Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 12 Recap

Jung Woo’s mother will not accept Cheok Hee. She cannot allow Jung Woo to be estranged from his mother. Is this the end of their relationship? 

Mystery woman, Chae Yoo Ran, with the rare purse that must be from Han Mi Ri has told our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong)  it is easy to get evidence of her husband’s affair, she need only go the house this weekend. He trysts with Mi Ri there every weekend. Cheok Hee heads out to get the evidence proving adultery. Our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) drives and waits for her (not knowing why she is there or her intentions). He kicks ball with the kid while he waits.  Mi Ri slips out of the house before Cheok Hee can identify her. Cheok Hee snoops through the house until the housekeeper returns with the kid. Cheok Hee wonders who the kid is. The housekeeper says the kid is hers. I’m not buying that. Cheok Hee looks skeptical too. In the end, Jo Yoo Sang agrees to give Yoo Ran the house. Cheok Hee is stunned.

Cheok Hee tells Jung Woo that she plans to expose the truth about Mi Ri, admitting she does not know everything yet but it will help her pay back the debt she owes Ma Dong Mi. I like her honesty.

Jo Soo Ah (Wang Ji Won) moves out. Jung Woo’s mother is upset. Jung Woo tells his mother he cannot force his heart to care for Soo Ah as more than a friend. Upset, his mother tells him to move out just like Soo Ah.

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Cheok Hee’s sister, Ko Mi Hee, gets arrested. Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) goes to the police station with Father and helps bail her out. When they return to the apartment Cheok Hee is happy to see her sister. Mi Hee, on the other hand, lashes out at Cheok Hee over past actions which she believes killed their mother early. Later in the episode Mi Hee bashes Cheok Hee again. Father tells Cheok Hee to let the past go and not to buy into Mi Hee’s blame game. I see Mi Hee as bratty and stuck in the past. Her hairstyle does not resonate with me.

Soo Ah takes refuge in the penthouse Min Gyu lends her. He also sends her dinner. Jung Woo’s mother visits Soo Ah.

The divorce case is a wife wanting a divorce because the husband demands 3 elaborate meals a day. She cooks all day every day to meet her husband’s demands. Cheok Hee, Jung Woo, and Jung Sook visit the husband and wife. Jung Wook manages to get the husband to agree to 2 meals a day. The husband says he wanted the elaborate meals to make up for his mother’s food favoritism towards his brother. I do not accept that as a valid reason to turn your wife into a chef chained to the kitchen.

dll_ep12_6b dll_ep12_6a
Jung Woo’s mother tells Cheok Hee “I can forgive you for your behavior three years ago, but I cannot accept you.” She shares everything Soo Ah has done for them. Mother’s loyalty and support is for Soo Ah.

Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are sharing a meal when his mother enters the eatery. It takes only seconds for mother to show her disgust that Jung Woo is eating with Cheok Hee. Jung Woo will not give up Cheok Hee. His mother disapproves. In fact, if dating Cheok Hee is his choice, then mother and son will stop seeing each other. Cheok Hee feels dreadful she is the cause of a rift between mother and son.

dll_ep12_8adll_ep12_8d dll_ep12_8c
Cheok Hee tells Jung Woo she will not date him if his mother does not approve of their relationship. She wants to end their dating and relationship. Jung Woo tells Cheok Hee “there is no end between us”. Love that line!

Cheok Hee avoids Jung Woo by going on vacation. Min Gyu supplies the condo. Cheok Hee does not pick up Jung Woo’s phone calls.

Min Gyu ends up at the condo complex. When Cheok Hee comes to the dining room for supper (LOL, free Osso Buco, Cheock Hee’s favorite) . Min Gyu asks her to join him. She does. She ignores Jung Woo’s phone call. When Jung Woo calls Min Gyu to ask for a vacation break, he agrees. When Cheok Hee’s phone rings, Jung Woo hears the distinct ringtone. He asks Min Gyu if Cheok Hee is with him.

Final Thoughts
* This episode seemed long and compartmentalized.  None of the story components this episode had much charm. Maybe that’s what is bugging me, it was a bit of a deary episode.
* Honesty is important to Jung Woo and Cheok Hee. I am ok that she told him she would not see if him if his mother objects. She said it the previous episode and she’s following through. What I don’t like it ignoring phone calls from Jung Woo. I adored it when Jung Woo told Cheok “there is no end between us” – swoon!
* The divorce case this episode was fluff.  You made your wife be your cooking slave because your mother favored your brother with better food when you were kids? Weak, weak, weak explanation for exploiting your wife. The glimmer of fun to this story component was when Yoon Jung Sook revealed she was a marriage counselor and talked the husband into signing the 2 meals a day contract. She’s my favorite of the office staff. Looking forward to knowing more of her back story.

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3 comments on “Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 12 Recap
  1. kiwimints says:

    Seriously Soo Ah is beginning to annoy me. She is so petty. Wait till Jung Woo’s mother finds out about Cheok Hee saving her son’s life

    • kjtamuser says:

      Cheok Hee is being gracious and respectful. Soo Ah is milking the mother connection. Plus she has lied to Jung Woo to conceal the mint candy woman identity. In the end she will not escape disapproval.

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