Divorce Lawyers Episode 21 Recap

Our couple’s clients could cause trouble for both of them. Her blind date declares they are dating. The look on his face…priceless!

Episode 21 Highlights:

Our leading lady, Luo Li, finds herself eating with her former lover and lawyer, Wu Wen Hui. Hai Dong’s assistant, Pan Xiao Gang, joins them. They swap stories and Xiao Gang ends up telling Luo Li about the client that has effectively hidden that he bought a mansion for his lover while he was married to his wife. Luo Li realizes that the client is her client’s ex-husband. This tidbit gives her a bargaining chip in the upcoming court negotiations.

dl_ep21_2c dl_ep21_2b dl_ep21_2a
The man from the blind date shows up at her doorstep. She’s not home. Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, who lives just down the hall, invites the man to wait in his apartment. Blind date man stuns Hai Dong when he declares he is Luo Li’s boyfriend. Blind date man stuns Luo Li when he calls her using Hai Dong’s cell phone. Then to find out blind date man is waiting for her at Hai Dong’s apartment stuns her more.

dl_ep21_3b dl_ep21_3a
When the building manager stops by she stuns blind date man with the news that Luo Li and Hai Dong are a couple and that she sometimes says at his apartment. Recall that during her apartment remodel she did stay with Hai Dong. Outraged he leave the apartment after giving Hai Dong a piece of his mind. The scene is well played by both actors.

Wen Hui offers Luo Li a ride home. It’s late, she tired, she accepts. He is consistent about trying to reengage her but she refuses. You can see she is drawn to him but refuses to engage because he is a married man.

When Lou Li arrives at Hai Dong’s apartment blind date man is gone much to her relief.

dl_ep21_6b dl_ep21_6a
She stays and chats with Hai Dong. She asks the classic question. Can a man and a woman just be friends. He tells her no. He believes men chase women for sex not friendship. Luo Li asks Hai Dong if they are friends. Yes he claims. She wonders how that is possible, he told her men and women cannot be fiends. He claims he is  different from most other men. They both recall moments when they saw each other as man and woman. To his credit he does admit he’s been attracted to her but his moral fiber has kept it under control. He is saved by the bell when he gets a phone call. Hai Dong takes the call in his bedroom.

The call is from “fake but real divorce” ex husband. He tells Hai Dong that his lover refuses to apologize to his ex-wife. After the call Hai Dong finds Luo Li sitting alone at his computer. He asks if he can make the apolgize for his client. She refuses. With that stance, going to court is the next step. Luo Li goes to visit her client to see if they can reach a settlement outside of court.

dl_ep21_7b dl_ep21_7a
Blind date’s aunt tells Luo Li’s parents that Luo Li is living with her neighbor across the hall. Luo Li’s mother is outraged and denies this accusation.

Luo Li returns the apartment building early and Hai Dong encounters he returning for a jog. Luo Li tells him her client is agreeable to settle. The price? An apology from the lover. They are thrilled they may avoid the court for a settlement. Luo Li warns that the lover’s attitude has to be one of contrition.

The “fake but real divorce” ex husband tries to talk his lover into not going to the courtroom. She refuses. She’s going.

Hai Dong and Xiao Gang are surprised when the lover shows up at the courthouse. The “fake but real divorce” ex husband tries to soothe Hai Dong. The lover finds her lover. She wants him in court by her side. She literally drags her lover into the courtroom.


* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), was surprised to hear from blind date man that Luo Li was taken. The scene between the two male actors was played well.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), tried to talk the ex-wife into settlement but it did not work.
* The next divorce case had more movement as the ex-wife is suing her former husband.

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