony struggles a bit the divorce ceremony angle. Hai Dong, sporting a rose (symbol of love) that Luo Li gave him to brighten his outfit, thinks the divorce ceremony is odd. Luo Li convinces him this will give her client closure which will get his client what he wants.

The ex-husband doesn’t have much to say when the master of ceremony invites him to give an opening speech. When the ex-wife gets to speak, she thanks family and friends for coming to the divorce ceremony. The master of ceremony directs them to be seated so a short video of their marriage can be played. LOL the title of the video is called “The marriage that is about to end”.  The wife begins to narrate their 25 years of marriage….

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), was more concerned about his client’s ability to finally get his ex-wife off his back than the meaning behind the ceremony.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), was shocked but supportive of her mother’s new career. Frankly I love her mother doing anything besides nagging Luo Li to get married.
* The divorce case had an interesting twist. The divorce ceremony is underway.

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