Divorce Lawyers Episode 18 Recap

Our couple is in the friend zone. She gets angry when she mistakenly believes he stole her client. To retaliate, she solicits the other party to be her client. This could be an interesting court battle.

Episode 18 Highlights:

dl_ep18_1b dl_ep18_1a
After visiting the new baby, our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, talks in private to his friend, Qian Kuen, recommending that he cherish his wife and baby and not mess this up. Recall he saw him at a movie with another woman the previous episode. His friend assures him he will honor is wife and child. His friend intruiges Hai Dong when he mentions Luo Li’s previous relationship. Showing he is interested in her personally, Hai Dong wants details. Ask Luo Li is the answer.

“Fake but real” divorced ex-wife kicks it up a notch and plastered her ex-husband’s lover’s car with hate signs. Livid, the lover calls our leading lady, Luo Li, pleading with her to help her sue. Luo Li agrees to meet with her.

Hai Dong leaves his apartment key at the hospital and stops by Luo Li’s apartment to get her spare. Ah, she has a spare key to his apartment. These two ARE moving closer. He wants details on her former relationship. She brushes him off.

dl_ep18_3a dl_ep18_3b
Luo Li meets with the lover. She provides the evidence of the ex-wife’s relentless public smears. Luo Li shows discusses fees and signing a contract tomorrow. Then she does something stupid. She doesn’t get a retainer or a signed contract before agreeing to write a legal statement against the ex-wife.

At her apartment she works on the legal statement. When she has a glitch with her computer, she calls Hai Dong for help. He is able to help her recover the legal statement but she nixes sharing particulars. She only tells him she’s taken his advice and will take the case they discussed the previous day. Still fishing for details on her previous relationship, Hai Dong asks why she has empathy for the mistress. Luo Li counters he told her to take the case. Loving their bickering. Luo Li does share that sometimes women become mistresses when men lie to them. Sometimes women don’t know the man is married. Nice! She obliquely shared details.

dl_ep18_5ta dl_ep18_5b
Luo Li visits her new mother friend, Mei Yu, in the hospital. Her friend admonishes her to find a husband and have a family to find true happiness. Luo Li tells her friend “only when a woman becomes independent emotionally and financially can true security be achieved”. Hmm, I see her point. Interesting turn to that conversation.

Luo Li asks the husband to walk her out when the visit is done. Outside the hospital room, she tells her friend’s husband to get his act together and not destroy his marriage. He assures her he will not. Unbeknownst to them the wife is listening at the door, does she hear them?

Luo Li gets a call from the lover. She wants to preview the legal agreement before they sign the contract. Luo Li agrees to email her the agreement when she gets home.

Hai Dong gets pressured from the ex-husband to take the case for his lover. Hai Dong does not want to get involved. The ex-husband emphasizes that they’ve been friends forever and he has never taken his legal business to anyone else but Hai Dong. Hai Dong caves and signs the contract to represent the ex-husband and his lover. The signing bonus? A car!

Luo Li emails the lover the agreement. No response from the lover is forthcoming.

dl_ep18_7b dl_ep18_7a
The next morning Hai Dong surprises Luo Li by offering to drive her to work. She is stoked. He sweetly offers to drive her to work daily. She is even more stoked. They are darling!

Luo Li arrives at the office and tells her assistant the lover will be stopping by to sign the contract.  Later her assistant tells her the lover called and said she will not proceed with signing the contract. Luo Li cannot believe she wrote the agreement for free. She is irritated with herself for doing the work before having the contract signed and the lover who used her and did not pay her.  Hai Dong calls and asks if she wants to go to dinner.

Over dinner she bemoans the situation. Hai Dong calms her saying losing one client isn’t the end of the world. He chides her for working without a check or a signed contract. He tells her she dodged a bad client and a bad case. Changing the subject, he tries to get details about her former relationship but she won’t divulge details. I love how cagey she is being. I’m a bit surprised he is so rapt for the details because she did tell him some of the story on their drunken birthday bonding. I loved his line “your ex was a good guy, he just needed to get a divorce”.

dl_ep18_9a dl_ep18_9b
Ah, the friend is now working at the wine bar. The owner shows him a potential job she found. She’s acting nice and being supportive, but I do think she wants to take their relationship out of the friend zone.

dl_ep18_10a dl_ep18_10b
Luo Li returns Hai Dong’s room key she got from their new parent friends at the hospital. Hai Dong offers to let her be his assistant on this big new case he got. She laughs at the thought of them work with each other instead of against each other. He is persuasive. She agrees. When he asks her to looks at the agreement his friend suggested they use, she recognizes it immediately as the one she drafted and sent to the lover. She recalls he saw the agreement when he came over to help fix her computer. She accuses him of stealing her client. He can’t believe the client she discussed in the restaurant is his client. He can’t believe she is accusing him. Didn’t he just offer to hire her? Why would he do that if he stole her client. Furthermore, he is tired of Luo Li always assuming his is shady and doing the wrong thing. They are at an impasse. She storms out. He has good points, she does assume the worst about him and he did offer to work together. Who would do that if they stole the other person’s client?

dl_ep18_11a dl_ep18_11b
New parents share a meal. She asks her husband if he’s been to any movies lately. He lies and says no. She pulls out the movie ticket stubs. Caught, he lies that he took Hai Dong but didn’t tell her because he did not want her to feel bad that she could not attend with him do to her advanced pregnancy.

Luo Li goes to the ex-wife and offers her services to represent her in the upcoming lawsuit. I guess Luo Li and Hai Dong will be adversaries once again.

Luo Li is mad at Hai Dong. She tricks him out of the elevator and rides up alone. Yes, sometimes being childish is exactly what you need to do.

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), is interested in Luo Li’s back story, he offers to drive her to work, he offers good advice, and even offered to work with her. Yes, he is caring for her in his way. I felt sorry for him when Luo Li assumed the worst about him when she found her lover client was now his client.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), was straightforward with her friend’s husband…be true to your wife. I was surprised she did the work for the lover without a signed contract. You learn more from your mistakes. I like the interplay between Luo Li and Hai Dong. They’ve settled into a rhythm.
* The next divorce case had more movement as the ex-wife was solicited by Luo Li and Hai Dong took the ex-husband and lovers side. I’m looking forward to this court battle.


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