Divorce Lawyers Episode 19 Recap

Our couple resolves their differences. She’s relieved that he did not steal her client. Her friend confronts her about having a relationship with her husband. Will Luo Li tell her friend the truth?

Episode 19 Highlights:
“Fake but real” divorce ex-wife is at the office our leading lady, Luo Li.   “Fake but real” divorce lover shows to apologzie for taking Luo Li’s work without compensation. When the ladies see each other, the fists fly.

dl_ep19_1b dl_ep19_1aOur leading man, Chi Hai Dong, is able to convince Luo Li that he did not steal her client.

dl_ep19_2b dl_ep19_2aLuo Li listens to the ex-wife drone on about wanting to reverse the divorce. That is not possible is Luo Li’s answer.

dl_ep19_3bLuo Li is a bit bleary when she returns to the apartment building. Hai Dong (out jogging) spots her and they chat about the case. She is convinced that Hai Dong did not know that the “fake but real” divorce was intended to be real by the ex-husband.

Luo Li’s parents argue. Her mom calls her in tears.

New father gets a call from one of the companies he applied for. The wife gets suspicious and follows him when he leaves the house. She watches him drive to a train station.

“Fake but real” divorce ex-husband complains that Hai Dong should have helped him avoid the mess he is in now. Ha! Ex-husband declares his ex-wife needs to be soothed as well as his future wife.


Suspicious wife, Mei Yu, stop by to see Luo Li thinking her husband, Qian Kuen, might be there. But he is not there. Suspicious wife shows Luo Li the movie tickets. Ah, she thinks Luo Li went to the movie with her husband. Luo Li ascertains that her friend think she is the other woman that saw the movie with her husband. She throws Luo Li’s former relationship (dating a married man but she did not know he was married) in her face. Luo Li is not happy with that low blow. Luo Li grabs her movie ticket from her desk drawer. She is able to convince her friend that Hai Dong, her husband, and she all saw the movie at the same time though the men did not know she was observing them. She goes so far as to say she wondered if Hai Dong and her husband might like each other. Ha! Her friend makes her promise not to lie to her and to tell her if something suspicious is going on with her husband. Luo Li promises. Her friend is relieved. Too bad Luo Li is lying already to her friend. Mei Yu apologizes for suspecting Luo Li. As her friend happily leaves, Luo Li is guilty knowing she’s just lied to her friend.

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), is a solid friend to Luo Li. I like this guy.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), lied to protect her friend. Undoubtedly this will haunt her one day.
* The next divorce case had more movement as the ex-wife confided in Luo Li and Hai Dong heard the confession of the ex-husband. I’m looking forward to this court battle.


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