Angry Mom Episode 14 Recap

Angry Mom Episode 14. The building collapses. Death ensues. Our evil trio get mad at each other. Gang Ja decides to fight instead of fleeing.

Our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) opens the Chairman’s safe and retrieves the ledger. Ae Yeon puts a knife to Gang Ja and orders her to give her the ledger. Ae Yeon claims her life depends on it. Gang Ja knocks her down and says the lives of children depend on the ledger.  Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu) is watching on CCTV and is impressed with Gang Ja’s moxy “she’s no ordinary girl”. He orders Dong Chil to take care of Gang Ja.

am_ep14_2dam_ep14_2a am_ep14_2b am_ep14_2c
Gang Ja finds Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) beaten in his home. Dong Chil steps forward. Gang Ja pleads with him to think of the children. Dong Chil asks Gang Ja who is more important – “the children” or your daughter? Simply put, get on the plane and save your daughter. He plucks the ledger from Gang Ja as he leaves. Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) enters the house as Dong Chil is exiting.

Dong Chil finds Ae Yeon leaving the Chairman house saying she can’t go to Principal Do. Surprising me, he hands Ae Yeon the 2005 ledger. Holy smokes! Ae Yeon is stunned and thanks him. She tells him the years they spent together weren’t that bad. She’s grateful he sent her abroad. She regrets what they did to Gang Ja 17 years ago. They could have had different lives if they’d made a different choice.

Gang Ja goes to Principal Do’s apartment suitcase in tow and hands him the 2005 ledger.

No A’s father (the judge), Gong Joo, find Gang Ja next to No A’s bed in the hospital. No’s father is upset that someone did this to his son. In the hallway Gang Ja frets that she can’t leave the children. Gong Joo tells her to prioritize. Her daughter comes first. I love Gong Joo’s “tell it like it is” attitude. Gong Joo gets a call and leaves.

Gong Joo finds her apartment tossed by the police. They got a report she’s doing illegal things. The police drag Gong Joo away as Gang Ja watches shocked. Dong Chil calls Gang Ja and tells her that was his second present to her. He tells her again, get on a plane. Look how many people are bleeding because of you. He asks, if you continue to fight, who do you think will get hurt next?

Gang Ja rushes to find Bok Dong. He is moving back in with Dong Chil. That sweet protective lug. Everything is crumbling around her.

Bok Dong thinks on the bus ride on Dong Chil’s the video of Principal Do killing Yi Gyeong is a copy. He needs the original. He is going to get it from Dong Chil. No, no, no, my boy.

Her daughter, Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung), runs to Gang Ja when she returns home. Ah Ran was worried about her mother’s safety. Gang Ja tells Ah Ran they should leave Korea and go someplace safer. Through tears they agree to leave the country.

Principal Do tells Gang Ja’s husband to speed up the construction. He counter things are already in overdrive. Make it happen is his only option. Principal Do asks if he will be leaving Korea. He confirms it.

am_ep14_9b am_ep14_9a
The mean girls ask Ah Ran if she will be leaving Korea. She confirms it. Hong Sang Tae (Baro) is not happy. He drags her outside. He asks Ah Ran if she will be leaving Korea. She confirms it. Upset, he asks how can she leave when they just starting dating? Cute! Because of her, he’s seeing himself and breaking away from his father. She counters she is leaving because of his father. He counters she is just like his mother. “Go live your life and abandon me” Sang Tae yells. What can I say, he makes a valid point. I feel bad for him.

Mother in law refuses to leave and recommends her son divorce Gang Ja instead of separating or going with them. Gang Ja tells her husband whatever he wants will work for her. She and Gang Ja are leaving next week.

No A encourages Gang Ja to stay in Korea and leave the fight to him. When you fight a monster, all you see is the monster. She tells him she must protect her daughter. She cannot lose her like she lost Ah Ran’s father. Does that mean that former boyfriend Beom is the biological father NOT Dong Chil?

Dong Chil finds Bok Dong rifling his safe. Needless to say Dong Chil is not happy. He tells Bok Dong to leave before his anger overwhelms him. Bok Dong wonders if the cell phone is in Dong Chil’s office safe. No, no, no, my boy.

Our evil trio is all smiles as the ribbon cutting cermony takes place for the new building. Later we learn that Principal Do plans to frame the Chairman through a special interview. Ae Yeon asks Principal Do approaches if he will use the 2005. “I am saving that for later” is his basic response.

Chairman asks the Minister of Education to come with him. They interrupt Principal Do just as he is about to turn into a whistle blower on the construction project.

The Chairman tells Principal Do he has nerve to try and frame him. He claims the Minister of Education won’t dessert him but would drop his son like a hot potato. Principal Do plays the 2005 ledger card. The Chairman laughs in his fake. It is a fake ledger! Ae Yeon is horrified and Principal Do counters that if he is framed for the shoddy construction it will hurt his father. Laughing, the Chairman plays the murder video of Yi Gyeong card.  That silences Principal Do and horrifies Ae Yeon even more.  We learn the Chairman forced Dong Chil to give Ae Yeon the fake ledger. Ouch!

The Minister of Education enters livid. As the Chairman and Ae Yeon exit, Principal Do gets a slap from his father. He rages about his son being a murdered dumb enough to have evidence to prove his crime. He tells his son either confess to the shoddy construction now or the murder after the election. When Principal Do pleads he tells his son “I should have stopped you from being born”. Ouch!

Good grief, Chairman slaps Ae Yeon while Dong Chil listens outside the door. Ouch!

Ah Ran heads out for her last day at the school. Gang Ja’s husband heads out secretly leaving her a note and some cash to tide her over when she and Ah Ran immigrate. He promises to join them one day.

Bok Dong tries to break into Dong Chil’s office safe. While searching for the combo, he finds a flash drive. He hides under the desk while Dong Chil enters taking a phone call.

The new school building is falling apart…literally. No A is worried about the children. Gang Ja’s husband declares he will report the issues right away.

Principal Do is now deferential to Chairman Hong. Gang Ja’s husband reports the building issues.  The Chairman does not agree to evacuate the building.

Dong Chil gets a call from the chairman. Bok Dog sees the video on the flash drive  is of Yi Gyeong’s murder.

Gang Ja’s husband is trying to fix the building not listening to the pleas of the construction worker to wait until the next day. He orders the construction worker to leave while he fixes the mess.

Sang Tae is ready to pop the big question to Ah Ran. Should we immigrate together? He gets a call from his father to evacuate the annex. Of course Sang Tae thinks of Ah Ran in the annex.

No A runs into the classroom and tells everyone to evacuate. Ah Ran runs to find Sang Tae. He runs into the classroom trying to find her.  At least the kids listen when he orders them to evacuate.

Ah Ran is searching for Sang Tae. Bok Dong finds her and tells her that she won’t have to immigrate. Sang Tae grabs Ah Ran and pulls her away. She yells at Bok Dong to follow. He stumbles and watches the ceiling cave on him. Is he dead?

Gang Ja hears the report on the radio of the collapse of the new building at school.

It is meyham at the school as parents, reporters, students, search for each other in the chaos.  Gang Ja searches the rubble for Ah Ran. She finds a shoes she thinks is Ah Ran’s.

Dong Chil joins the frantic frey searching. He is looking for his daughter Ah Ran.  She appears in front of him. She tells him if he is looking for her that confirms he is her biological father. He can’t admit it and walks away. Gang Ja’s thrilled reaction makes up for her father’s rejection.

With 6 students dead and scores of others injured Principal Do is on the most hated list of parents.

am_ep14_21b am_ep14_21a
At the funeral we learn that Gang Ja’s husband died. Gang Ja cries and Ah Ran holds her mother.

Parents attack Principal Do. Ae Yeon tells him he must grovel for his father’s mercy. Principal Do suggests they destroy the Chairman instead.

Reporters swarm Principal Do at the hospital. Yi Gyeong’s mother stares at him and remembers Gang Ja tell her that Principal Do impregnated her daughter.

The Chairman and Sang Tae are in the hospital. Neither is hurt but it is an effective cover. Sang Tae seethes at his father’s callous words about the accident.

Principal Do visits the Chairman and Sang Tae splits. Principal Do implores the Chairman to turn on someone new and blame him for everything. Yi Gyeong’s mother lurks outside the room.

am_ep14_22aam_ep14_22bam_ep14_22e am_ep14_22d am_ep14_22f
Bok Dong isn’t dead! He appears to be in a coma. Gang Ja, Ah Ran, and No A visit him in the hospital. Yi Gyeong’s mother enters and apologizes to Gang Ja for being late in supporting her. She shows them a video she just took of Chairman Hong and Principal Do scheming to blame someone for the mess. No A declares with the video they can take Chairman Hong and Principal Do to court. Ah Ran tells them to win for her father. Gang Ja declares she will fight again!

* Decent episode but not great.Call me heartless but the loss of Gang Ja’s husband was symbolic but not a heartfelt loss. He had a lot of weaknesses but in the end he did care for his wife and Ah Ran even though he was a bit of a whimp.
* Bok Dong lives. I thought he was a goner.
* When all the evil ones turned on each other…ouch! But here’s the kicker you feel more for the evil ones that you do for Gang Ja’s husband. And you should because they have earned your feelings with their dreadful existence.
* Dong Chil couldn’t admit it to Ah Ran, that he was her father. He betrayed Ae Yeon for Ah Ran. The irony of him betraying her when she was the betrayer in the past.
* Sang Tae picked out a pretty ring for Ah Ran. Too bad he did not get the opportunity to give it to her.
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) declared she would fight again. Looks like the series will go full circle and end in the No A’s father’s courtroom.
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) was only in select scenes. At least he’s got a quiet dignity and respect around him now. Nice to see.

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