Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 14 Recap

My favorite episode of the series. The story was balanced and interesting. All the characters are clicking now. The show has a bit of an ensemble vibe. I like the delta improvement this show has gone through.

At pending divorce couple’s house, the panicked wife calls Cheok Hee who rushes to the apartment and finds the abuser husband ready to strike his wife. Our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong)  pulls the husband off his wife. He pushes her down. He goes for the wife again. The neighbor spots what is happening and motions to Jung Woo. He watches in horror as Cheok Hee pulls the husband away from his wife. The husband turns to Cheok Hee. Our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) dashes to the apartment. Before he gets there, the husband pushes Cheok Hee to the floor and declares his wife will die. Desparate, Cheok Hee throws a trophy at the man. The husband ends up on the floor. Jung Woo arrives. The police arrive. The wife exits the bedroom. The daughter peers out of her bedroom. Everyone sees Cheok Hee holding a trophy with blood on her hands and blood pooling around the downed husband’s head. The daughter declares “the lady did it” and points to Cheok Hee. The police handcuff Cheok Hee and tell her to get a lawyer.

At the police station, Cheok Hee explains she did not see the trophy hit the husband, who is unconscious in the hospital. Jung Woo can’t believe Cheok Hee is being lead to the holding cell but she’s the only suspect at this point. Her father comes to the jail. Ashamed, Cheok Hee asks Jung Woo to send her father home. Jung Woo convinces her father to leave, though father is reluctant to do so.

 dll_ep14_2b dll_ep14_2adll_ep14_2c
Jo Soo Ah (Wang Ji Won) stops by Jung Woo’s house to visit with his mother. She asks Soo Ah to take Jung Woo clothes at the police station. When Soo Ah arrives, she sees Jung Woo pledging his support for Cheok Hee and promising to leave her alone after the case. She backs away. She calls Jung Woo and they meet outside the police station. He promises her dinner in exchange for the clothes.

dll_ep14_3c dll_ep14_3b dll_ep14_3a
In the police station, Cheok Hee frets that jail time equals a ban from law forever. Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) arrives.  Angry to see Cheok Hee in jail, he hits Jung Woo. Min Gyu promises to garner a settlement to get the charges dropped. Unfortunately, the husband must wake up first.

dll_ep14_4b dll_ep14_4aLOL, Min Gyu gathers the top doctors and ask for their analysis. The husband will wake eventually.

Jung Woo and Lee Gyeong visit the scene of the crime, searching and taking pictures. Jung Woo gets the bad news that the trophy had Cheok Hee’s fingerprints as well as the husband’s fingerprints. The police believe the trophy caused the injury. As they exit, Jung Woo notices the safety pin from a fire extinguisher which happens to be missing.

Sweetly Jung Woo stays by Cheok Hee’s side. When Min Gyu arrives in the morning he has the good news that the husband woke briefly. That’s progress towards recovery.

Jung Woo and Lee Gyeong return to the scene of the crime. Jung Woo notices one of the trophies is missing. They search and find the trophy hidden in the little girl’s bed.

dll_ep14_8c dll_ep14_8b dll_ep14_8a
Jung Woo finds the wife and daughter. He gently questions the little girl, but she’s afraid and tells her Mom she doesn’t like Jung Woo. The wife whisks the daughter away into the car. Before she pulls away Jung Woo spots the fire extinguisher in the back of her car. She drives away leaving Jung Woo with unanswered questions.

Min Gyu promises Cheok Hee’s father he’ll do whatever he can to rescue Cheok Hee from the situation.

Jung Woo uses his head and follows the wife. He startles her and he demands to see the fire extinguisher. He takes it, examines it, and finds blood on it. Bingo – we have a new suspect!

In a flashback we see that the wife struck her husband with the fire extinguisher. The trophy Cheok Hee threw never made contact. Turns out the daughter wanted to protect her mother and hid the trophy thinking it was the weapon used against her father. Jung Woo pleads with the wife to do the right thing and confess. Her daughter runs into their conversation and begs him not to take her mother away. The little girl admits she knew her father hurt her mother. The wife is horrified. She stayed with her husband to provide a stable home for her daughter. She shielded her daughter from the abuse. Now she realizes, her daughter knew and she wasted years with her husband.

Cheok Hee is stunned when the police release her. She cannot believe the wife confessed. Somehow Jung Woo does not get credit for convincing the wife to confess. I like it. Now both of them have saved each other’s lives without the other knowing about it. Recall Cheok Hee saved Jung Woo in the subway accident years prior. Now Jung Woo has returned the favor.

dll_ep14_11b dll_ep14_11a
Jung Woo is bummed that his candor about his feelings may have cost him Cheok Hee. He expresses himself tenderly. It is lovely. Lee Gyeong urges him to see Cheok Hee as the office manager and nothing more.

dll_ep14_12b dll_ep14_12a
It is get out of jail tofu heaven…Min Gyu takes Cheok Hee to his place where tofu experts to offer an array of options for Cheok Hee to eat to celebrate getting out of jail.

Easier said than done, things are awkward at work. Jung Woo directs Cheok to submit the divorce petition once the husband regains consciousness.

dll_ep14_13b dll_ep14_13a
Min Gyu’s father order him to a meeting. Min Gyu is straightforward with his father. He asks for his father’s latitude, love and willingness to put his son before the deal with his finance’s mother. It is a heartfelt request from a son to his father, nice!

Soo Ah tells Min Gyu she’ll stay in the penthouse longer. He is a friend and supports her. He gives her the good news that Cheok Hee and Jung Woo have broken up. He shares he wants to propose to Cheok Hee. Soo Ah advises Min Gyu to pick a location that is just for Cheok Hee.

Cheok Hee tells her father she will quit her current job to open her own firm when she is reinstated as a lawyer. She admits there is someone at the office she wants to avoid…seeing him hurts too much.

Min Gyu’s father waits in vain for Min Gyu to show. Min Gyu’s finance, Ah Jung, and her mother, Ma Dong Mi get irritated. Dong Mi tells Min Gyu’s father the waiting is over. Now she will sue for return of the land and the new building the he recently built.

Angry Min Gyu’s father asks for Min Gyu’s assets to be cataloged for him.

Cheok Hee is grateful to Min Gyu and is obligated to pay back the settlement money. She suggests she thank him with a gift of clothing. They peruse items in his favorite clothing store and Cheok Hee immediately gets sticker shock. Sensitive to this, Min Gyu gallantly states a new pair of red socks is exactly what he needed.

Jung Woo is also paying back his debt to Soo Ah for bring clothes to the police station by treating her to the promised dinner. Of course, in walks Min Gyu and Cheok Hee. They dine together. They each probe if this is a date. Jung Woo accidently squeezes ketchup on Min Gyu and himself. As the men clean up, Soo Ah asks what Cheok Hee’s plans are once she is reinstated as a lawyer. Cheok Hee admits she’s been looking for office space. Soo Ah invites her to come with her tomorrow.

Min Gyu with Yoon Jung Sook, jack of all trades, including diamond expert, is buying an engagement ring for Cheok Hee. Not just one, but multiple rings so Cheok Hee has a choice! LOL when he admits to being unable to take off the red socks Cheok Hee got him.

dll_ep14_18b dll_ep14_18a
Cheok Hee likes the office space Soo Ah shows her. Cheok Hee asks why she is showing her the space. Soo Ah admits it was originally for her, but something stopped her. If Cheok Hee takes the space they both win – Cheok Hee will no longer feel uncomfortable around Jung Woo and Soo Ah will no longer feel uncomfortable having Cheok Hee around Jung Woo. Cheok Hee agrees to take the space. I like the pragmatic Cheok Hee.

Cheok Hee admits to her father she learned alot in the current job, made friends, and will miss it when she moves on. She heads to the office and packs her belongings including the Chucky doll.

The next morning Jung Woo et all notice Cheok Hee cleared out her desk the previous evening.  Min Gyu stops the office and tells everyone don’t feel bad for Cheok Hee she has a new life waiting for her.

Min Gyu invites Cheok Hee to the shopping mall at 2pm.

dll_ep14_20a dll_ep14_20

Jung Sook tips off Jung Woo that Cheok Hee will be at the shopping mall at 2pm.

Go big or go home is Min Gyu’s motto. He’s rented out the entire shopping mall. He’s sitting at a table with 10 engagement rings for Cheok Hee to choose from. He is sweetly nervous.

Cheok Hee arrives and is lead to where Min Gyu waits for her. She is astonished he rented out the shopping mall. She is astonished to find 10 diamond rings on the table. Min Gyu blurts out the rings are hers. Stunned, she quickly ascertains Min Gyu intends to propose. She directly tells Min Gyu the answer is no. She leaves. Min Gyu is crushed.

dll_ep14_22b dll_ep14_22a
As Cheok Hee exits the shopping mall, she gets a call from the abused wife. The woman apologizes for not having the courage to admit her wrong doing, but is thankful Jung Woo convinced her to. What? Cheok Hee asks for clarification. She states Jung Woo found her and convinced her to confess.

dll_ep14_23adll_ep14_23c dll_ep14_23b
Jung Woo arrives. Cheok looks at him steadily. She says she’s just learned the wife confessed. That’s good news, Jung Woo comments. She stares, he stares.
JW: I can’t forget you.
CH: I can’t either.
JW: Let’s just love each other.
CH: And if it’s hard?
JW: Then it is hard.
CH: And if it hurts?
JW: Then let’s hurt. If it is painful, it is painful, It is sad, it is sad.
CH:  Let’s just love each other.

dll_ep14_23f dll_ep14_23d
They kiss, reunited with a realization they will work through life’s challenges together.

Final Thoughts
* My favorite episode of the series so far.  I appreciated the nuance of the slightly different camera angles when they started the show and later when the wife recounted what happened during the assault of the abuser husband and Cheok Hee’s and the wife’s interaction. Jung Woo had to use his brain to solve the crime Cheok Hee was accused of it. He didn’t share his role in her release, making the reveal sweeter when she found out what she’d done. Can’t wait until he finds out she is the mint candy woman that saved him in the subway accident.
* Min Gyu was gallant and destined to be disappointed. Min Gyu has a charm and likability that has increased as the series has progressed. He is so innocent in love. Throwing money at problems is the only method he knows. 10 engagement rings and renting a shopping mall were over the top but totally in line with this character. So glad Cheok Hee was straightforward and declined without hesitation.
* Cheok Hee and Jung Woo play are reunited. They are a cute couple. They are both smart and have different strengths as lawyers. They must work together by the end of the series. Only 4 episodes to go. What’s left? Mom is an obstacle. The identify of the mint candy lady has yet to be revealed. Soo Ah’s lying about the mint candy woman has yet to be revealed. And Cheok Hee must get the goods on Han Mi Ri and restore her honor with Ma Dong Mi.

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3 comments on “Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 14 Recap
  1. idastravels says:

    It has turned out to be such a sweet series. I hope it goes on to have a good afterlife on the web. Thank you for recapping. Because the ratings are low, there do not seem to be a lot of overseas fans.


    • kjtamuser says:

      You bring up a good point with so many shows today. What happens on the air is only the 1st phase of a show’s life. Folks explore and find shows well after a show airs. Glad you are enjoying this show too. Thanks for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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