Angry Mom Episode 15 Recap

Angry Mom Episode 15. The bad guys go on trial. They are slippery, it is not easy for the good guys to prove their wrongdoings. Will good prevail over evil?

Our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon), Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo), No A’s father (the judge), and Yi Gyeong’s mother meet with the prosecutor who will put Principal Do and Dong Chil on trial.

Anyone surprised that Principal Do and Dong Chil weasel their way so the charges don’t stick? Their lawyers are good, they block written and video evidence, blame the construction workers, or Gang Ja’s husband (deceased) much to her horror.

The bad guy’s lawyer challenges the prosecutor to bring real evidence or he will lose.

Let me just say, it is irritating to watch (the bad guys getting away with murder again).

Principal Do visits Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu) in the hospital (faking sickness to avoid prison) and they agree to a plan. Hong Sang Tae (Baro), sharing the room with his father, is not happy.

Dong Chil, who is the only bad guy I still am interested in because he is Ah Ran’s father, tells Ae Yeon that Principal Do won’t protect her.

Keeping her on his side, Principal Do takes Ae Yeon to dinner.  At least she has a grip on why she looks to men to save her not abandon her. Principal Do tells her Dong Chil will be the scapegoat.

The defense prepares to discredit Gang Ja. Her past is thrown in her face. Netizens are against her. The mothers worry that she will harm their cause.

The Chairman makes a statement to the press. He claims he did not know about the shoddy construction. His own son was in the building. His own son is in critical condition. Sang Tae exposes that statement as a lie when he walk up and tells his father and the reporters he is ok and heading to school. Well done Sang Tae!

am_ep15_6a am_ep15_6bam_ep15_6c
The students hold vigil at the victims memorial outside the school. Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) is surprised when Sang Tae joins the vigil. She asks what he will do about his father. He holds up a sign imploring his father to tell the truth. She holds his hand. The quiet scene is compelling.

Gang Ja and No A hold vigil at the bedside of Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo), still in a coma. Gong Joo, just released from prison, visits and is sorry her line of business casts aspersions on the case.

am_ep15_8a am_ep15_8
Ae Yeon warns Dong Chil to be careful. Chairman will frame him. Dong Chil says she is the one that should be careful. Ae Yeon finds a large sum deposited in her account. She is shocked. Dong Chil says choosing Principal Do made her an easy target for fabricated evidence. He tells her it is 2 years in prison, accept it. She scream her frustration. Sorry, but I don’t care Ae Yeon.

During a meeting of the good guys, Ah Ran gets a call from Yi Gyeong’s phone, shocking her. It’s not Yi Gyeong but the police calling. They found Bok Dong’s phone. We see the flashback of Bok Dong loading the phone with the video of Yi Gyeong’s murder. Will they find the damning video?

Ah Ran says the outside of the phone is Bok Dong’s but the contents are Yi Gyeong’s phone.  They find the video! That video is shocking. Everyone gets upset. Wait a minute…Bok Dong moved slightly…but no one saw.

Principal Do drinks and remembers Ae Yeon asking how he could use her then discard her. Easy as breathing, is my thought. He is narcissistic scum.

Now it is his turn to get spooked as he gets texts from Yi Gyeong’s cell phone. He heads to the roof and sees Yi Gyeong. Nope, it is an illusion. Gang Ja, No A and Gong Joo record his outburst.

Who is worse of the evil trio? Principal Do, his father (the Minister of Education) or the Chairman? They are total scum in my book.

am_ep15_11c am_ep15_11b am_ep15_11a
Principal Do tells his father someone was messing with his head and took the video. The word is that Principal Do is crazy the Chairman barks. Principal Do accuses the Chairman of framing him. The Chairman is livid at the accusation. Daddy dearest orders the Chairman to find the video source.

Dong Chil admits he may know the video source…Bok Dong. Not cool to throw a comatose kid under the bus.

Time is running out for the good guys to find the crucial evidence. Ae Yeon surprises them by offering her help. “No thanks traitor” is their response.

Dong Chil visits Bok Dong in the hospital. This is what happens when you don’t listen to me is the message to the comatose kid.

I am not an Ae Yeon fan, but the actress Oh Yoon Ah looks lovely in this shot.

The good guy’s plan is two pronged – contact Sang Tae’s mother to see if she can confirm illegal activities by the Chairman and break into the vault at the library (Gang Ja vows illegal methods are acceptable).

Dong Chil reports to the Chairman that Bok Dong’s phone contained the contents of Yi Gyeong’s phone. He tells the Chairman he can retreive Bok Dong’s phone from Gang Ja. Chairman asks what is Dong Chil’s relationship with Ah Ran and Gang Ja? Dong Chil sidesteps answering by stating Gang Ja killed his brother and it is time for retribution. The Chairman orders Dong Chil to bring Gang Ja alive or else.

Ae Yeon asks why Dong Chil did not admit he is Ah Ran’s father. Dong Chil states he is not the father. Ae Yeon asks if his brother Beom is the father. Dong Chil states it does not matter.

Dong Chil enters Gang Ja’s home and knocks down mother-in-law. He searches for Bok Dong’s phone but does not find it.

Dong Chil enters Gong Joo’s place and demands Bok Dong’s phone. Color me surprised, as Dong Chil chokes one of her men, Gong Joo admits that Gang Ja went to the library. One of the henchman calls the Chairman that Dong Chil will intercept Gang Ja at the library. The Chairman is pleased that Dong Chil is following his orders.

Gong Joo calls Gang Ja and No A that Dong Chil is headed their way. They don’t seem concerned. Are you kidding me? Gang Ja has the password from Sang Tae. She’ll be in and out of the vault quickly.  No A unlocks the library and Gang Ja heads in alone. Again, I say, are you kidding me?

am_ep15_19b am_ep15_19a
No surprise, Dong Chil is already in the library. Gang Ja opens the vault, turns and sees Dong Chil. When the Chairman arrives, Dong Chil tells him Gang Ja is locked in the vault. Dong Chil throws Sang Tae under the bus when he tells the Chairman his son provided the code. The Chairman is not happy with his son’s choices of late.

am_ep15_20a am_ep15_20b am_ep15_20cThe Chairman enters the vault. It is empty. The Chairman turns and reporters rush into the vault. The good guys stares at the Chairman as he realizes Dong Chil betrayed him.

am_ep15_21a am_ep15_21b am_ep15_21c
In flashback we see that Bok Dong woke, Ah Ran and Gang Ja asked for Dong Chil’s help, and Dong Chil could not refuse Ah Ran’s faith in him. I like that point, faith is a powerful entity in life, it can sway you. We also see Dong Chil’s visit to Gong Joo’s place was planned to fool the Chairman’s man. He wasn’t the only one fooled, I was too (as evidenced by my “are you kidding me” comments).

am_ep15_22b am_ep15_22a
Back in the vault the Chairman tells Dong Chil he will kill him personally. Not wise to threaten surrounded by reporters. Dong Chil calmly tells him the situation could be reversed. Gong Joo tells the Chairman she has no traitors in her organization. Finally the Chairman lashes out at Gang Ja. Steely stares all around.

One down, two to go.

Principal Do declares he won’t go down alone and eyes the damning recording his mother made of his father.

Speaking of daddy dearest, the Minister of Education recalls the Chairman asks for time to switch the ledgers in the vault to incriminate his son, Principal Do.

Back to the courthouse…Chairman testifies that Principal Do is the culprit. Ae Yeon is asked who deposited the money in her account. Voice over of the Chairman telling her to frame Principal Do if she wants to live. Ae Yeon implies Principal Do. We see his apartment searched and find out that Principal Do stashed the damning recording outside his apartment. The prosecutor asks Principal Do about his cohorts turning against him. Principal Do says in appeal more will be revealed so he will not go down alone.

The prosecutor calls Bok Dong to the witness stand. He testifies that he was on the roof when Yi Gyeong died. He clearly states Principal Do pushed her over the roof’s edge. He further states Yi Gyeong was pregnant by Principal Do. He states Principal Do framed him for the murder. He tells the court Yi Gyeong found the vault in the library…that is why she died. He yells at Principal Do, “over something so trivial, you did not have to kill her!”  Superb! Compelling! Finally!

Two down, one to go.

The prosecutor submits the cell phone with video of Yi Gyeong’s death into evidence. The prosecutor calls for Principal Do’s arrest for murder. The prosecutor calls for the vault contents to be confiscated and submitted as evidence.

As Principal Do is lead away in handcuffs, he and Ae Yeon stare at each other. The Chairman calls his man in the police who report they could not find the recording when they searched Principal Do’s apartment.

The prosecutor hopes the recording was found. No A and his father wonder if the Minister of Education’s support will lessen with Principal Do’s arrest.

am_ep15_26b am_ep15_26a
One scene we’ve waited for…well maybe not…Dong Chil and Gang Ja just stare at each other in the hallway. I was hoping for more. Next episode I guess.

The Minister of Education tries to get things delayed. Tough to manipulate, his political friends tell him, the nation is watching. They scold him for ever acknowledging Principal Do as his son. The Minister of Education threatens to expose them. That gets their attention and action.

Things are delayed much to the frustration of the prosecutor. He is told they don’t want to appear to be influencing the election by casting aspersions on the Minister of Education. You can see the prosecutor thinking “are you kidding me?”

No A calls Sang Tae’s mother in America.


Sang Tae’s mother returns to Korea. She apologizes to Sang Tae for abandoning him. Sang Tae cries. No A believes it is the united Mothers that will defeat evil. Gang Ja hopes Sang Tae’s mother will testify.

* Decent episode. It’s been almost a month between my viewing of episode 14 and this episode, so maybe my opinion is different than if I’d watched this in a shorter timeframe. I’m glad to see the bad guys going down. BUT they’ve held the cards and the power for so long, it is not as satisfying as I’d hoped. Almost like I believe the bad guys can still weasel their way out of this mess. That lessens my satisfaction. It is a slippery slope, the balance between good and evil.
* The young actors rule. Their scenes had the emotional punch of the episode.
1. Ah Ran shredded Dong Chil with her pleading look. He was a goner and could not deny his daughter’s plea for help.
2. Bok Dong’s day in court was heartfelt and impactful. Up until that point, justice for the death of the students and Yi Gyeong appeared to be unobtainable. Bok Dong’s direct, succinct statements skewered Principal Do. When he yelled at Principal Do for the senseless murder, it resonated, and you clearly saw Principal Do murdered to save his reputation.
3. Sang Tae’s sweet hand hold of Ah Ran while attending the candle light vigil, the fact that Sang Tae exposed his father’s lie that he was in critical condition, the fact that Sang Tae provided the access code to the vault, the reunion with the Mother that fled to save herself from the beating monster the Chairman, these scenes elicited emotion.
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) earlier tactics lessened the strength of the case against the bad guys. She almost had to take a back seat while others worked to find the evidence. Finally in the vault she got the satisfaction of framing the Chairman. I find it interesting that Gang Ja’s impact has lessened as the series closes out.
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) is strong and capable now. What a change this character has made over this series. His belief system is not as naive. His actions matter more.
* One more episode, and I don’t know what will happen, I’ve managed to stay spoiler free. Here’s my wishlist:
1. The evil trio is sent to jail and do not win on appeal.
2. Bok Dong lives with No A permanently.
3. Sang Tae’s mother involves herself in his life. I’m concerned that would mean he would have to move to America which would impact…
4. Sang Tae and Ah Ran have a shot at a real romance. No I don’t need to see it but I’d like the possibility presented.
5. Gang Ja finds satisfaction in her next step in life. Return to running the eatery, doing something else, whatever it is…she needs to feel some joy.
6. Gong Joo and her band of merry men stay fabulous and involved with Gang Ja and Ah Ran.
7. Finally I’d like Dong Chil to acknowledge Ah Ran as his daughter and admit he cares. I’d like Dong Chil to come to a resolution with Gang Ja. He does not need to reverse his opinion of his brother’s death, but Gang Ja is the mother of his daughter. That’s a big deal. They need to have some kind of closure. If anyone dies in the final episode, it may be Dong Chil or the Chairman per their threats to each other in this episode. As I mentioned in the recap, Dong Chil is the only villain that I care about. If he dies, so be it. But I’d like acknowledgement of Ah Ran. If that doesn’t happen, so be it.
* Part five of the OST is released. “Teleport Me” by Aberdeen Orange featuring Jasmine was featured in several scenes this episode. Listen to it via the link or the embedded video below.

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