Angry Mom Episode 13 Recap

Angry Mom Episode 13. Superior episode. The tide is turning again. Loyalties are tested. Characters step up. We even get a hint of romance.

Ae Yeon enters the room as the audio is played throughout the school exposing our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) as a mother and adult. Her daughter, Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung)  runs to Gang Ja. Principal Do approaches and says her days of impersonating a high school student are done. Gang Ja tries to tell the reporters the audio was switched but she comes off unbalanced. Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) hold her as she cries and sags with the realization that no one is listening, her efforts futile, and evil has won.

The evil trinity, Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu), the Minister of Eduction (Principal Do’s father and presidential candidate) and Principal Do discuss the event. Principal Do believes the reports will focus on the parentage reveal NOT the construction scandal. The Minister of Education tells his son to be circumspect.

Ae Yeon visits Gang Ja in the hospital and recommends that she keep her mouth shut during the investigation. She tells Gang Ja she’s always been this kind of person. Quietly, Gang Ja tells her they should not see each other again.

Principal Do pretends to care that Ae Yeon has lost Gang Ja as a friend. Ready to reap the rewards of her betrayal, Ae Yeon asks Principal Do if she should move out of the Chairman’s home immediately. As predicted, Principal Do wants to continue using her and tells her just one more job to ensure he will not be betrayed. Does it sting Ae Yeon that he betrays her so others won’t betray him?

The media calls Gang Ja unstable for impersonating a high schooler. Insert interview clips where Hong Sang Tae (Baro) calls her delusional and our poor sweet Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) is speechless. Bok Dong looks younger to me.

The doctor assumes Gang Ja is crazy to attend high school at 40. He writes she is stressed and suffers from neurosis. Gang Ja does not help the cause with her sky high emotional state.

The Minister of Education and Principal Do are interviewed about their newly admitted father and son status. I almost gag when he takes his son’s hand. The reporter tells them that voters are loving this positive story. The reporter asks if this was a planned strategy to turn this negative story in a positive one. The Minister of Education jokes he’s not smart enough to be that devious. Ha!

The police tell Gang Ja she should have stayed at home and not impersonated a high school student. Gang Ja yells the police did not help her when she tried the official channels. The detective does not like that. He says she’s crazy and in big trouble. He states Gong Joo’s gangster status is proof this was a smear operation by a rival presidential candidate. LOL when the lackey admits his chest tattoo is a sticker!

The cavalry arrives in the form of No A and his father, the judge. The judge personally vouches for our gang so they are not detained.

Gang Ja tells the judge the situation was so unfair she couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Gong Joo tells the judge she had to help her friend. No A tells his father he couldn’t protect his students. Bok Dong returns to the house and overhears Gang Ja ask the judge for his help. No A states the construction must be stopped or more children will be hurt. The judge shares there is an investigation underway about a political slush fund. The former vice principal of the school is the whistle blower.

The Chairman’s secret safe never ceases to amaze me in it austintatious glory! Holding a ledger from 2005, the chairman mutters that things may look good for Principal Do now, riding his father’s parentage, but he’ll get him.

Bok Dong offers to take Gang Ja home with the excuse Ah Ran has a book he needs to borrow.

am_ep13_12b am_ep13_12a
Bok Dong sweetly gives Gang Ja tofu, the traditional item to eat after getting out of jail. Gang Ja offers him the tofu for not returning to Dong Chil’s house. The clink their tofu together. Cute!

Gang Ja’s mother in law and husband discuss if they should move or transfer Ah Ran. Both ideas are nixed due to money constraints. Gang Ja states she will return to school as Ah Ran’s mother.

Gang Ja appears outside of school as a one woman protest. Sang Tae calls her a “rock head”. Ha! The mean girls take selfies. Our sweet Bok Dong is frustrated that her actions will land her back in jail. When her husband tries to drag her away Bok Dong tells him to back off.  Dong Chil appears and tells her husband and Bok Dong to follow him. Gang Ja tells Bok Dong he doesn’t need to follow Dong Chil’s orders. Bok Dong says he does not trust Dong Chil. That kid is so earnest!

am_ep13_15b am_ep13_15a
Dong Chil tells Gang Ja’s husband to stop her even if he has to divorce her. He leaves. Dong Chil tells Bok Dong to watch Gang Ja. Bok Dong tells him that he is not his lackey anymore. Dong Chil shakes his head and states when trash goes after what they want, they lose everything. What a terrible statement. I’m sure it is true from Dong Chil’s perspective but dragging Bok Dong down with him is awful.

am_ep13_16b am_ep13_16a
Ah Ran’s locker is filled with hateful things about her mother. An egg is thrown at her. Sang Tae stands up for her. Nice! The class vice president (recall Sang Tae is the president) snipes he is under Ah Ran’s spell. Bok Dong tells the class vice president to simmer down. Bok Dong sits alone in class and misses Gang Ja.

The vice principal and Principal Do confront Gang Ja as she protests outside the school. They are jerks! No A inserts himself and says the protest is legal. Principal Do says slander is not legal. No A counters that a investigation on Gang Ja’s claims was denied by the school so slander cannot be determined. A reporter comes up and wants to interview Gang Ja. She states she’ll tell him everything she knows. Why aren’t they releasing the audio of Principal Do to reporters?

Principal Do suggests to Dong Chil that he get personal revenge on Gang Ja for killing his brother two years ago. Have I mentioned that Principal Do is a self-centered evil jerk? Interesting dilemma for Dong Chil. He hates Gang Ja for killing his brother, yet she is his daughter’s mother.

Gang Ja’s cache rises along with her popularity.  But reporters aren’t interested in her cause. They want to know her beauty secrets, fashion secrets, for fooling folks she was 18. She tries to spin the facts to make them more appealing.

Her husband says it is time for a divorce unless she stops protesting. Gang Ja refuses explaining that she cannot abandon Ah Ran and the other children. Her husband explodes that she has to put him first. He knows that Ah Ran is her daughter. She must back off. As he exits the bedroom he and Ah Ran stare at each other. He knows she overheard him. She is hurt and tears fill her eyes.

am_ep13_19aam_ep13_19b am_ep13_19c
Public support is swinging Gang Ja’s way. While her methodology is questioned, a mother’s love to protect her daughter is universally understood. Love the lackeys hair! No A thinks incriminating evidence may be in the chairman’s safe. Ok, that makes me nervous for his well being.

No A visits the Chairman under the guise of understanding the environment Sang Tae lives in. He notes the lion symbolizes the Chairman’s opinion of his power. The Chairman agrees he is powerful and can easily crush anyone with his claws. Sang Tae is surprised to see his teacher in his home. The Chairman gives No A his birth date.  He leaves the room to take a call. No A decides the safe code must be the Chairman’s birthday and attempts to open it.  Rats, Ae Yeon spots him.

The Chairman’s phone call is from the Minister of Education. Livid that public opinion is swaying towards Gang Ja he orders the Chairman to silence Gang Ja through her daughter. Have I mentioned that Principal Do’s Father is a self-centered evil jerk? The Chairman notes that the minister does not want his son’s hands to get dirty so he gets the order. More blackmail fodders the Chairman muses. Have I mentioned the Chairman is a self-centered evil jerk?

Sang Tae stops No A from trying to open the safe. He helps distract his father when he returns to the room. No matter, the Chairman buys a clue that No A was at the safe.

In Sang Tae’s room No A admires the motorcycle. He asks Sang Tae where he’d go first. San Francisco is the spot. No A recalls that Sang Tae’s mother lives in San Francisco. He sees the torn family photo of Sang Tae and his mother (with his father ripped out).  His heart goes out to Sang Tae. Lovely scene.

Jung Hee ‘s (Lizzy) mother berates Gang Ja for killing Beom when she was young. They don’t want a murder investigating the school. Everyone gathers. Ah Ran defends her mother. But she cannot defend her mother’s past. Bok Dong steps in front of an incoming egg. That kid just touches my heart with his sincere support for Gang Ja. The mother then turns on Bok Dong calls him the kid that killed Yi Gyeong. Bird of a feather flock together she says with spite.  Gang Ja pushes her away from Bok Dong. The woman falls dramatically. That is called a flop, a maneuver in which a player simulates a foul by intentionally falling backwards upon contact with an opposing player. The police are called. Dong Chil sees the pain in Ah Ran’s eyes. She stares at him. What a mess!

am_ep13_25b am_ep13_25a
Ah Ran confronts Dong Chil saying he killed Beom not her mother. He goes to strike her. Boldly she tells him he only knows how to threaten, strike, frame, and hurt people. Wow! OMG…she goes there! Ah Ran says she is filled with shame that he is her biological father.  Dong Chil tries to give her the only thing he can…he denies that he is her father. Wow! Awesome scene!!

Gang Ja is put in jail. No A argues with the detective that the mother was faking her injury. Bok Dong waits outside the police station for Gang Ja’s release.

am_ep13_27a  am_ep13_27b am_ep13_27cam_ep13_27d
Ah Ran is approached by a reporter outside school looking for Gang Ja. Sang Tae walks up as Ah Ran agrees to go with the reporter. He asks how she knows the man is a reporter. She has his business card is her response and leaves with him. When Sang Tae gets home, he hears his father on the phone with someone about taking “her”. He comments to Ae Yeon the invented name of the newspaper was ridiculous. Sang Tae confronts his father about his plans for Ah Ran. The chairman is angry his son dares to interfere. Sang Tae tells him Ah Ran is his friend. His father yells friends stab you in the back. Sang Tae pleads that he cannot live with any friends. Stunned his son refuses to yield, he locks Sang Tae in his room.

As the chairman leaves he tells Ae Yeon not to wait up. She recalls Principal Do asking her to get the evidence against him so they can finally control the Chairman.

Gang Ja and Bok Dong don’t answer Sang Tae’s calls. Frustrated he turns, spots his motorcycle and realizes he has an escape mechanism. I’m loving it!

Sang Tae blazes down the road to find Ah Ran. Swoon!

Bok Dong reads the text from Sang Tae with the address Ah Ran is being held.

am_ep13_31a am_ep13_31b
Ah Ran realizes the reporter is not listening to her story.  The chairman enters the room.  Not good for Ah Ran!

Dong Chil gets a call that Ah Ran is in an odd location.

The chairman asks Ah Ran who is the most important person to her. She answers his question with the same question to him. She asks if he knows how much pain Sang Tae is in missing his mother. The chairman gets angry. He tamps the anger down and asks her again. Ah Ran says her mother is the most important person. He asks if she wants to kill or save her mother. Save her is Ah Ran’s response. He asks if she will shut her mouth and leave town. Ah Ran asks him to save her mother.

Sang Tae enters the room and asks his father to stop. He yells at his father that his mother left because of him, why should he lose Ah Ran? Holy Smokes!

Chairman hits Sang Tae. He goes to hit him again and Dong Chil stops his hand. Holy Smokes!

Dong Chil tells the Chairman to let the kids go. The Chairman is stunned at Dong Chil’s impudence. Dong Chil promises him something bigger than what these children can provide. Ah Ran is stunned to see her father interject himself.

am_ep13_33a am_ep13_33b am_ep13_33c
Dong Chil’s offer works. Sang Tae and Ah Ran walk out of the building. Sang Tae comments doing something felt better than doing nothing. They exit on his motorcycle.

Bok Dong arrives at the building, not knowing that Sang Tae and Ah Ran are ok. I am so worried for my sweet Bok Dong. He seems ripe to be the sacrificial lamb in this scenario.

am_ep13_34a am_ep13_34e
Bok Dong overhears Dong Chil and the Chairman talk. Dong Chil offers the chairman Yi Gyeong’s cell phone video of Principal Do killing her. Wow!

Dong Chil’s offer is this – I’ll give you the cell phone video if you give me Ah Ran. I guarantee they will leave the country.

The Chairman is stoked at the video. This is the bullet that will destroy Principal Do.

Sang Tae thanks Ah Ran for the opportunity to go against his father. Abandoned by his mother he hated her but could not hate her for leaving. Ah Ran apologizes for misunderstanding him. She takes his hand and thanks him for not telling about her mother. He clasps her hand. It is a sweet moment. I like they did not kiss.

No A finally gets Gang Ja out of jail. He wonders where Bok Dong is. Gong Joo rushes up, thrilled Gang Ja is out. She has a surprise.

Gong Joo has located the whistle blower. He tells them there are accounting books proving the Minster of Education and the Chairman have bribed and skimmed money for years. It is the 2005 Ledger (that the Chairman has in his safe). The whistle blower says this is a difficult path. He is ostracized. “Don’t expect anything from people. They only think about themselves.”

No A asks Gang Ja if they should stop. She tells him she believes in someone. She calls Sang Tae who is with Ah Ran.

Sang Tae gives her the password to his father’s safe. Gong Joo frets Sang Tae may double cross them just like Ae Yeon. No A declares he trusts Sang Tae. No A and Gang Ja argue about which one of them will break into the house and steal the ledger.

am_ep13_40ab am_ep13_40aa am_ep13_40b
Little do they know that Ae Yeon is trying to break into the safe and retreive the ledger for Principal Do. Gang Ja startles Ae Yeon as she arrives to open the safe. She pushes Ae Yeon aside and enters the code for the safe. She finds the ledger. Ae Yeon puts a knife to Gang Ja and orders her to give her the ledger. Ae Yeon claims her life depends on it. Gang Ja knocks her down and says the lives of children depend on the ledger.

* My second favorite episode. Gang Ja was down but not out. The best part of the episode is that other characters got to step up. This episode had several superb moments:
** Ah Ran confronts her father, Dong Chil. Ah Ran has an inner strength that is not flamboyant like her mother’s but just as impressive. When Dong Chil offered her a denial that he was her father, that was the only kindness he could give her.
** Sang Tae confronts his father, the Chairman. Sang Tae confronted him twice. Once in the house, pleading with his father not to hurt Ah Ran. Then when he broke out of his room (kinda awesome to watch him barrel down the hallway in the house) and confronted him at the location Ah Ran was being held.
** Dong Chil confronting the Chairman to save Ah Ran. I was impressed with Dong Chil. He does have a heart. He does want to protect his daughter. A deal with the devil…not a problem. He is in jeopardy to be hurt or killed in this series. I would see that as potential redemption for this character.
** The sweet moment between Sang Tae and Ah Ran after they left together on the motorcycle. I was glad they did not kiss. The hand hold initiated by Ah Ran and confirmed by Sang Tae was perfect.
** Bok Dong taking the egg for Gang Ja. I simply love Bok Dong. His earnest heart touches me. I am so afraid he will be hurt or killed in this series.
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) finally got over her blind spot for Ae Yeon. Nice to see her NOT fall for Ae Yeon’s pleading.
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) interaction with Sang Tae was beautiful. He has quietly become crucial to the plan. He entered the dragon’s lair when he visited the chairman. He is in jeopardy to be hurt or killed in this series.
* Part three and four of the OST are released. I must say this show has the fewest number of songs and the oddest release of them throughout the series. “Happy Magic” by Juhan Lee is a jazzy tune. Listen to it via the link or the embedded video below. Then they switch it up with a vocal of “Happy Magic” by Lee Hyun Woo. Listen to it via the link or the embedded video below.

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