Divorce Lawyers Episode 15 Recap

If your ex-wife trashes your neighbor’s apartment do you lie to and say you did it? Our leading man does. Surprisingly, our leading lady is more concerned about his mental health (thinking he is unstable based on his ludicrous lie). Bonus…they share his apartment during the restoration.

Episode 15 Highlights:
dl_ep15_9b dl_ep15_9c
Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, is stunned to find his ex-wife with a golf club in her hand after trashing our leading lady’s, Luo Li, apartment in a jealous fit of rage.

dl_ep15_10b dl_ep15_10a
Luo Li finds her apartment trashed and Hai Dong holding the golf club.  Hai Dong lies that he trashed her apartment while he was in a dream like state about golf.

She is surprisingly calm. She talks to him at his apartment to ascertain he has not suffered a mental breakdown. He assures her he is fine. Satisfied, she grabs a golf club and threatens to trash his place. He agrees to replace everything and allow her to stay in his apartment while it is restored.

dl_ep15_12a dl_ep15_12b
Hai Dong’s ex-wife is like a zombie and asks her boyfriend to stay with her forever. Looks like his marriage proposal is accepted.

In the fake divorce that turned out to be real, the ex-wife confronts her ex-husband’s lover and gives a smack down to Hai Dong’s assistant,  Pan Xiao Gang

dl_ep15_13a dl_ep15_13b
Hai Dong tries to stay in the trashed apartment but the broken windows let in the cold air. When Luo Li cannot find the utility card to allow the water to flow (never heard of a utility card, interesting), she calls Hai Dong to find it for her. He is there in a thrice and she realizes that he must be staying at her apartment. She says he’s too old to stay in an open air apartment and offers the couch. He gratefully accepts. Cute interplay as they sort out “living together”.

They shop together for new furniture for her place. They look like they may be edging towards romance. 31 episodes to go…they have time!

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), once again shielded his ex-wife actions from Luo Li. I think it would have been kinder to tell Luo Li so she is not blinded sided next time she sees the ex-wife.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), was more concerned for Hai Dong’s mental health than the state of her apartment. I am loving it! She cares!
I am not overly fond of Hai Dong’s ex-wife, she does not seem to value herself except if a man wants her. I’d like to see her grow. She’s boring at this point.
* The next divorce case had some movement as the ex-wife confronted the her ex-husband’s lover and gave a smack down to Hai Dong’s assistant,  Pan Xiao Gang.


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