Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 11 Recap

Jung Woo’s mother will not accept Cheok Hee. He tries to change his mother’s mind – it does not work. She tries to change his mother’s mind – it does not work. Can they overcome this?

Our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) has surprised our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin)  with seaweed soup to celebrate his birthday. Mom and Jo Soo A (Wang Ji Won) spot our couple. Mom is not happy. Why? Soo A has admitted that Jung Woo has a girlfriend. When Mom sees the woman is Cheok Hee, the woman that mistreated her son for 3 years when he worked for her with the apex of that mistreatment the throwing of seaweed soup in his face and firing him. Mom lays into Cheok Hee for daring to be with her son. The soup comes full circle as Mom grabs the seaweed soup to throw it in Cheok Hee’s face. Jung Woo inserts himself in front of Cheok Hee and the soup hits him. His mother sputters with anger. When Jung Woo declares Cheok Hee is his girlfriend and that he cares about her, it’s too much. She yells. Jung Woo tells her he is taking Cheok Hee home and leaves. Where did her sweet and obedient son disappear to?

Cheok Hee is subdued and sad that his mother dislikes her. Jung Woo asks where her fighting spirit is. Cheok Hee regrets how she treated him in the past. Wisely, Jung Woo notes that everything in the past has brought them to this point…they like each other…they are dating…what trumps that?

dll_ep11_3b dll_ep11_3a
When Jung Woo returns home, his mother lays into him. How could he date HER? He counters – How could his mother form a permanent opinion based on meeting her once 3 years ago? Why doesn’t his mother trust his judgement? Does she know Cheok Hee has helped him evolve into a real lawyer? Livid, his mother drops the bomb that Soo A sold her house and paid for his tuition not his deserter Dad as she told him. Jung Woo can’t understand why Soo A did this. Mother drops part two of the bomb, Soo A likes you. Stunned Jung Woo recalls things Soo A said to him. He knows it is true, she likes him. Everyone (Jung Woo, Cheok Hee and Soo A) has difficulty sleeping that night.

dll_ep11_4b dll_ep11_4a
The divorce case is about 1 woman with 2 husbands. Husband number 1 escaped from North Korea with her but when it looked like they would be caught he stayed back to allow her to get away. She thought he was dead. She divorced her first husband legally and married Husband number 2. They have a child and a life. But now husband number 1 is back and want her back. The wife is torn, who will she choose?

Nice conversation between Jung Woo and Soo A. She says she hoped he’d realize she likes him on his own and the tuition was an expression of her regard for him. Jung Woo is straightforward. I like Cheok Hee. I’m grateful to you, but my heart is with Cheok Hee. He promises to pay her back for the tuition and the lease. Soo A is straightforward. I didn’t give you money, I gave you my heart. Jung Woo respectfully leaves. I like Jung Woo’s honesty.

Cheok Hee brings an offering of fruit and visits Jung Woo’s mother’s eatery. Her apology is not accepted. LOL when Mother tosses the fruit in Cheok Hee’s face and she catches the fruit sheepishly admitting she was a dodgeball ace.

Jung Woo’s mother tells Soo A not to worry, she’ll shake up Jung Woo and Cheok Hee’s relationship.

Cheok Hee visits Jung Woo’s mother’s eatery again. This time with soft fruit that won’t hurt if it hits her. Mother is cordial but tells her eat or get out. Dutifully Cheok Hee eats a second dinner. When Jung Woo finds out from the office staff where Cheok Hee went, he rushes to his mother’s eatery. LOL when the office staff doesn’t believe Woo Yoo Mi’s assertion Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are dating. “That would be like Tom and Jerry dating”. Jung Woo finds his mother and Cheok staring at the floor where bussed dishes landed that they struggled over. Jung Woo yells at his mother and yells at Cheok Hee to exit with him.

dll_ep11_7b dll_ep11_7a
Why did Cheok Hee go see his mother? She admits she’s compelled to visit until she changes his mother’s mind. Cheok Hee is clear, she does not want him at odds with his mother.  She shares that she went to college with her mother’s surgery money. This estranged her from her sister. She cannot let her actions divide a mother and son. He agrees he’ll treat his mother right. She agrees she won’t see his mother without telling him.

Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) seeing them talking and his heart begins to hurt. Clueless that his heart is open to Cheok Hee and hurst to see her with another man, he begins to call his doctor. When Cheok Hee walks up, he hangs up. He offers her the apartment building if she’ll stop dating Jung Woo. She refuses the building saying she likes Jung Woo more than money, which a huge indication of her feelings. I like Cheok Hee’s honesty.

Min Gyu rides his bike to sort out his feelings and races the expert biker Hurricane. LOL when the notorious biker turns out to be his father. In a moment of candor his father admits that he stopped loving when his mother died. Min Gyu wrly says sympathy is his achilles heel. His father tells him to marry his finance, Ah Jung.  That was a good conversation between father and son.

Min Gyu and Soo A console each other over their one-sided feelings.

The wife and 2 husbands scuffle over a birthday dinner. Soo A, husband number 1, Jung Woo, husband number 2, wait for the wife to choose between the men. She chooses husband number 2.

Min Gyu’s finance, Ah Jung, and her mother, Ma Dong Mi, meet with Min Gyu and shop. Dong Mi is convinced Min Gyu will marry her daughter. I can see where she’s coming from. Min Gyu is honoring his commitment, though he does not want too.

Min Gyu shares eel soup with Cheok Hee’s father. You can tell his is starved for love with was sorely lacking after his mother died when he was a child.

Upset, husband number 1 goes to the roof and threatens to jump. The wife makes the valid point, he let go of her hand 3 years prior so she could life. She offers her hand now, so he can live. Husband number 2 accepts her hand and agrees to divorce her.

Another nice moment between Jung Woo and Soo A when they discuss the case and see the parallels between Cheok Hee, Soo A and Jung Woo. Jung Woo admits he cannot go back in time. He loves Cheok Hee. Yes, he did use the word love. That cuts Soo A to the quick.

dll_ep11_12b dll_ep11_12a
Mystery woman, Chae Yoo Ran, with the rare purse that must be from Han Mi Ri talks to Cheok Hee just before she meets her husband to negotiate the terms of the divorce. Cheok Hee is handling the divorce to get the information she wants, “an interesting recording”. Surprise, surprise, Yoo Ran’s husband is no other than Mi Ri’s lover. He will not agree to give Yoo Ran his house.

dll_ep11_13b dll_ep11_13a
Yoo Ran tells Cheok Hee to get evidence of her husband’s affair, she need only go the house this weekend. He trysts with Mi Ri there every weekend.

Cheok Hee heads out to get the evidence proving adultery. Jung Woo wonders where she is headed. She asks him to drive and he agrees. She can’t tell him the particulars due to confidentiality (wouldn’t that only apply if she were a practicing lawyer?). When they arrive at the house, Cheok Hee plans to take pictures and catch Mi Ri and the husband as evidence of adultery. She asks Jung Woo for privacy. He agrees and walks away. Cheok Hee rings the doorbell. What will she uncover?

Final Thoughts
* Jung Woo’s mother objecting to them, not a surprise. I’ve stated it before, this drama is more cookbook than innovative. I still like our couple even within the confines of traditional kdrama elements.
* Honesty is important to Jung Woo and Cheok Hee. She chided him for not treating his mother with respect. He chided her for turning wimp and not being fierce like he knows she can be. Jung Woo and Soo A had honest conversations where he admitted he loves Cheok Hee. That was a big admission!
* So far the divorce case each episode or two have been more fluff than substance. Same deal this week.

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