Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 13 Recap

Jung Woo declares a one-sided love with Cheok Hee is sufficient…but is it? Jung Woo and Min Gyu have loads of chemistry. This lighthearted show takes a surprising turn into spousal abuse.

Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) and our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong)  are in the dining room for supper. Our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) calls Min Gyu to ask for a vacation break, he agrees. When Cheok Hee’s phone rings, Jung Woo hears the distinct ringtone. He asks Min Gyu if Cheok Hee is with him. Min Gyu feigns a bad connection and hangs up. Jung Woo find out where they are and meets them on the grounds. Jung Woo demands to talk to Cheok Hee and drags her away by the wrist.

dll_ep13_1adll_ep13_1b It’s no good, Cheok Hee won’t change her mind. Recall she broke up with Jung Woo because his mother would not accept their relationship.

dll_ep13_2bOur two rivals for Cheok Hee meet in the bar. Min Gyu asks if Jung Woo drinks. Jung Woo states he can but does not like to. Min Gyu counters he can and likes to. Male posturing commences. Min Gyu has flair in drinking his shot. Jung Woo states he’s young enough he can handle the alcohol. Min Gyu unbuttons his shirt revealing his impressive chest claiming it’s not about youth, it’s all about maintenance. These two have good chemistry and this scene was loads of fun!

dll_ep13_3b dll_ep13_3aThe next morning the two men wake to each other in bed. They are equally horrified agreeing that nothing happened. It’s best if you see the toothbrush scene for yourself. Min Gyu flashes his well developed chest to intimidate Jung Woo who counters with the youthful beauty of his face. LOL!

dll_ep13_4b dll_ep13_4aIt’s no good, Cheok Hee won’t change her mind. Jung Woo declares he will be in a one-sided love. Cheok Hee and Jung Woo walk near each other, in front of each other, and behind each other until Cheok Hee trips and Jung Woo catches her in his arms. Cliched but cute.

At work Jung Woo plies Cheok Hee with treats which she pretends she ordered.

Jo Yoo Sang agrees to give the mystery woman, Chae Yoo Ran, with the rare purse that must be from Han Mi Ri, the house to secure the divorce. Cheok Hee calls Yoo Ran with the good news. They make a deal. Cheok Hee sends the documents and Yoo Ran will meet her with the recording about Mi Ri. Cheok Hee only sees half the recording before agreeing Mi Ri’s terms. Not a smart move of Cheok Hee’s part to give away her leverage before she gets the recording from Yoo Ran. Sloppy story telling in my book.

dll_ep13_5b dll_ep13_5adll_ep13_5c
Yep, Mi Ri meets Yoo Ran and convinces her to give her the recording not Cheok Hee with a substantial bribe. Cheok Hee arrives at the meet location only to find Yoo Ran not there and her cell phone off.

dll_ep13_6b dll_ep13_6aThe divorce case veers into serious waters as the wife tells Jung Woo and Cheok Hee that her husband, a doctor, has psychically abused her for 10 years without leaving bruises. Without physical proof, the police could do nothing.

dll_ep13_7b dll_ep13_7aJung Woo and Cheok Hee meet with the husband. He denies abusing his wife. He refuses to divorce his wife. He dares them to provide the abuse.

Outside the apartment complex, Cheok Hee suggests the Jung Woo the neighbor across the complex could have seen the abuse through a window. The occupant of the bedroom across from the divorce couple is out of town for a week. They’ll have to wait.

dll_ep13_8aOh no, Cheok Hee’s father overhears Jung Woo refer to Cheok Hee as Manager. She finally confesses she’s been suspended. She begs for her father’s forgiveness. In a show of solidarity, Jun Woo also kneels and asks for her father’s forgiveness. Cheok Hee’s sister, Ko Mi Hee, enjoys the moment.

dll_ep13_9In a super sweet move, Jung Woo sends Cheok Hee’s favorite chicken up the elevator. He calls her. She finds the food. She is touched.

dll_ep13_10b dll_ep13_10aAt home, Jung Woo brings a duplicate order of chicken. Jo Soo Ah (Wang Ji Won) is there picking up more clothes. Jung Woo’s mother implores her to eat the chicken with them. Jung Woo brings up the mint candy lady that Soo Ah found. Jung Woo’s mother is thrilled. She’ll worship the woman that saved her son. Uncomfortable, Soo Ah leaves.

dll_ep13_11b dll_ep13_11aMin Gyu realizes Jung Woo and Cheok Hee broke up. That makes his day. Min Gyu is giddy and ready to break his engagement. He meets with Min Gyu’s finance, Ah Jung, and her mother, Ma Dong Mi. He tells them he is out of this contractual relationship. He wants real love. Ah Jung finds that appealing. So does her mother who calls a reporter friend for help.

dll_ep13_12b dll_ep13_12aThe next morning Min Gyu’s and Ah Jung’s engagement is featured in newspapers on on-line sites. Min Gyu’s father is estastic his son is settling down into the relationship he negotiated with Dong Mi. Not so fast, Min Gyu tells his father. The engagement is off, I’m in love with another woman.

dll_ep13_13b dll_ep13_13aEveryone at the office feels bad that Cheok Hee must feel humiliated with Min Gyu’s engagement and break up with Cheok Hee. She tries to laugh it off but her co workers insist in treating her to an outing of drink and food. Jung Woo gets tipsy and admits to everyone that he likes Cheok Hee. They head to a karaoke bar where he sings a song of love for Cheok Hee. Embarrassing? Yes it is. Only Jung Woo is oblivious.

dll_ep13_14b dll_ep13_14aAfterword, Cheok Hee tells Jung Woo her suspension is lifted next month. She plans to leave the law firm and start her own practice. They’ll never see each other again.

At home, Cheok Hee confirms that she is the mint candy woman when see tells Mi Hee the story how she helped a law student in the subway on the accident day.

Jung Woo stops by Soo Ah’s office and gives her the clothes she left at the house when she hurriedly left the previous evening. She asks Jung Woo if he and Cheok Hee broke up. Jung Woo downplays it, saying they are going through a rough patch in their relationship.

dll_ep13_15adll_ep13_15b Min Gyu tells Cheok Hee he broke his engagement. She is shocked. He implies he did because “I saw a jewel without an owner”. She does not understand the reference is her (the jewel) without a boyfriend (an owner).

dll_ep13_16edll_ep13_16ddll_ep13_16bdll_ep13_16c  dll_ep13_16aAt the divorce couple’s house, the wife is attempting to leave with their daughter. The husband pretends to search for the divorce papers to sign. When he traps his wife in the room, she panics and calls Jung Woo. He can’t answer because he is interviewing the neighbor that might have seen the abuse and his cell phone is in his car. The paniced wife calls Cheok Hee. She refuses to the apartment and finds the man ready to strike his wife. She pulls him off. He pushes her down. He goes for the wife again. The neighbor spots what is happening and motions to Jung Woo. He watches in horror as Cheok Hee pulls the man away from his wife. The man turns to Cheok Hee. Jung Woo dashes to the apartment. Before he gets there, the man pushes Cheok Hee to the floor and declares his wife will die. Desparate, Cheok Hee throws a trophy at the man. She shoots, she score, but unfortunately the man is struck in the head. Jung Woo arrive. The police arrive. The wife exits the bedroom. The daughter peers out her bedroom. Everyone sees Cheok Hee holding the trophy with blood on her hands and blood pooling around the downed man’s head. The daughter declares “the lady did it” and points to Cheok Hee. The police cuff Cheok Hee and tell her to get a lawyer.

Final Thoughts
* This episode surprised me by dipping it’s toe into spousal abuse.  Cheok Hee tried to save the abused wife who she believed was in imminent danger from the husband and ends up with blood on her hands.
* Min Gyu was thrilled when Cheok Hee and Jung Woo broke up. That gave him the green light to dump his financee and pursue his heart’s desire, Cheok Hee.
* The male posturing between Min Gyu and Jung Woo was terrific. The drinking scene – stamina is youth for Jung Woo or maintenance for Min Gyu. The brushing the teeth scene where Min Gyu flashes his impressive chest and Jung Woo flashes his impressive young face – LOL! Excellent chemistry between the two actors.
* Cheok Hee and Jung Woo play off each other well. The actors have a rhythm when they banter and it works. The obstacle of his mother’s disapproval – cliche.
* Part 6 of the OST is released. It is the ballad version of “Shall We Love Again?” sung by Park Yong In. Listen via the link or the embedded video below:

The perky version of this song was Part 1 of the OST and also sung by Park Yong In. Listen via link or embedded video below:

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