Divorce Lawyers Episode 24 Recap

Hai Dong’s ex-wife gets beaten and Hai Dong cannot sit idly by. Married couple, Qian Kuen and Mei Yu have dinner with his lover. Luo Li appears to want to move into a romantic relationship with Hai Dong. Wonder how he feels about that.

Episode 24 Highlights:

Our leading lady, Luo Li, and her parents return to her apartment. Bickering begins. Luo Li is a professional at mediating bickering between her parents. Wonder if that drove her to become a lawyer? Mom tells Luo Li that fighting is the prelude to makeup cuddles. Mom proves the point immediately by manipulating Dad.

Ex-wife in the “fake but real” divorce calls Luo Li. She’s being flooded with IOUs from her husband. Luo Li tells her she’ll see her in her office tomorrow.

Hai Dong’s assistant, Xiao Gang, calls Luo Li but her Mom answers. He offers to take Mom and Dad sightseeing around Beijing. Mom is impressed with the offer and accepts.

dl_ep24_3b dl_ep24_3a
A bit of an awkward dinner between new mom and wife, Mei Yu, cheating husband, Qian Kuen (though Mei Yu does not he is cheating), and his lover and her friend, Shi Jiang. Mei Yu is grateful that Shi Jiang found her husband a job. It’s weird to see them pound wine like they are doing shots. When Mei Yu steps away from the table. Shi Jiang tells Qian Kuen she wants to see him and knows he is avoiding her.  He bluntly tells her his priority is his wife and child.  She pleads with him for time together. She promises not to interfere. He flatly tells her she’s interfering right now. The conversation is cut off when Mei Yu returns. They end the awkward evening with cheers and thanks to Shi Jiang.

Oh no, Hai Dong’s ex-wife’s lover is doing poorly in the stock market. He’s mad when he gets home. He becomes furious when he sees all the clothes she bought. Jealous that she has her own money and paranoid that she cannot get Hai Dong out of her mind, he beats her. It is not a pretty scene.

dl_ep24_5b dl_ep24_5a
Hai Dong goes to the emergency room appalled his ex-wife was beaten. He takes her home. The boyfriend, drunk, returns home. The men have words and Hai Dong decks him.

dl_ep24_6b dl_ep24_6a
Xiao Gang picks Hai Dong up at the police station. The law seems to be it isn’t domestic violence if they are in a relationship, making it a  “family matter”. Hai Dong’s ex-wife picks up her boyfriend. The boyfriend and Hai Dong stare daggers at each other before getting into the cars.

Xiao Gang takes Luo Li and her parents to breakfast. Luo Li gets a calls and heads into the office.

The boyfriend apologizes the Hai Dong’s ex-wife and promises he’ll never hurt her again.

When Luo Li gets to the office, the lady from the TV station is there and once again tries to convince Luo Li to offer on-air divorce advice. Luo Li tells her politely and firmly no. The lady asks her to consider the offer. Luo Li tells her another time.

How cute. Luo Li has an appointment with Hai Dong. She checks herself out, making sure she looks good. Love seeing her primp for him. The chemistry is building between these two.

dl_ep24_8b dl_ep24_8a
I simply adore how he barges into her office and she makes him exit and knock politely. Then he opens with the plea for them to makeup. She agrees then flips the 2 minute timer on her desk letting him know her time is precious. I could watch them do that all day long. Love it!

Hai Dong asks if Xiao Gang was her source about the secret mansion. She won’t divulge her source. Hai Dong wants to talk more but Luo Li has her drama class to attend. She tells him he can come with her if he likes.

At the class, Hai Dong continues to pester Luo Li for details on her relationship with Xiao Gang. She offers little.  The teacher arrives and picks Luo Li to do an improvisation scene on the “night before her wedding”. Luo Li protests her partner is not there. The teacher asks Hai Dong if he’d be Luo Li’s partner.  Luo Li dares him to do it and drags him to his feet. Hai Dong is speechless…

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), simply could not help himself from wanting to know about Luo Li’s relationship with his assistant Xiao Gang. I love their bantering.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), primping for Hai Dong and their bantering in her office were terrific scenes. It is obvious she wants to pursue a romantic relationship with him. What is he thinking?
* The divorce case had little movement. The IOU was the continued item.
Mei Yu and Qian Kuen thank you dinner with his lover…awkward. How long before Mei Yu finds out her friend is sleeping with her husband.
* Hai Dong’s ex-wife got beaten by her boyfriend. The lack of consequences for him was sad to see.

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